For older residents the big piano lift in progress outside the Seabank apartments  evoked memories of the removal trade’s anthem – the 1962 Bernard Cribbins pop song “Right said Fred”  (Photo:Peter Stealey)

As most removal companies know, there’s only one thing more stressful than moving home …. and that’s moving home with a grand piano.

Passers-by on Penarth Esplanade this week stopped in their tracks to watch a specialist removal firm manoeuver an impressively-sized instrument up the outside of the building and  through the glazed balcony doors of a second floor flat in the Seabank apartment block.

The piano was evidently far too heavy  to be carried up or down the internal stairs and too large for the lifts – so a special external hoist system had to be used.

Luckily a firm called RPH hires out equipment that can easily waft a full size Steinway or Bechstein up the outside of  somewhere like the Seabank apartment block without even breaking sweat, pausing for innumerable cups of tea   or taking inspiration from that ’60s Bernard Cribbins song “Right said Fred” (see below) which – in the days of black and white tv – used be used as a filler between programmes.

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  1. Jo says:

    Lucky neighbours …

  2. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    Raise the cultural level of this rag a bit, okay Boyos. Bloody Russians!

  3. Andrew Worsley says:

    Ridiculous , more money than sense.

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