Whump! A wave scours the sea wall and dumps a cargo of stones onto the Esplanade this morning

The combination of high tide and large waves whipped-up by Storm Callum provided a wet  – and potentially lethal – reception for intrepid visitors to Penarth Esplanade this morning.

Concealed in the spray were clumps of seaweed – and rocks

A big high tide of 12.43 metres was due at o9.45 and brought in large amounts of seaweed.

A drenched  tv news cameraman (right) dodges the stones and seaweed to capture the action on the Esplanade

Bundles of seaweed were floating on the surface of the sea at one moment and seconds later were scattered across  the main road and the promenade

There was no need for sun-hats today – but hard-hats might have been a good idea

Most visitors like to throw stones into the sea on summer visits to Penarth. This morning the sea was busy throwing them back .

The waves proved powerful enough to pick up pebbles from the beach and hurl them several yards onto  the road and the promenade.

Many visitors decided to watch this morning’s incoming waves from their cars or in seafront cafes

Luckily – in the driving rain – there were relatively few people walking along the Esplanade and no one got caught in the rain of pebbles, flotsam and seawater .

Most weather-watchers had wisely decided to sit out the storm and watch the action from the comfort of their cars or over a cup of coffee in one of the various cafes.


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  1. Jo says:

    Let’s hope it washes that Hinkley reactor site crap back to Somerset

  2. Andrew Worsley says:

    Lets hope the ships spring a leak.

  3. Scootergirl says:

    Apparently the work is complete. All that nasty mud has been dumped off Penarth now. Well I hope All you labour politicians ie. Carwyn Jones, Stephen Dougherty, Lis Burnett, Geiger Gethin, Jeremy Corbin etc etc are all pleased with yourselves and when you spend your ‘Thirty pieces of silver’, I hope you feel it was worth it – you traitors to Wales. And that goes for you labour voters too and I hope you remember this when it’s time to vote again.

  4. Frank Evans says:

    Let’s hope that will be the end of the mud reference comments⏳
    All dumped now so let’s forget about it like colour tvs microwave ovens mobile phones
    Life has risks people get over it.

    • George says:

      Whilst it might be your choice to cook your mobile phone I didn’t choose to accept the mud. The fact that it has happened doesn’t make it right or forgettable. There are lots of risks and risk avoidance techniques, the best one is not to let certain things happen in the first place

    • Pete says:

      And the award for daft comment of the week goes to Frank Evans. I hope you don’t or never manage anyone with an attitude like that.

  5. Scootergirl says:

    Well Frank Evans it’s not the end as I’ve just read that it has only been paused. EDF states that they will be back to dump even more!!!
    So what do you say about that.

  6. Frank Evans says:

    Its mud from the navigation channel with no greater radioactive content than Brazil nuts.
    Stupid posters.

    • Totally Discredited says:

      No, stupid you, Frank Evans.
      How do you expect anyone to believe a word you say when you’re posting on another story here claiming the drowning in the marina is being reported by the BBC as Storm Callum related?
      The BBC report I read specifically states the drowning was NOT weather related.
      Talk about having no credibility.
      Get your facts straight before you:
      1) criticise others
      2) spout as ‘fact’ what you believe to be true when you could be talking bo!!ocks.

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