The scene at the Baron’s Court junction last night (Photo Natalie Twitter)

Emergency services were called last night to an early evening  road crash at the Baron’s Court Junction on the outskirts of Penarth which disrupted traffic at the “Gateway to Penarth”

Two cars had collided at the traffic-light controlled cross roads –  blocking the road . An ambulance was also called to the scene.

Full details of the incident are awaited

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  1. Ken says:

    Just put the roundabout back.

  2. whatsoccurin says:

    Those “slips” are very dangerous -almost got caught last week by a lady driving up Penarth Road and assuming she had right of way filtering left on to the Cogan Spur bridge-also seen lots of near misses-signage needs to be better.

    • Andy says:

      Signage is fine. There are painted give way lines and Triangle on the road and post mounted give way signs. The problem is the idiots who cannot drive, not the signs.

    • mikeyorke says:

      Pretty sure there are a total of 3 lights signalling when to go or stop which for most people paying attention is satisfactory. If you’re not paying attention then you’ll come a cropper.

    • Peter Church says:

      I agree having a sets of pedestrian traffic lights on the slip roads and then the Give Way sign immediately afterwards is just plain dangerous.
      I know a few people who were caught out by this when the junction first went in, but those new to the area might still get confused.
      Junctions should either be a plain Give Way or Traffic Light controlled, not both!

  3. graham vodden says:

    Road markings have not been painted for years .

  4. gareth says:

    The speed the idiots do at the traffic lights and between the Barons and the Merrie Harrier is scary.

  5. Alan Peters says:

    I followed a local TAXI from the lights at the Ice rink towards the lights at Barons Court. The straight on lights turned red as he approached so, he went onto the slip road turning left into Penarth, pulled across the road and went up the filter left for Dinas Powis. Dangerous or a stupid idiot – both me thinks.

    • George says:

      They do that in both directions, saves about 2 mins. However this will be lost and a lot more if they hit something. The problem with that junction is its to biased to pedestrians. The islands are massive and you cannot really walk anywhere. You are not allowed on the raised bridge section to the bay and how many houses are on Penarth road.Get rid of the extra lights for pedestrian crossings, shrink the islands and put more lanes in. Make the turn lanes bollarded off to stop taxis spinning the wrong way.

      • Lord of the Bay says:

        There is an almost permanent queue if you are heading from the ice arena towards Barry, because the left lane is only for people turning left towards central Penarth. This leads to frustrated (and often stupid) drivers making sudden and unannounced lane changes (I’ve had several near misses on that stretch). The whole junction needs to be looked at and redesigned – but not much chance of that happening, as it would be an admission of failure.

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