Members of Penarth Town Council are to receive the same pay in 2019 as this year

The so-called “Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales” – which sets the salaries and expenses of councillors – has issued its draft proposals for the  levels of payments for 2019 .

All 16 Penarth town councillors will receive a flat-rate annual payment in respect of their expenses of £150 each (the same as in this year) and will not be required to produce any receipts to prove how they actually incurred the expenditure.

The report of the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales for February 2019 is still a draft version and has yet to be confirmed.

On top of expenses, councillors will also receive “reimbursement of cost of care” . This is for the “necessary costs for the care of dependent children and adults (provided by informal or formal carers)”  and for “personal assistance needs” up to a maximum of £403 per month. (£4,836 per year).

The Panel warns against any councillor trying to put pressure on other councillors not to accept the payments. It says ” It is inappropriate for councils or councillors to create a climate, or otherwise pressurise others, in order to prevent persons accessing any monies to which they are entitled that may support them to participate in local democracy.”

Penarth Town Council  is to pay £500 a year salaries to up to 5 councillors occupying “senior roles” (such as chairs of committees)

On top of the £150 a year payment –  and the £500 senior councillor payment –  there will be an increase in  “compensation for financial loss” – paid to councillors who “suffer financial loss when attending approved duties”.

Travelling expenses allowable are to be :-

  • 45p per mile up to 10,000 miles in the year.
  •  25p per mile over 10,000 miles.
  • 5p per mile per passenger carried on authority business.
  • 24p per mile for private motor cycles
  • 20p per mile for bicycles.

The Mayor of Penarth  can now be paid up to a maximum of £1,500 to cover expenditure in his/her  year of office.

The Deputy Mayor of Penarth can be paid up to a maximum, of £500 in his/her year of office .

In the first year new Penarth Town Council after the 2017 elections (2017/18) this is what each member claimed. Gwyn Roberts lost his seat in the election and therefore could only claim up to May 2017. Notably Cllrs Ian Buckley, Cllr Laura Rochfort and Cllr Gary Allman claimed nothing. (Cllr Rhiannon Birch, Cllr Ben Gray Cllr Kathryn McCaffer and Cllr Mark Wilson are salaried members of the Vale of Glamorgan Council and are not entitled to the £150 allowance from Penarth Town Council – of which they are also members). Cllr Ken Lloyd was Mayor and therefore claimed expenses in connection with that office.

Penarth Town Council has a legal obligation to publish on notice boards all payments made to individual councillors in an annual Statement of Payments for each financial year (see above).

The Independent Remuneration Panel says the councillors don’t need to “opt-in” to get their hands on the cash (which comes from the Penarth Town Precept – charged to all local residents) . The Remuneration Panel; says  “Members should receive monies to which they are properly entitled as a matter of course. There must be no requirement for individuals to ‘opt in’ to receive payments.”

However the panel does state that “An individual may decline to receive part, or all, of the payments if they so wish. This must be done in writing and is an individual matter.”



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  1. Phil Dawson says:

    *20p per mile for bicycles*
    Did I just read that right? Pray tell what travel expenses are incurred when riding a bike?

    • david wilton says:

      That bicycle rates is pretty standard in many places and reflects HMRC guidelines. The 20p rate is to reflect wear and tear like the 45p per mile for cars doesn’t just cover petrol but contributes to the wear and tear of the vehicle. My bike service and repairs which I use mainly for my work around Cardiff was £195 last time. Also as an employer, you want to ensure staff cycling to meetings around town are wearing correct clothing and helmet which unless you provide can reflect in the bike milage rates.

  2. Christopher David says:

    Slowly spreading club membership.

    • Peter King says:

      Not a club you’re prepared to become part of. Shouting abuse from the touchline is much easier.

    • Peter King says:

      My comment would indeed be ironic, were I to be a member of the “club” which you enjoy telling us about. As I’m not, and never have been, your observation is wide of the mark. Unfortunately, an all too common occurrence. I’m also a little bewildered by the kiss with which you end your contribution. Is it a sign of affection or a rather unsubtle put-down?

      • Christopher David says:

        What would you like to debate then? The irony is you missed the ironic point I made!

    • Peter King says:

      Oh dear. How could I have missed the irony of missing the irony of the irony?

  3. Lesley Monger says:

    Expenses of £150 without receipts!
    What would HMRC say about that!
    If they found out they would say this should be taxed under PAYE
    (I worked there and then worked as a Tax Manager in an accountancy firm)

    • Peter Church says:

      Agreed, every firm now requires receipts no matter what the amount is.
      This is fraud with our money!

  4. graham vodden says:

    Totally useless. Should have been shut down years ago .A total burden on the Penarth rate payers.

    • Pip says:

      Agreed. No idea what value they have added.p

      • Lord of the Bay says:

        Having recently moved to Wales, it seems that this generally wonderful part of the world is over-supplied with politicians. We are governed by Westminster, the Welsh Assembly, local councils (and arguably there are too many of those, some amalgamations might be in order) and also in some places we have these “town councils”. I can’t think of any problem to which the solution is “have MORE politicians”.

        Incidentally, when I worked in the civil service we had to show receipts for EVERY expense, no matter how small , not even a sandwich was exempt from this rule.

  5. Moreton Vallance says:

    45p per mile???

    • Christopher David says:

      Spot on Lord Bay. Someone should do some research into “governance” per capita. Wales with 3 million people and 60 AM’s (they want a 100- same as USA Senate heh) 22 unitary authorities, council in councils and a huge civil service may get into the Guinness book of records as no 1 jolly time country.

  6. Jo says:

    Well, what price saving the environment if Cllrs can claim car usuage at such a rate.

  7. Frank Evans says:

    Drain the swamp comments here!!!
    How about councillor D Trump who will also build a wall to keep Barry and Dinas immigrants out 😀

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