More than 300 demonstrators protesting about the dumping of ‘nuclear mud’ off Penarth gathered outside the Welsh Assembly last night immediately before AMs debated and voted on the controversial issue. Labour Assembly Members ignored the protests and wrecked a motion calling for the mud dumping to be halted pending further safety tests

The Welsh Labour Government  last night marshalled every vote it could muster to see-off the combined forces of Plaid Cymru and the Conservative Party in order to allow the dumping of 320,000 tons of ‘nuclear mud’ off Penarth to continue uninterrupted .

Outside the  Welsh Assembly last night – immediately before the debate and vote on the issue in the Assembly chamber – a  mass protest rally took place attended by over 300 demonstrators who were addressed by the leader of Plaid Cymru Adam Price.

The Hinkley Point nuclear power complex in Somerset – as seen from Penarth

The mud is being dredged from the sea bed at Hinkley Point on the Somerset Coast at the site of two ageing nuclear power stations – and where a third power station – Hinkley Point C – is under construction by the French energy company EDF.

It’s then being taken by large Belgian registered motor hoppers to a dumping ground off Penarth called Cardiff Grounds.

The Mayor of Penarth Cllr Jon Luxton (Labour Stanwell) and the Deputy Mayor of Penarth Cllr Angela Thomas (Labour Plymouth Ward) were both at last night’s demonstration supporting the protest. Cllr Thomas had made a brave attempt to secure a debate on the mud dumping in Penarth Town Council last week – but left-wing Labour councillors had intervened to stop it .

The Vale of Glamorgan Council and Barry Town Council voted to oppose the dumping, but a call for a debate on the issue in Penarth Town Council  – which had been initiated by the Deputy Mayor of Penarth Cllr Angela Thomas  – was quashed by the Labour Party.

PDN sources say the Labour leadership didn’t want to rock the sensitive Labour boat so near to a party leadership election – due in December.

Local fishing boats circled an area of Cardiff Bay immediately outside the Assembly building – in support of the protestors on the steps of the Assembly

The protest rally outside the Assembly was augmented afloat by a fleet of fishing boats circling the waters of Cardiff Bay and sounding their horns immediately outside the Assembly.

Inside the Assembly itself the Labour Party made sure all its party hacks were lined-up to destroy the motion against the mud dumping.

The heavyweight Welsh Labour Government whip and AM for Swansea West Julie James tabled  a Labour motion to undermine the attempt by Plaid and Conservatives to get the mud dumping halted

Labour succeeded in destroying a joint Plaid Cymru and Conservative motion which would have temporarily suspended the dumping pending further testing of the mud. Swansea West AM Julie James proposed the “wrecking amendment”.

Lesley Griffiths the Welsh Labour Government’s Energy Minister claimed scientific advisors had proclaimed the mud was not a risk to human health. It didn’t seem to have occurred to her that – whether radioactive or not – dumping 320,000 tons of English mud off a Welsh seaside resort isn’t such a great idea

Speaking against the Plaid/Conservative motion was the Welsh Labour Government’s Energy Minister Lesley Griffiths – a former personal secretary who lists no academic qualifications whatever on her Assembly profile.  It was she who had issued the licence to allow the mud dumping in the first place. She said it was “deeply disappointing there are some who are deliberately seeking to mislead the public for their own political gains and misrepresenting the facts”.

Griffiths warned the skippers of the fishing boats circling in the waters outside the Assembly not to attempt any blockade of the mud-dumping operation  because it would be “a risk to public safety”.

Penarth Conservative AM Andrew R T Davies spoke out against the mud dumping – but to his right was the Tory AM and Penarth resident David Melding who had originally supported the mud dumping –  but changed his mind and voted against it last night

The Penarth Conservative AM Andrew RT Davies said Tonight’s debate on nuclear mud dumping shows how shockingly out of touch the Welsh Labour Government is with the concerns of the general public.” He said ““Welsh Labour Government ministers have the power to intervene and stop the mud dumping – but instead have scandalously turned their backs on my constituents.”

Mr Davies – who is AM for South Wales Central – said “This is a sad day for Welsh democracy and the views of people along the South Wales coastline, and I’m sure this will live long in the memory of the electorate.”

The departing Labour First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones failed to vote on the issue.

UKIP Leader in Wales Gareth Bennett (UKIP AM for SouthWales Central which includes Penarth) voted AGAINST mud dumping.

