The Spar convenience store at Brockhill Rise, Cosmeston, Penarth

The popular “Spar” convenience supermarket at Brockhill Rise, Cosmeston, Penarth is changing hands.

The franchised Spar-branded business was taken over in 2015 by James Gough (28) and his business partner Lloyd Howell (28) in 2015. They are both directors of a private company called “Celestia Retail Ltd” – the registered office of which is at the Brockhill Rise store.

However PDN sources say the store is now in the process of being acquired by the Spar group itself and will be run directly by the group when arrangements are complete.

A notice on the door informs customers the shop is closing early because of “stock shortage”

The store remains open but there are large gaps on many of the shelves as the level of stock is progressively run down. A notice is being displayed on the main entrance of the shop explaining that the store is now closing at 18:00 hours because of “Stock shortage” .

Before Mr Gough and Mr Howell took it over, the Spar  store and its post office – a lifeline for hundreds of local residents – was owned by Bill & Justine Blunsdon who retired in 2015 after 15 years of serving the community.

The sub-Post Office in the store closed in January last year . Last year James Gough said  the sub-post office at Brockhill Rise hadn’t “actually closed” but had stopped at the moment temporarily “.. In fact it never re-opened.

It’s understood the staff at Spar Brockhill Rise – including the manager Jo Vye-Parminter – will now be working for the new owners, the Spar Group.



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  1. Dis gruntled says:

    Thank goodness !! Let’s hope we can now see some products on the shelves, these 2 people have ruined what was a lifeline shop to many older residents.

  2. the Countess says:

    Let’s hope the post office reopens and the shop gets stocked properly

  3. Peter Church says:

    Turn it into a Gin Bar, that’ll please the residents.

  4. Davey boy says:

    Aha… Celestial Retail – their shop at Barry Island is utterly. utterly abysmal. Wonder if that one and their Glebe St. shop are affected in the same way.

  5. whatsoccurin says:

    Recall going in there in about 2015-Mr and Mrs Blunsdon certainly seemed community orientated and said that they were about to retire-their main grievance was being restricted in the signage they could put up to attract passing trade-many people passing did not seem to know they were there!

  6. Taxpayer says:

    Thank God,at least it will have stock in it, the to men should not have been so greedy running 3 shops,driving around in there posh 4by4s,And there poor staff who to the back lash and not getting paid,no mention that it was robbed on Friday.

  7. RetailGuru says:

    I’m sorry to say that the branch on Glebe Street is a disgrace. Shutting earlier than advertised. Running out of milk and bread by early afternoon. Everything in fridges. Time for a new broom!

  8. CelticMan says:

    It’s been a disaster since it changed hands in 2015. The post office closure, lack of stock and regularly overcharged for goods compared to the shelf price. Stopped going there some time ago.

  9. nppratt says:

    Sign on door today: “Closed till further notice”?

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