Mark Drakeford’s frank admissions about his own limitations may give some of his Labour supporters second thoughts in the Labour leadership ballot

The mantle of First Minister of Wales has come within touching distance for Penarth Labour AM Vaughan Gething after his rival for the Wales Labour Party leadership, Mark Drakeford, revealed – in a car-crash tv interview – that he doesn’t really fancy the job all that much.

Left-wing Corbyn-supporting Drakeford is one of many Labour politicians in the Welsh Assembly who have risen without trace, have never really been subjected to much scrutiny until now and clearly possess precious little in the way of media skills.

Mark Drakeford has been around “since the dawn of devolution” – said Vaughan Gething

In an unchallenging BBC Wales interview this week Drakeford let it slip that he was “a hesitant candidate” and that he had “no great personal ambition to be First Minister”.

Digging an even deeper hole for himself, Drakeford sounded like an elderly snowflake as he went on to admit  “ I don’t think I will look forward to doing First Minister’s questions particularly. I don’t particularly like that sort of bear-garden atmosphere or way of doing politics.”

Making matters worse, he then revealed “I don’t look forward to doing media interviews. I think some people are fine with them. Me, I’m always nervous before I do them and so on.”.

…It now turns out he was right to be nervous.

In making that frank –  but somewhat lukewarm – assessment of himself, Drakeford appears to have confirmed he’d be well advised to  duck the interviews, pass up on the pressure  – and maybe forget all about becoming First Minister.

There was desperate attempt to recover lost ground in a further tv interview last night but, in that, Drakeford again looked like what he is – an old man whose future is in the rear-view mirror.

Baroness Eluned Morgan is already ahead of the two other candidates according to some polls

In the latest poll Drakeford averages only 4.0out of 10, compared to 4.4 for Gething and 4.5 for the third candidate, Baroness Eluned Morgan. In terms of selecting the best single candidate, 9% chose Morgan, 8% chose Gething, ..but only 5% plumped for Drakeford.

The New Statesman  says party members “may start to question whether Mark Drakeford as Leader would be an electoral asset for his party.”


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  1. Peter Church says:

    It just goes to show what a dearth of talent we have in the Assembly.
    The front runner Mark Drakeford doesn’t want it.
    Number two Vaughan Gething is incapable of doing it.
    That just leaves number three, Mair Eluned Morgan, Baroness Morgan of Ely the people’s socialist remoaner candidate. 🙂


  2. Hugh Chadderton says:

    Eluned Morgan – the crachcach candidate.

  3. Christopher -David says:

    Ohhh, just for a minute I thought that was a play on words Mr Chadderton. Well what a choice eh! This is what Wales has become.

  4. whatsoccurin says:

    Oh Mark!-what were you thinking of?-recall you in your previous life in Youth Justice and you will be a safe pair of hands (better than Vaughan anyway!) as First Minister-so come on, man up (can you say that these days?) and be more positive, even if it means stirring your inner “Donald Trump”!

  5. Frank Evans says:

    I saw the interview where he said he wasn’t that impressed at being FM then the one he was told to do a day later saying what he meant was he was looking really forward to be FM
    Boyd Clack his lookalike could not have written better for High Hopes.

  6. Racist Mark (aka Jean Valjean) says:

    I think we should make Christophe Davide the First Minister.

    The title Le Premier Ministere du Pays De Galles et Dordogneshiire suits him and the position don’t you think, and he could save our country!

  7. karkino says:

    Mr Drakeford references the “bear garden atmosphere of First ministers questions” – watching a recent video:
    https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0br9y2n/welsh-first-ministers-questions-06112018 reveals not a bear garden but a load of nodding donkeys and very little in the way of decent opposition or debate. Those mellifluous Welsh monotones are lulling us all into a deep sleep!

    Re Drakeford: maybe power is best handed to the person that wants it the least?

    • Peter Church says:

      He meant a Beer Garden!
      The great assembly P*ss Up and its your money they are P*ssing Up

  8. Dewi says:

    It’s kind of refreshing!!

    • Lord of the Bay says:

      It’s certainly unusual to find a politician who doesn’t think he is God’s gift to humanity. But he needs to be careful that he doesn’t take the self-deprecation a bit too far.
      He does bear a certain resemblance to Rodney Bewes, which might go down well with the voters.

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