The Decks ice cream kiosk  – and Nicola’s Juice Bar next door – were both boarded-up today after the weekend crime rampage on Penarth Pier

It’s now emerged that thieves broke into a series of retail premises on Penarth Sea Front in the small hours of Saturday morning October 13th.

The crooks attempted – but failed – to jemmy their way into the Old Sweet Shop – one of the wing shops at the entrance to the pier.

The theives  broke into the Pier Pavilion’s cafe – forcing the door on the right hand side of this picture

They then moved on to the Pier Pavilion Cafe – now managed by Waterloo Tea – broke in through one of the doors opening onto the ground floor balcony, and stole the cash float from the till.

Charlie (left) and Adam  operate the Pavilion Cafe for Waterloo Tea .. The thieves entered only the cafe area and did not get into the main Pavilion itself.

The next targets were the Decks Ice Cream kiosk –  further down the pier –  and Nicola’s Juice Bar, both of which today had sheets of plywood covering broken windows .

Nicola’s Juice Bar had its door smashed in the early hours of Saturday morning

The pier is normally locked overnight and getting illicit access to premises involves a risky climb over railings to reach the main boardwalk.

No statement has yet been made about the crime rampage  by South Wales Police.



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  1. Papa Lazarou says:

    Disgusting..I presume there’s no cctv like the town centre..Ridiculous.

  2. Andrew Fenton says:

    Scum. No more words.

  3. Jp says:

    This is so terrible- where are the police? Where are local councillors, and where oh where is our town centre cctv ?! Penarth is clearly being targetted because it is ‘easy’ – ie policed apathetically, useless councils not providing the basics. Hope the businesses sue the council for taking their rates and not sorting out the cctv.

  4. BluesMan says:

    This seems to happen every weekend yet the police are doing nothing about it! It’s even more annoying as the South Wales Police commissioner lives in the town! You would think he would take notice and do something about it.

    Vale council needs to turn the street lights back on and install some CCTV quickly!

  5. whatsoccurin says:

    The Pier is overlooked by a number of residential properties and is reasonably well lit-I recall on occasions the overnight fishing competitions have given me cause for concern-this just shows how the possibility of “being seen” does not deter the thieves at all.

  6. PB says:

    Protest outside Michaels house, invite the press along and see how many police turn up to protect him. I’m willing to bet it won’t be one toy cop who knocks off at 6pm leaving the town to rot.

  7. it is very worrying the frequency of such events… i have never known of such an obvious problem.
    i can also say ive never seen such a lack of response either.
    it seems several bodies could step in and do something.. yet none are… is it any wonder why people have lost faith in local gov / police / council….
    usually such concerns would be ingnored by the NIMBY ‘s of this world but the police comm live in Penarth.. you couldnt make it up

  8. Peter Church says:

    Just mention to the Police there was a hint of a hate crime and they will be all over it.
    These sort of crimes are not high priority anymore.

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