Doughty is rocked back by Piers Morgan’s assertion that Jeremy Corbyn lied on a second Brexit vote.

Stephen Doughty – Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth – found himself struggling, open-mouthed, trying to defend Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a Brexit interview today with fiery Piers Morgan on the ITV breakfast show  “Good Morning Britain”.

The question was whether Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn IS in favour or IS NOT in favour of a so-called “People’s Vote” (a second referendum on leaving the EU).

Doughty said blandly that the issue should be “put back to the people . Put the deal back to the people”


Doughty blustered and said “He DOES agree – that’s what we’ve just said in our conference a few months ago “ [PDN Note: Actually the Labour Party Conference was only last month]

Piers Morgan wouldn’t wear Doughty’s assertions that the Labour leader was in favour of a second Brexit vote – and quoted what Corbyn had actually said in a Good Evening Britain interview


Piers Morgan’s co-presenter Susanna Reid helpfully chipped in to score her own hit on the hapless Doughty.  “He flip-flopped” she said .

Piers Morgan – with Doughty on the ropes – thumped in another verbal body-blow “WAS HE LYING TO US ?”

Doughty could only reply “…our position has changed”.

Piers Morgan went in for the kill …”SO HE LIED?”

Doughty,  verbally pinned to the wall, clutched at that familiar last straw,  Labour’s answer to everything – another General Election . He said  “….As things become clearer …we’d like to have a general election that would be the easiest way to solve it”.

Meanwhile elsewhere today senior Tory backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg, said  “The call for a second referendum comes from those who lost the first. Will they ask for a third if they lose again?”

Kate Hoey, a Labour MP who campaigned for Leave said: “The People’s Vote campaign is organised by politicians who cannot accept that they lost the referendum. It is a cynical attempt to thwart the decision of the British people and will not be successful.”


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  1. Alan Peters says:

    I watched the interview this morning, whilst Piers Morgan is a egotistical broadcaster, he exposed Doughty’s ability to think on his feet is at the same level as Dianne Abbot.
    Labour struggling for decent representatives maybe?

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    Hoey will hopefully have plenty of time for hoeing the garden soon as the friend of Farage is facing a personal Brexit of her own —- deselection by her CLP comrades in Vauxhall.
    Personally I shall miss her like a toothache when she’s gone.

    Congratulations on a clever bit of journalism PDN. Shrewd link to Hoey and the previous item for according to wikipaedia
    “In October 2013, Hoey was fined £240 for driving through a red light having previously criticised cyclists as “Lycra louts that run red lights”. Hoey wants all cyclists to pay tax and be registered so they have a registration number”:

    wilipaedia 17 10 18

  3. JM says:

    In answer to the ludicrous Jacob Rees Mogg, we shouldn’t need a third referendum if we have a first one that is conducted properly, with consequences for liars and in which the question asked is clear. Preferably there won’t be rich men interfering, and certainly not Russians. As we haven’t yet had a legitimate Referendum, a first such would be welcome.

    That said, as a remainer I think – sadly – the only way forward is for the Brexit loons to have their way and take us out without a deal now. That’s the only way we’ll be able to re-enter and behave as a normal member state at some point in the future once the full grisly failure of Brexit is clear and England and Wales are left crawling back. Any other means of keeping us in will just give the spittle flecked ‘gammons’ more cause to feed their false sense of injustice and to moan and cringe and whine and find conspiracies everywhere. Just like the Republicans in america no longer have any ‘liberal’ authority left to blame, so the Brexiters must have their day. It won’t last long, and it’s a pity for the rest of us, but we will take some enjoyment from watching Johnson, Fox, Davies and co crawling back to the EU, once they realise how rough it will be to tradwboutaide the bloc.

    • Kevin Mahoney says:

      I see, another rewhinger who can’t accept a democratic viote when it goes against them.

      Altough to be fair you may have a point about the Russians interfering, I have a small confession to make here, I only voted to leave because one day as I was sitting in my lounge having a read of the newspaper and a nice cup of tea, the phone rang and a mysterious Russian voice whispered down the phone…. ‘Vote Leave comrade” …. before the line went instantly dead.

      So there you have it!…… It’s out in the open now, nothing to do with handing over £200bn + to other EU countries over 40 odd years whilst we were skint ourselves, or the lack of democracy, or losing fishing grounds or watching the annual mass fraudulent misappropriation of EU funds or being handed down laws by unelected bureaucratic nonentities who no one voted in and no one could vote out.

      It was all just down to a chance phone call from a Russian agent.

      A very busy Russian agent by the sound of it, one presumably with very sore fingertips ringing up all those 17.4 m people tellling then how to vote.