Penarth Labour AM Vaughan Gething voted FOR mud dumping

All three Labour leadership contenders Mark Drakeford, Eluned Morgan and Vaughan Gething – (Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth) voted FOR mud dumping – thus, in Gething’s case,  justifying the nickname bestowed on him by campaigners “Geiger Gething”.

Jane Hutt (Labour Vale of Glamorgan)

Jane Hutt – (Labour AM Vale of Glamorgan) voted FOR mud-dumping .

Most Conservatives voted AGAINST mud dumping including party leader Paul Davies  and South Wales Central AMs Andrew R T Davies and Penarth resident David Melding.  Melding had originally supported the mud dumping scheme when it had been considered by the Assembly#’s petitions committee  – but apparently changed his mind and voted with his party AGAINST.

Insiders in the Welsh Assembly last night said the Labour Party’s conduct  – in defending its original decision to permit the mud dumping – is going to have long-term consequences for the party. Some believe the  Welsh Labour Government, in cynically defying the wishes of the local people, has now – in all probability – sown the seeds of its own future collapse.

Another source said Labour’s conduct was clear evidence that Assembly members appeared to have forgotten that their primary duty is to reflect and represent the views of their constituents.

The mud dump ship Pagadder returning to Hinkley Point from Penarth  last night. Yesterday she discharged two loads of mud  – each of  2,000 tons – off Penarth. One of the dumps was carried out whilst the debate was taking place in the Welsh Assembly.

Meanwhile last night – as the protest was taking place and the debate was in progress – the second of two 2,000 ton consignments of mud from Hinkley Point was dumped in the sea off Penarth.



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  1. George says:

    Not voting for Labour next time so don’t even bother canvassing the house else you will get told where to go.

    • Penarthur says:

      So you’re one of the ones responsible for these idiots being in power. Thanks.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Liberal Democrats voted in favour of French “merde” being dumped on us.
      Definition of a Liberal Democrat is-.
      . A politician sat on a fence who cannot decide whether they hate Labour and the Trade Unions more than they mistrust those Socially Responsible AMs within the Conservative.
      Lies, lies, lies, Tuition Fees -Nuclear Power etc.the list is endless.
      Thankfully there is just one Liberal Democrat in the Assembly and that is one too many.

  2. WTF says:

    Local representatives should remember it’s the local people who elect them and put them there. If their views are in conflict with their party views, they should leave and become independent and gain far more respect from the public in doing so.
    Vote Labour and get:
    1. Nuclear mud dumped on your doorstep.
    2. The worst NHS waiting lists in the country.
    3. Local politicians silenced by Party HQ.
    4. Spiralling Crime in Penarth with a local police commissioner who says nothing!
    We should re name Labour the ‘ Toxic Silent Party’.

    • John says:

      Actually you wouldn’t need to vote Labour per we to get all of those – just vote for Geiger Gething. Personal ambition before people, career before community.

      • WTF says:

        Considering most of the Labour politicians live in Penarth it’s shameful they’ve let this happen.
        The public should demand a snap election as clearly none of them give a damn about the public they are supposed to represent .
        As they sanctioned the illegal dumping of toxic waste, ( knowing they don’t have a legally obtained licence to dump it) I also believe they should be held personally liable in any criminal, or civil proceedings, that ensue.
        If a member of the public dumps illegal waste they are prosecuted.

  3. Lesley Monger says:

    Lesley Griffiths had no intention of backing down and allowing more testing
    I watched her performance and you could tell by her body language from the start that she was adamant that she had done nothing wrong
    I have never watched a debate in the Assembly before and all I can saw is what an absolute farce
    It appears to be a waste of time and ‘jobs from the boy’s’
    We’ve got to ask ourselves what qualifications do these people hold to enable them to make decisions about our environment
    Like others I am so upset at the outcome and it seems futile as the dumping continues ruining our coastal areas

    • Penarthur says:

      What has she done wrong exactly? All scientific evidence shows the sediment is just typical Bristol Channel mud.

      • Lesley Monger says:

        If you listen to ‘independent’ scientists they have been quoted that insufficient tests were carried out
        She doesn’t seem to care about public concern
        as if she did she would sanction additional testing
        They are so frightened that they have or could have caused pollution that they won’t back down and allow this
        These people are suppose to represent us and our best

      • John says:

        And it’s a good idea that 320000 tonnes of it is slung in our b a h because … ?

      • Penarthur says:

        Lesley, “rentaquote” does not equate to “independent” sorry.

      • Penarthur says:

        John. I don’t want the mud either, but spreading unprovable scare stories was not the way to stop it IMHO.

