What was once Sadlers the fishmongers – then The Pheasantry –  then Ty Gwin –  then The Florist is to become Gin 64

What’s described as a “1920’s style” gin-bar is to open in Victoria Road Penarth in premises currently occupied by “The Florist”.

The new bar – called “ Gin 64″ –  will be opened in December and is to be a sister venture of  “Nest 23” in Cardiff which opened in January this year.

The owners are two cousins,  Jacques Aviles and Ashley Boucher both of whom live in Penarth. The bar will have a period feel with candle-lit “snugs”  and will offer a bewildering range of over 100 different varieties of gin.

Every drink will be served with “various garnishes and flowers” and customers are invited to snap their cocktail on their mobile phones  and post a picture on Instagram before getting down the serious business of consuming each creation.

The bar will also serve fresh salads and baguettes and – for the teetotal – afternoon tea. Opening hours will be from Tuesdays to Sundays inclusive but the licence being applied for would allow the sale of alcohol and the playing of music  from 12.00 to 23.00 seven days a week.

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  1. Lord of the Bay says:

    Sounds like a potentially interesting addition to the town. There are some really good and novel gins on the market these days – but I hope they don’t overdo it with the “garnishes” – a slice of lemon will do the trick!

  2. Getting your priorities right says:

    “…customers are invited to snap their cocktail on their mobile phones and post a picture on Instagram before getting down the serious business of consuming each creation.”

    Men and women died and fought in two world wars for this.
    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to modern Britain!

  3. the Countess says:

    What’s happening to the Florist ?

  4. David Day says:

    Hogarth will be turning in his grave.

  5. Frank Evans says:

    The only people making money are the shop fitters!
    It’s a dead area. Minimum footfall.
    Why not turn it back into a fish mongers .

  6. Plassey Resident says:

    A welcome addition to Penarth. We need more upmarket establishments however not at the expense of other businesses. Take a look as the streets of Pontcanna. Surely we can support these kinds of places. Can someone open a craft beer bar? Please!

  7. Steven Scarrett says:


  8. Hopefully they will do well… nothing seems to have stuck there… maybe the rent is a bit steep?
    Good luck all involved

  9. Peter Church says:

    We are turning into a town of middle aged alcoholics.
    “enjoy” a nice refreshing Gin & Tonic 🙂

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