      • Steve says:

        Yes, those pesky Ruski evil genius’ are at the centre of all the shady plots to take over the world. Vote for BREXIT? Their fault, hacking US elections? Their fault. Europe’s refugee crisis? Their fault. Killer squid? Their fault. I guess everyone needs a bad guy to divert from their own inept failures time and time again. If our trustworthy mps say it’s so it must be true. After all, they’re never caught up in anything shady and should always be believed.

        Glad to hear you haven’t fallen for the oldest trick in the book. Can we have more independents with some common sense please? Keep up the good work Kevin.

      • Lucy Marston says:

        Straight out of the UKIP handbook. Old habits die hard.

  4. Phil Nedin says:

    1. The Electoral Commission is investigating the illegal funding of the leave campaign.
    2. A referendum is not legally binding. Parliament has the final “sovereign” vote.
    3. The Labour Party has outlined six tests to support Brexit:
    A) strong relationship with EU
    B) Same benefits
    C) Fair migration policy
    D) defence of people’s rights
    E) Protect national security
    F) All regions of the UK benefits.

    I think this is pretty clear. I only wish our negotiators and Conservative government could be as clear!

    • Peter Church says:

      Oh dry up Remoaner!

      • Phil Nedin says:

        Just introducing some facts to dispel the Brexit lies and deceit. Clearly you are uncomfortable with this!

    • Inigo Jones says:

      This list is very woolly. This isn’t what people voted for. People voted for Brexit for a variety of reasons. I voted ‘leave’ and still want to leave.
      If it isn’t legally binding, can we end the farce and embarrassment and close down the Welsh Assembly?
      We’re obviously not going to have the same benefits, we will trade with our Commonwealth colleagues and be free of expensive euro red tape and rude and arrogant EU politicians and the Euro Courts. The UK is a proud sovereign nation and we should be free to make our own laws that suit us and not suit Germany or France or any other euro country.

  5. gareth says:

    When we had a referendum to stay in Europe , back in the bad old days, this was binding , no question of a second chance. funny the EU lovers always bleat about losing Brexit..

  6. Christopher David says:

    Doughty- former shadow minister for business who didn’t know what a Ltd Company was is not all that bright. Some “gaseous” degree from Oxbridge does not a genius make. So that’s him Corbyn and Abbot. What trio! Almost as bad as Morgan, the mad old fudged professor and the hapless Gething. Truth is despite Europe in need of desperate reform the Brexit arguments don’t stack up, not even fiscally. It’d like moving house three months after you realise the old one was better and the new mortgage payments are too high to handle. .

    • Joe says:

      Most normal people would be too embarrassed to stand up in public after such a clown like performance. It amazes me how they have the audacity to do it.

  7. JPo says:

    Amazing critique of Geiger Gething on Wales Live tonight too – amazing that he wouldn’t talk to the bbc about the state of the welsh health service !!

  8. Inigo Jones says:

    Doughty was and is a political lightweight and will do anything for 5 minutes in the limelight. Prone to mistruths and muddling. Roll on the boundary changes, we deserve better whatever colour the rosette.

  9. PB says:

    All he wants to talk about is Brexit. He thinks it’s his bandwagon to power. Sadly, too many people will vote for him on the basis that he’s Labour and Anti Brexit. The man has no real principles, like many of his Westminster colleagues. Compare him to Tony Benn, a politician that you could always respect even if you disagreed with him. Doughty will jump to the next perceived vote catcher as soon as he thinks the wind has changed, even his “principled stand” against Corbyn has crumbled away. He’s a career politician wasting our money on himself, we need more of those like a hole in the head. Again, what has he achieved for us since he was gifted his job ?

    • Pip says:

      He’s achieved an over inflated salary, expenses and a golden pension for very little in return, that’s what.

      • Frank Evans says:

        Only now people realise what an individual they have representing them
        Labour jobs for the boyos!

  10. Peter Church says:

    I voted to Leave the EU because:
    A) Ruled by a anti democratic EU
    B) No benefits to ordinary people in the UK. Money went to corrupt EU countries. Italy, Malta, Luxembourg, Romania, Bulgaria, Baltic States etc etc.
    C) Unfair migration policy, stealing workforces from poorer countries
    D) defence of people’s rights, No EU courts
    E) Protect national security, no sharing of information to Russia via the back door
    F) All regions of the UK benefits.

  11. Jnp says:

    Amazing smug column from geiger in the Penart Times
    today, and a small item onlynonnthe fiasco that was pretty tame to the Lab WAG …

  12. Ian Perry says:

    At hustings in 2015, Kevin Mahoney wanted a public debate on whether humans are contributing towards climate change – the decision made by a referendum of the people rather than climate scientists.

    Look where a referendum on international trade and relations has got us… Michael Caine and John Cleese being more influential than all our international business leaders and diplomats. What a mess!

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