  4. Nick P says:

    And how many of our elected representatives used abolition of nuclear capability (CND) to advance their political ambitions to literally dump on their electorate???

  5. John says:

    Gosh an entire political class proves once again how displaced they are from the real world. Gething’s position should be untenable, and would be elsewhere, but here he is candidate for First Minister. His constituency is a bin for enormous quantities of sludge from a nuclear reactor site but, not to worry, he’s still in the race!

    Meanwhile, I never thought I’d see the day when Labour and the Lib Dem vote to help make profits for Electricite de France – and Plaid, the Tories and even the Kippers vote to stop it.

    So now we know – nothing is too much for our AM to sacrifice in pursuit of his ‘moderate’ vision for Wales (the NHS, our coastline), Lesley Griffiths’ run as one ofmth most dismal failures in devolved government continues (but how she could have enjoy e stockinh it to those posh south walians by – literally – dumping all over them fin on her safe seat in Wrexham) … and Carwyn Jones will be remembered for, well, the suicide of Caro segreant and taking risks with the South Wales coast and seaside economy. Yay …

    • Penarthur says:

      John, it’s not from the nuclear reactor site, it’s from the sea bed hundreds of metres away. Stop over reacting.

  6. Jon says:

    Rightly or wrongly, a licence was granted for this mud to be dumped based on the evidence to hand. If the WAG were to suspend the licence, I would imagine there’s a good chance they would be sued for causing delays to one of the most expensive construction projects ever without, in EDF’s view, good reason to do so. Perhaps this is why they seem so keen to let it continue.

    • Lesley Monger says:

      Yes I would think money is a main consideration
      Why isn’t there transparency?
      How much did EDF pay for this licence/mud dumping?
      As you say they could sue/ask for recompense if the WA
      There’s more to this than we the poor public know
      It’s all about the money of course!

      • David Day says:

        There’s nothing at all wrong with things being ‘about money’. This is what happens in the real world. Most of public administration and private business is about money, spending it or saving it. I expect a lot of your domestic planning is about money directly or indirectly, too.

      • Lesley Monger says:

        Yes but I’m not an elected representative who is there
        to benefit their constituents
        What I’m talking about is transparency and if there is no
        problem make it public and let’s hear the whole story
        including access to the testing results

  7. Christopher David says:

    Where’s the creepy Lesley now who said “Look forward to seeing all you keyboard warriors at the protest. Although, there’s still plenty of time for you to come up with your excuses for not being there” The anonymous coward wouldn’t give her / his name and meet us! Now- didn’t a court rule the dumping illegal? If it did then how can the WG overrule that? Anyway I hope we all remember the “heavyweights” that went against public opinion on this when the elections come up. Fascist Labour wales. Supress public information, stamp on public opinion, and fail us on the majors- health, the economy, education and now the environment but meanwhile waste money and resources on their ego projects.

    • Peter King says:

      Christopher, at the time of writing there are 15-20 “anonymous cowards” in this thread, yet you castigate only “Lesley”. Do you use the phrase only as a blunt instrument to beat only those you disagree with?

      • Lesley says:

        Everyone on here knows he’s a clown. You’ve only got to look at the replies he gets to his many comments to realise people have no time for him

  8. Jpo says:

    For anyone needing a pick me up after the mud vote, just look on Facebook for the page /Vaughan Gething for Welsh Labour Leader

  9. FlowerPower says:

    Headline news ‘Mud is moved from one part of the estuary to another’ Meanwhile major disasters, war and famine continue across the world

    • Tom says:

      Or… ‘What experts believe to be 320,000 tonnes of inadequately tested mud – from a nuclear facility in England (owned by French/Chinese) which has previously suffered ‘accidents’ – is moved to Welsh waters without the correct legal documentation.’
      Meanwhile, Wales announces to the world that it will take all their cr@p and the ‘Assembly’ carries on doing just as it pleases.

      • Jpo says:

        Quite. I assume that in this case the ‘flower power’ person is being sardonic in its choice of name.

    • Jpo says:

      See Professor Wallis’ comments below.

  10. Max Wallis says:

    Penarthur declares “All scientific evidence shows the sediment is just typical Bristol Channel mud”. Gosh! The actual scientific data show nuclear contaminants (artificial nuclides, Americium-241 etc.) higher in the Hinkley sea area, also elevated levels of uranium-235 reflecting the nuclear fuel. Prove leaks from past nuclear activities, leaks not supposed to have happened. Three core samples show elevated Radium, by up to 3 times. They refused to take more than the 5 samples, even though 7-15 is the prescribed scientific minimum. The variations from zero Radium to 3 x enhanced show strong variations which might indicate patches of high radioactivity due to buried drums or leakages from the nuclear plant power last century. In this case, science and regulatory practice say more samples must be taken. What price Penarthur’s pontifications about “scientific evidence”!

