The Waverley Care Centre at Plymouth Road, Penarth

The Waverley Care Centre in Plymouth Road Penarth – one of the largest employers in the town – has again received an excellent report from the Welsh Government’s care watchdog “Care Inspectorate Wales” which conducts regular inspections of all care establishments in Wales 

The home provides care for up to 129 people within the categories of general nursing care, functional mental health (nursing) and dementia care (nursing).

The establishment consists of three separate units:-

  • Seaview provides general nursing care for up to 66 people.
  • Glan-y-Mor provides care to 24 people who have been diagnosed with
    a functional mental illness.
  • Cliffhaven provides care for up to 39 people who have dementia care needs.

The latest report on the Waverley Care Centre is issued this month

The CIW Inspectors found that residents and their visitors were  satisfied with the care and services they receive and that care was delivered by a “familiar team of competent, caring and compassionate staff. Staff appear dedicated and committed to working at the home, and to making a positive contribution to people’s overall wellbeing.”

The CIW says ” This is a service which sets high standards for itself and demonstrates a continuing commitment to quality assurance and improvement.”

In the latest inspection report on the Waverley Care home – issued on October 19th 2018 –  the inspectors issued no “non-compliance”  notices – (none was necessary) and no noncompliance notices were outstanding from previous inspections. …In other words everything the inspectors looked at was in apple-pie order.

The staff get top marks . The report says “People appeared to know the staff that cared for them and seemed comfortable, and at ease with them. We saw that staff spent most of their time with people and responded to people in a calm, unrushed manner. Some people had limited verbal ability to express themselves however we observed that staff were skilled at communicating with residents to meet their individual needs.”

Comments from visitors and residents staff included : –

  • ‘Staff very nice, but busy’ ,
  • ‘I like it here’
  • ‘Staff are wonderful I can’t praise them highly enough’
  • ‘I wouldn’t have X anywhere else’ (Relative)
  • ‘Staff wonderful’
  • ‘Great relationship’ (Relative)
  • (Staff are) ‘Compassionate and considerate to X and me’ (Relative)
  • ‘They (Staff) are always kind’ (Relative)

Resident’s individual interests and preferences, and their social contacts are  documented in their care records, and engagement in activities is documented in a daily record and in a diary.

The Waverley Care Centre is one of Penarth’s largest employers

Inspectors say that staff spoke to and engaged with people and gave them opportunities to
be involved in activities. This meant that all residents had some social interaction to prevent them from feeling lonely or isolated.

Residents with dementia have access to a range of ‘dementia friendly’ sensory and activity items. People told inspectors “there’s plenty to do”.

Waverley however does not provide what is called an “Active Offer’ of the Welsh Language  – although some staff do have some Welsh language skills.

The home refers residents to “healthcare professionals for treatment when required such as specialist medical and nursing services, the general practitioner, podiatry, optician, physiotherapy, and dietician.”  The care records examined by inspectors had been reviewed and updated regularly, and recorded what residents had said . This – the report notes – “shows that people are involved in the way their care is being delivered.”

The report found that residents’ medication is being managed safely. Medicines were stored securely and daily fridge temperature checks were undertaken to ensure that temperatures were within a satisfactory range for the safe storage of medication. Medicine bottles were clearly labelled with the date of opening. Resident’s medication records include a recent photograph. All the paperwork was correct.

Meals are “healthy and nutritious” – although there had been two comments asking for a wider range of menus . The Food Standards Agency awarded its top mark of 5 for food hygeine in  June 2018,

Currently there is building work under way at Waverley to increase the number of single bedrooms  and reduce the number of shared bedrooms. Only 3 shared bedrooms will be left once this work is complete – ensuring that almost all residents have their own private room

CiW says in its report on Waverley “People feel uplifted and valued because they are cared for in a comfortable, clean and homely environment. ”

The full report can be downloaded from

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