Bedraggled bunting is flying in Windsor Road as the main shopping centre of Penarth  celebrates outperforming Holton Road Barry for a second year running for the greatest number of  parking tickets issued in the Vale of Glamorgan

Penalties paid by motorists parking illegally in Windsor Road Penarth continue to produce the most revenue of all parking hot-spots in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The parking penalties are imposed by a joint operation run by Bridgend County Borough Council and the Vale of Glamorgan Council under a scheme called Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE).

Some dreadful emergency must have befallen this unlucky motorist on Wednesday who’d obviously had no choice but to pull up on a zebra crossing zig-zag just where the pavement build out is – but clearly it’s OK  so long as flashers are switched on . Technically, that British Legion poppy caravan might also be pushing its luck . At the time the parking enforcement officer was patrolling Cliff Hill

If parking tickets are not paid or challenged during the initial 28 day period, a Notice to Owner will be served on the registered keeper of the vehicle, requiring full payment of the penalty charge.

If payment is made within 14 days of the date of issue, then the charge is reduced by 50%. If no payment is received within 14 days then the full amount is required.

Contrary to popular belief parking enforcement officers CAN book drivers who park on zig-zags – but enforcement action doesn’t involve imposing  penalty points on licences

There are 5 dedicated Civil Enforcement Officers – all based at the Alps Depot in Wenvoe but the Vale says  there are “no targets for the number of PCNs that a Civil Enforcement Officer must issue”.

It used to be the case that windscreens in Holton Road in Barry attracted the most attention of  the enforcement officers – but last year drivers parking in Penarth’s Windsor Road successfully pushed Barry down into second place in the ratings – and are now on course to do so again in this current civic year.

The top three Vale streets for illegal parking are:-


(1) Windsor Road, Penarth – 771
(2) Holton Road, Barry – 540
(3) Glebe Street Penarth – 289

2018/19 (with half the year yet to go)

(1) Windsor Road, Penarth – 359
(2) Holton Road, Barry – 261
(3) Glebe Street, Penarth – 180

Civil Parking Enforcement service is supposed to be “self-financing”  but  2017/18 racked up a deficit of  £19,500

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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    Roll on the merger and the creation of Cardiff Vale Metropolitan Council.

    Labour run highly efficient Cardiff Council is making a fortune and the public benefit including the drivers as the fines are spent on improvements and related crime prevention..

    These amateur inefficient Cowbridge Cabinet clowns are ruining Penarth..

    ——————-Wales online reported on 20 Oct 18—————————–

    “In the 2017-18 financial year parking attendants for Cardiff council gave out 59,669 parking tickets.

    Of these 4,991 tickets are currently outstanding while 14,345 people have appealed the notices – and of these nearly half (7,005) have been accepted.
    The total cash made from these fines over just one year was £1,908,633.67.
    That’s more than £5,000 a day.”
    The Wales online article goes on to Labour run Cardiff spends the money from fines wisely

    A spokesman for Cardiff council said: “The income generated from parking charges, civil parking enforcement, and the moving traffic offences scheme is publicly-available information.
    “The income funds the operational cost of parking and enforcement and any surplus or deficit is transferred to a parking reserve account.
    “The parking reserve account has helped to support a number of improvements including installing disabled bays, implementing the new 20mph areas in the city, keep-clear zones by schools and safe access to school schemes, highway improvements and bus lanes, cycling partnerships, the operation to remove off-road bikes from public land, upgrading car parks including pay and display facilities, and implementing the moving traffic offences scheme.”

    • Frank Evans says:

      Labour and highly efficient. 🤣
      You have really lost it this time Phil

      Cardiff are screwing motorists by fining them for entering box junctions that the traffic light sequences are deliberately setup to maximise revenue.

      • Philip Rapier says:

        One consolation is the Cowbridge Aga Lout Tories will not allow you to be booked for Parking outside Cowbridge Post Office. This is because there isn’t one.These self made men and masters of Vale of Glamorgan commerce have allowed the Cowbridge Post Office to close down.
        You currently have to drive to Llantwit to post those special, large Christmas Cards and Presents.

      • Frank Evans says:

        You are funny for an old chap 😁
        Victor Meldrew and his post office problems

  2. Ted says:

    Penarth has got to be the only town of it size (I’ll happily be corrected?) without a dedicated offroad car park. So instead of tackling that issue the VOG council just issue a load of fines instead. I bet that’s having a great positive effect on the traders in the town 🙄

  3. Clare says:

    Council should be looking at businesses that obstruct parking spaces with beer barrels and bread baskets for their delivery lorries to park taking up half parking spaces some days . Not targeting those trying to support their local town

  4. I’m pleased to read that they’re issuing more tickets. Unfortunately they’re still taking the easy pickings and ignoring the dangerous, illegal, and selfish parking elsewhere in the towns.

    • Alistair says:

      Martin – yes, they like to linger around the town centre. Nice and easy. For example, they won’t venture further down Windsor Road towards Cogan where cars are parked on the double yellow lines just under the bridge which is very dangerous. Awfully steep hill to walk up.

  5. penarthblog says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice for the town to have a multi storey car park, unfortunately there is some hostility towards the idea.

  6. snoggerdog says:

    there must be some way we can twist this report to lay the blame on cyclists surely?

  7. Andrew Worsley says:

    I agree with you Clare but they are not the only ones to be inconsiderate and self serving , for instance the Taxi place called Penarth Cars often lets its drivers park on the lowered pavement section designed for wheelchairs and the blind (to the offending drivers that section is closet to the office door , NO OTHER REASON , so its ok to inconvenience the said disabled to save them a few extra steps to the door. Another, ‘Champion of the Inconsiderate’ is Wasons shop on the corner of Arcot St and Windsor Rd , despite their being a designated cycle lane running from the top of Arcot St down to Windsor Rd , those in charge of this store see it as no problem to park their fairly large van right on the corner outside the shop blocking the view of any cyclist approaching this corner , not one thought given to the possible fate of any unlucky cyclist . Furthermore it is often parked in the same spot ‘overnight’ and this blocks the view not only of the cyclists , but any pedestrian stepping out into the road , especially as the zebra crossing has been removed at the spot now. There are other examples around the town if one looks ,some of these involved those ‘masters of the road ‘ taxi drivers who do know better but flaunt the rules when it suits.

  8. Sue@56 says:

    I have mentioned the Wasons van parked for hours on end but still it is still happening. I spoke with the Vale re parking restrictions outside Boots 18 months ago when they were going to make the signage clearer – no sign of that happeninig either. Does anyone out there think we should get rid of the 2 zebra crossings up town and replace them with one pelican crossing. Also move the crossings in Windsor terrace and Bradenham place further down from the junctions as these slow up the traffic flow

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