    • Jpo says:

      Quite so – but we can all be reassured that the few samples they did condescend to take is representatives of all 320000 tonnes of this sludge!

    • Janet says:

      But all these raised levels were still very low and are not considered by any official body to pose a risk.
      Will you remain living in Penarth Max? If the danger is as great as you claim then surely you should leave?

    • Penarthur says:

      All at such low levels that they are barely above the natural readings.
      Stop spreading scare stories.

    • Penarthur says:

      Is this scientific data from the same source that thinks Cardiff is downwind of the dumping ground? Very dubious.

  11. Who are the real thickos now? says:

    Lesley Griffiths said it was “deeply disappointing there are some who are deliberately seeking to mislead the public for their own political gains and misrepresenting the facts”.
    They still don’t get it do they?
    In my opinion, the former personal secretary’s comment shows Labour’s mindless determination to pin this shameful shambles on the likes of Neil McEvoy who they doubtless see as whipping up “an issue” in an attempt to embarrass the Assembly.
    You can just hear them briefing the (embarrassingly fawning) so-called journalists – how it’s just that desperado loudmouth inciting the thicko masses to ill-informed indignation. (Hence the dearth of stories in the media detailing any public concerns.)
    The Labour lot must have done a lot of tapping the sides of their noses, marking themselves out as the intellectual victims of a crass political stunt – all the while remaining completely oblivious to the concerns of “the people of Wales”.
    Down in the Bay, they are so caught up in their own power-crazed bubble, they still fail to see that we do not want 320,000 tonnes of f**king mud – radioactive or not – dumped in Welsh waters.

  12. George says:

    I keep on saying, regardless of what it is we don’t want it. Dump it somewhere else. What is the reason you just cannot say no more dumping and stop it. What is the benefit to us of getting this material, show us the benefits…………………you cannot because other than backhanders there cannot be any. Dump is dump who wants to be dumped on. All dumps around here have come back to haunt us so lets get creative and dispose of stuff more effectively..

  13. Early lunch is it, Lesley? says:

    What’s on the celebration menu today then?
    A la carte at Signor Valentino’s?
    Necking negroni sbagliato chez Veeno?
    Or sheek kebab and banjari gosht at the Duchess of Delhi?
    Fill your boots!

  14. Jpo says:

    The same Labour Party that made the Aberfan Survivors Fund pay for clearing up after that catastrophe will no doubt make us pay to clear up after Lesley’s dump, and with good old Geiger Gething in charge he’ll probably introduce a special ‘levy’ on Penarth residents for the purpose.

    And why is the press so quiet?

    • Toxic Amateurs says:

      This is what happens when one political party is in power for twenty years.
      The media – marching about the Bay in cheap suits – is complicit with the power-brokers because it means they all remain in control.
      Don’t expect any answers to your questions, chum.
      You’re living in North Korea.

  15. Ocobblepot says:

    They seem to have nothing but contempt for the people, even the ones that put them in their powerful positions,
    hopefully they will be swept away before they can do anymore damage.
    We should all remember what the attitude has been (go get stuffed) next time they want a X on the ballot paper.

  16. Tog says:

    Reblogged this on sideshowtog.


  18. Andrew Worsley says:

    Are the utterances emanating from one Lesley Griffiths on the right side of sanity? This woman tells boat owners not to impede operations in the channel, ‘in the interests of public safety’!!! Does she not realise any actions against the mud dumping is ACTING IN THE INTERESTS OF PUBLIC SAFETY!!. She seems oblivious to the her ‘double dutch’ ramblings ,when are actions aimed at protecting the wider public safety , against public safety? . I personally don’t care if it was candy floss or cotton wool being dumped , if its been discharged from a nuclear power station then its highly suspect and would be expected to pose some degree of danger the public at large. Those who think about others and not just themselves are probably misunderstood by this Griffiths woman . When public servants wether through corruption or other personal agendas , do not do what is expected of them by the people who voted for them, or run a public office ,then it is up to the people themselves to show their disquiet and concerns and possibly take action if its agreed on.

  19. Will Bach says:

    In a nutshell..the monkeys are running the zoo.

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