The shop-window of the new Lou’s for Men store at 3B Stanwell Road

Penarth’s latest fashion store for men has now opened at No 3B Stanwell Road.

The new shop called “Lou’s for Men” is based in what was a former fruit machine arcade – but which has , in the last 2 weeks, undergone a total refurbishment and re-fitting ,

The store has a website (which isn’t up and running yet)   and also  has a social media presence on facebook where it says : –

“Established some years back we are a reputed men’s clothing company that offers the most sought-after Lou’s for Men apparel. We offer only the best of Cardiff and the UK’s fashion brands for men. Over the years we have enhanced our brand name to help our devoted clients to have only the best in the world of men’s clothing “


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  1. mikeyorke says:

    Good luck. I shall be popping in this week for sure

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    Congratulations to Lou’s and every success for the future !
    This is not “Penarth’s latest fashion store for men” however as there hasn’t been one for over thirty years. This has been entirely due to the tireless efforts of the Vale of Glamorgan Council Business Prevention and Car Parking Fines sub committee..
    P.S. Many thanks to Oxfam and all the other hardworking charity shops who for all those years have helped me stay the best dressed out of work actor in town. .

    • Peter Church says:

      Your also listed as a “Financial Advisor” Philip Rapier!
      Is the “out of work actor” bit just a sop to keep up your pretence of Left Wing social justice supporter?

      • Forgetit says:

        Church, my husband has not been a financial advisor for 10 years. Will you stop with the personal comments!

      • Peter Church says:

        OK on the FCA site he is listed as ‘inactive’.
        But so called Labour socialists giving constant left wing history lessons, when they have worked for firms like ‘Chase de Vere’ as a Financial Advisor is a bit rich in anyone’s book, don’t you think?
        Maybe he should not use terms like ‘Arga Lout Tories’ to refer to The current Vale Council.

      • Forgetit says:

        He worked for The Co-operative for most of his career in insurance services. Whilst trying to make a living as an IFA the company he was with was taken over by Chase de Vere. Not all IFAs are rolling in it. Especially if they have morals. Out of interest what do you do for a living?

  3. Harry Parfitt says:

    I think I saw Christopher David and Andrew Worsley popping in on opening day. They came out looking very dapper.

  4. Viv says:

    Nice to see a new buisness come to Penarth. Good luck.

  5. CelticMan says:

    Good luck with the new business – makes a pleasant change from a charity shop or cafe.

  6. Johnabutt says:

    All they have to do now is attract enough punters to cover the rip off business rates and buy in the goodies and make a profit. At the same time keep prices down to supermarket levels. A tall order for anyone, good luck.

  7. Local Eye says:

    Holders is alive!

  8. Peter Church says:

    Good Luck to them all and the owner’s of the white Range Rover sports editions.
    God help Penarth……Essex here we come!.

    Maybe Gavin and Stacey could be re-written with Gavin living in blingley Penarth and Stacey still in Barry. However it would probably take as long to commute!!!

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