Vaughan Gething’s Labour leadership campaign is being part-funded by Neal Soil Suppliers Ltd  – a firm which has been fined for illegal dumping in the Gwent Levels.

Vaughan Gething  (Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth) who is standing for election as Welsh Labour Leader [and, if elected, would become the next First Minister for Wales]  is having his campaign partly-funded by a company which was fined for illegally dumping waste in the environmentally sensitive Gwent Levels.

The company is Neal Soil Suppliers, founded by  David John Neal of Rumney, Cardiff.

IN 2017 – 4 years after the court case and the fines – the rubbish still hadn’t been removed – as it was supposed to have been.

In May  2013 the BBC reported that Mr Neal was fined £10,000 and sentenced to a suspended prison term of 3 months. His firm Neal Soil Suppliers  Ltd – which is now  helping to fund Vaughan Gething’s Labour leadership campaign  – was (along with another of Mr Neal’s companies)  fined £100,000 plus costs after pleading guilty to the illegal-dumping  offences . (See

Cardiff Magistrates Court heard that “substantial and serious pollution” had leaked toxic liquid into local water sources on the environmentally sensitive Gwent Levels – and area of Special Scientific Interest (SSI). That prosecution and consequent conviction followed a year-long investigation by the Welsh Government’s own environmental watchdog Natural Resources Wales,  [a Welsh Labour Government quango ]  by the Environment Agency and by South Wales Police.

The BBC reported that Mr Neal “pleaded guilty personally to breaches of environmental rules and also pleaded guilty on behalf of his two companies to depositing waste likely to cause pollution to the environment or harm to human health.”  Judge Brown said there had been “substantial and serious pollution”.

Four years later however the rubbish had still not been removed and in November 2017 the BBC reported a further court case,  another fine and suspended sentence on Mr Neal  and a further fine on the second of his two conpanies Atlantic Recycling  (

The names of Vaughan Gething’s sponsors for his Labour leadership campaign have been published by the Welsh Assembly

Another of the Vaughan Gething Leadership Campaign’s financial supporters is  HSG Facilities Management – a firm run by a former Cardiff councillor Ashley Govier . In 2013 there was controversy when another of Mr Govier’s companies, IOS Employment Services Ltd, was reported by Wales on Line was about to be struck off and had allegedly been  failing to pay its own employees the Living Wage. (See ) .In November 2015 Mr Govier – who represented Grangetown – announced he was not seeking re-election as a member of Cardiff Council and is no longer on the council.

Others funding Vaughan Gething’s Labour leadership campaign are declared [incorrectly] as  Signature Living Hotels Ltd  [the company is actually called “Signature Living Hotel Ltd”] , Dr Has Shah , Aditya Singal, and architect Jacqui Walmsley.

23 Constituency Labour Parties have backed Mark Drakeford. Two have backed Eluned Morgan. Only 1 Constituency Labour Party has backed Vaughan Gething – who is being described on Labour Party Twitter feeds as “incompetent”.

Meanwhile nominations from constituency Labour Parties indicate that Mark Drakeford is comfortably in the lead and that so far Gething has so far only secured 1 nomination .




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  1. PB says:

    His constant tweeting since he announced his bid for leadership is hilarious, and almost a parody account. “Here I am, being fabulous and supporting , they think I’m fabulous too and should be your leader #timefornochanges”. The sheer number posted means he’s either working part time for us or employing someone to run it.

    • Peter Church says:

      Yes his twitter account is a complete laugh, It so managed and inclusive. The photo of the Diwali event where the camera just happens to capture Jon Luxton’s wheelchair is classic.
      Or the photo of Gething doing the washing up with his young son in strapped to his chest, in fact he is so proud of this photo he has it pinned to the top of the account!
      If a media outlet showed a photo of his kids he would probably contact the police.

      However he is just following the Labour Party rules on Social Media:
      4. We seek to break down the wall that creates ‘us’ and ‘them’. When we say ‘we’ that means the whole movement and those who share our values, not an exclusive group.

      Total ‘Momentum’ inspired crap.

      I just hope he does not become FM because there is only a certain amount of stage management we can tolerate.

      • Harry Parfitt says:

        If you disapprove so strongly, why on earth do you waste your time reading it? You mus5 be leading a very sad life.

      • Peter Church says:

        Call me old fashioned but I’d rather know what a FM candidate is like before he is elected.
        Depends what you call a waste of time!

      • Harry Parfitt says:

        It’s a complete waste of time unless you are going to play some part in the election of the current First Minister’s successor. From your comments I assume you won’t be.

