The commemorative display outside Penarth Town Council’s HQ features a black curtain of poppies and the sombre black silhouette of the “Silent Soldier”. On the wall behind the poppy wreath commemorates 2 of Penarth’s 3 recipients of the Victoria Cross

A programme of events commemorating the centenary of the end of the First World War (on Armistice Day 1918) is being held in Penarth over the next few days.

In the gardens of Penarth Town Council’s HQ at West House a swathe of poppies has been draped from a first floor window onto the lawn below where the silhouette of the “Silent Soldier” has been installed – accompanied by a commemorative plaque. The gardens are open to the public.

The Remembrance window display in Glass by Design at Station Approach

Meanwhile  in Station Approach the creative glass-art specialists “Glass by Design” have devised a special illuminated Remembrance window display. It is based on the 32 members of the congregation of All Saints Church, Penarth who lost their lives in the Great War.

At All Saints Church itself,  there will be an exhibition giving more details of these 32 men on  Saturday 10th November between 14:00 and 16:00 .(Refreshments are available on the Gallery.)

The Wire Art poppies being displayed in shop windwos like Foxy’s in Penarth are for sale at £20 each at Glass by Design with all proceeds going to the Royal British Legion

Elsewhere in the town – independent retailers – including Foxy’s cafe on Victoria Road have installed “wire-art poppies” in shop windows. Information on each of the men who died is provided by their families.

Lieutenant William (Billy) Sweet Escott of Penarth was just 20 years old when he was killed in action in Belgium on October 14th 1918 – just 4 weeks before the end of the war.

In Station Approach the premises of David Baker the well-known estate agent has a window display devoted to a member of his family – Lieutenant William (Billy) Sweet Escott who was just 20-years-old when he was killed in action in Belgium on October 14th 1918 – just 4 weeks before the end  of the Great War.

Thursday 8th November STANWELL SCHOOL

Senior pupils at Stanwell School taking part in last year’s Remembrance procession

Staff and students at Stanwell School in Penarth have been researching the names of the men on the Stanwell Roll of Honour in order to learn more about their lives and their service to their country.

The school is hosting an event called Stanwell Remembersat 18:00 Thursday 8th November at which there will be a “pop-up museum” displaying the information and artifacts  discovered during the research. There will be tributes from current students and those from local primary schools – and Performing Arts students will relate the stories of the former pupils who lost their lives in WW1  through drama, music and dance.  Tickets at  £3.50 are available from Stanwell School; reception and all proceeds are to be donated to the Royal British Legion.

Friday 9th November: TREE PLANTING  CLIFF WALK 10:00

Cliff Walk Penarth where there is to be the ceremonial planting of a commemorative tree

There is to be a ceremonial tree-planting at Cliff Walk at which – on behalf of the town Penarth Town Council is dedicating a commemorative oak as a living memorial to those who lost their lives, those who supported the war effort, and those who survived.

A short service will be held on the site .

Friday 9th November : TREE PLANTING Garden of Remembrance Service RECTORY ROAD 11:00

The Garden of Remembrance on Rectory Road

Penarth Civic Society is carrying out the planting of  a Rowan tree in the Garden of Remembrance as part of its mission to “cherish the best of the town’s heritage”. The tree has been chosen to “acknowledge of the sacrifice of the men and women who lost so much in protecting our town and country”.

Also at the Garden of Remembrance new memorial stones will be unveiled which are dedicated Capt. Richard Wain and Sgt. Samuel Pearse – both from Penarth – who were  recipients of the Victoria Cross. The local community will welcome the regiments and the families of both men to this service.

The Paget Rooms

Penarth Remembers Memorial Event, Paget Rooms 11:30 . This (free) event follows on from the ceremonies at the Garden of Remembrance and will be an opportunity to see “numerous projects developed by community groups and schools, memorabilia, history displays, music and film.” 

Saturday  10th November  ST AUGUSTINE’S CHURCH 14:00 TO 16:00

St Augustine’s Roll of Honour

The Friends of St Augustine’s Church welcome members of the public to view  its Roll of Honour which is described as “the town’s first memorial to those who died in the First World War” ( and was installed before the cenotaph in Alexandra Park).

There will be an opportunity for visitors to meet the Roll of Honour Project Team, wander aroudn the church (designed by William Butterfield) and inspect the Parish Records which are being made available by the Church Archivist . There will also be assistance from the e Habitat and Heritage Team to help visitors locate family graves.

All Saints Church, Penarth is normally the venue for the Remembrance Sunday service – but not this year

All Saints Church, 14:00 – 16:00 will be open with a public display based on the 32 young men from the All Saints congregation who were died in WW1 . There will also be an opportunity for people to lay their wreaths and poppy crosses. Refreshments will be served.

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY Sunday 11th November

Last year’s Remembrance Sunday parade leaving Station Approach en route to the Garden of Remembrance

This year Remembrance Sunday coincides with Armistice Day (November 11th)

The Remembrance Parade will leave Station Approach at 09.45hrs and proceed via Rectory Road to the Garden of Remembrance at the corner of Alexandra Park.

After the Wreath-laying ceremony at the Garden of Remembrance the procession will march to St Augustine’s Church for the service which will start at 10.30hrs

A Community Bus, provided by EVCT will be available for those who feel unable to carry out this journey on foot.All mmebers of the public are invited to join the march if they wish. The Town Council says ” We would be very pleased if you could take part in this parade”. Standards will be paraded and decorations worn.

The route of the parade is as follows: –

  • 09:30 Assemble at Station Approach, Penarth
  • 09:45 Depart Station Approach in formation for Rectory Road and the Garden of Remembrance 
  • 10:15 (Approx) March to St Augustine’s Church where the  parade will falls out at St Augustine’s Place orior to entering the church for the commencement of the service.
  • After the service, the parade will re-form and proceed via Albert Crescent, Albert Road and Windsor Road to the Ex Servicemen’s Club where the parade will terminate for refreshments.

Penarth Yacht Club

10.30am – Penarth Yacht Club:  At the same time as the service at St Augustine’s there will be a short service at the Yacht Club to remember those members who lost their lives.

The memorial cenotaph in Penarth’s Alexandra Park has undergone major refurbishment this year – but will not be amongst the venues included in the commemoration events

Once again the Penarth Remembrance Sunday commemorations will not include any ceremonies at the Penarth Cenotaph in Alexandra Park – the monument which holds the most complete record of all those who fell in both World Wars and in subsequent conflicts (the others are all incomplete).

The cenotaph has been expensively refurished this year by the Vale of Glamorgan Council with its granite slabs specially cleaned. The inscriptions bearing the names of both the military personnel and civilians who gave their lives in conflict have been painstakingly restored

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