The new anti-climb deterrent intalled on Penarth Barrage

A fearsome-looking new “anti-climb security system” has been installed at the top of the steel fencing of the main Cardiff Bay Barrage water outlet.

The system comprises a row of rotating metal vanes which are designed to make life difficult for people attempting to climb over the fence and – perhaps – jump into the briny below.

If anyone does get over the row of rotating vanes the would fall onto horizontal netting stretched taut above the turbulent waters below

It’s called a  Vandguard Rotating Anti Climb Guard system. The bladed rotors are installed in pairs with 13 vanes being lined up in each one metre length of the barrier

Vandguard says “The interlocked pairs of vanes form a bulky and discouraging curved six pronged barrier some 400mm in overall diameter, which is designed to be difficult to climb over, without the risk of causing life threatening injury.”

The appearance of the device has more of a deterrent effect than conventional razor wire

The equipment is designed to keep despondent individuals away from an area where rescue would be challenging

The all-weather blades are made from high tensile aluminium alloy which is rustproof. Vandgard Anti-Climb is described as a “robust security fencing and a fearsome defence for all situations where serious vandalism or theft is likely. ”

In the unlikely event that any fence-climber does make it over this formidable barrier they would fall not into the sea – but into horizontal netting stretched taut beneath the level of the barrage wall .

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  1. sjleworthy says:

    This a brexit thing? Keep all the englishers out? 😛

  2. martin says:

    I’m pretty sure this system has been installed for a couple of years now, and has less to do with potential suicide and more to do with stopping people angling at the entrance/exit of the fish pass. That netting is not strong enough to catch a person, but is plenty strong enough to snag a fishing hook…

  3. Brickie says:

    I thought they were to discourage gulls

  4. OB says:

    What an ugly and unnecessary intrusion on the view, exceeded in its unpleasantness only by the vivid orange of the shipping container cafe nearby. Potential jumpers will find plenty of unguarded opportunities at hand and the netting is indeed only sufficient to arrest fishing tackle (PDM passim).

  5. Rich says:

    Ah yes. The ‘new’ anti-climb system that has been there for a number of years.

    Maybe the ‘author’ should get out more?

    As martin stated, i believe this is a deterrent for those fisherman too lazy to fish normally, and who want to take fish out of the fishpass. Nothing to do with jumpers.

  6. snoggerdog says:

    put some more up at the top end of the fishing pier to stop illiterate people from fishing in the no fishing zone (&cutting their bait up on the bench & weeing at the back of the light pole!

  7. I thought this sort of fencing had to be proportionate to the risk beyond. I cannot see the risk beyond this fence is more dangerous than being maimed by the fence itself. However it is over the top no matter what. It’s not surprising that the authority cannot afford to clear up the bay when they’re wasting their money on such as eyesore.

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