  2. Lesley Monger says:

    How could anyone standing for public office be associated with someone like this?
    No wonder he didn’t do anything to stop the ‘mud’ dumping when he thinks it’s OK to be supported by a company/individual who have been charged with such a crime

  3. Guido Fawkes says:

    There was also a donation from Signature Living Hotel Ltd.
    They own the Exchange Hotel, Mount Stuart Square. Right in the heart of Vaughan Gething’s Butetown stomping ground.
    Here is the coincidence, the very same Exchange Hotel is hosting an event called “Gething Together for Vaughan” in support of Vaughan Gething becoming First Minister of Wales.
    The event is hosted by the drag queen Mary Golds and promises Comedy, Music and an Auction.
    Tickets cost up to £323.99 (Labour can be so ironic)
    Anyone know what will be auctioned?
    An unused Welsh NHS Ambulance, Underfunded Welsh Hospital or maybe Vaughan’s dignity.

  4. Philip Rapier says:

    As everyone including me is going to vote for Mark Drakeford the Unity Candidate as your map clearly show it doesn’t matter.
    The Policies do of course so do please visit “Mark for Leader” on Facebook. Over 20000 people already have.. Great video in the Vale filmed on Jacksons Bay Barry Island

    • If there’s any suggestion of wrongdoing on Gething’s part – as opposed to simply being supported by a company which has done bad stuff in the past – then it clearly does matter. It’s pretty normal for politicians and media to treat defeated leadership contenders as being more credible, prominent and interview-worthy than those who didn’t stand; so VG isn’t going away after the leadership election.

  5. David Moorcraft says:

    Does Mr Gething live in a “bubble” of utter self confidence/belief/delusion (take your pick,- or all of them) allied to arrogance ?

    I sat for 3 hours in an ambulance with my 97 year-old uncle, parked outside the Heath A&E section, alongside SEVEN other expensive ambulances , each with their highly trained para-medic crews standing idle, while we waited to be admitted.
    This was in September of last year, I believe things haven’t improved since, Mr Would-be First Minister !

  6. Is there going to be a box marked “no suitable candidate” in the election? That would easily win.

    • Lord of the Bay says:

      They are an unimpressive bunch for sure. Admittedly I am not a natural Labour supporter, but are these really the best candidates the party could dig up? If the welsh Conservatives could find someone as capable as Ruth Davidson, they could put up a good challenge, but I’m not sure they have someone like that at the moment.

  7. the Doctor will see you now! says:

    I find it hilarious that he has received only one constituency nomination and that’s from Torfaen where expat Lynne Neagle is suppose to represent, but prefers to live in upmarket Penarth along with Gething.
    Perhaps both of them should hire an Uber Taxi and buy a map to find out exactly where deprived Torfaen is?

    He knows he won’t win this time, but has to be on the ballot paper and get a decent showing or Left Wing Drakeford will side line him and he won’t have a chance in the next leadership round.

  8. Max Wallis says:

    Neal/Atlantic Recycling was not only prosecuted for dumping waste that pollutes the Wentloog SSSI but also for holding 10000 tonnes plastic etc. waste in conditions where a fire took hold of 2000 tonnes of it burning for 28 days. 20 Fire Appliances and up to 70 firefighters involved – think of the burden on public well as the noxious smoke causing unknown harm.
    Fire at Atlantic recycling site at Rumney, near Cardiff
    • 28 March 2014
    NRW’s prosecution failed on a technicality; they had required waste piles be limited in size and separated by fire breaks. An appropriate penalty would have been to remove Neal’s license for that site in the sensitive SSSI. At the Nov. 2017 County Court conviction, NRW talked of the numerous serious “offences committed over a period of years” yet Neal again received only a suspended sentence along with £30,000 fine and £20,000 costs As it’s in his constituency, Vaughan Gething should be well aware of these criminal activities – extreme even for the waste industry – how amazing that he dares to touch Neal’s money.

  9. Frank Evans says:

    Why on earth is he accepting money from this lot.
    Has the man no shame or maybe more likely no sense.

    • Jp says:

      I think the mud dumping saga suggests no shame – and the ta t that he is blaming NRWfor not ‘educating’ the public to accept the idea of 1/3ion their n s of reactor site sludge being dumped off the shore – of his own constituency – says everything. Career before community, private profits before principle.
      Truly the very worst sort of politician.

    • Peter Church says:

      Yes I would go along with this.
      A narrow 50.3% of people wanted it with only a 50.2% turnout.
      Where are the “People’s Vote” lobby when you want them.
      Ahh I forgot, most of them have their snouts in the gravy trough!

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