Surprisingly only 46% of local residents who took part in the Penarth Town Council survey said that they visited the Town Centre every day, 44% of them visit once a week.

The preliminary results of a public consultation on the future of Penarth called “Your Future, Your Say” were conveyed last night to members of Penarth Town Council –  and reveals some worrying statistics about the amount of use now being made of the Town Centre by the people of Penarth.

The survey was conducted both on-line and in hard-copy and gave all residents of Penarth, local businesses, community groups and charities an opportunity to set-out their priorities for the future development of the town.

The data gathered is still being analysed  – and a full detailed report is to be issued in due course – but in the meantime the council has released some of the initial findings.

The most worrying data to emerge is the relatively small percentages of local residents who make regular use of the town centre itself – for shopping


People seem to like shopping in Penarth – but only when they’ve managed to find somewhere to park

A surprisingly-low  percentage of only 46% of respondents said they “use the Town Centre on a daily basis”44% of them visiting it “weekly“. 77% said they wanted a “greater range of shops with a focus on local independent businesses”  

78% of respondents were aware of the council’s “Penarth in Bloom” initiative

85% of respondents knew about the “Shop In Penarth” scheme and 93% had attended one or more event organised by Penarth Town Council.


The 1904 Chapel and mortuary at Penarth Cemetery is used just for storing machinery – and it’s forbidden to take photographs inside the listed building

Most people had no idea that Penarth Town Council is responsible for running the cemetery – or what’s called “Bereavement Services” ; only 27% of residents knew that it was and 57% of respondents had never visited Penarth Cemetery.

70% of respondents were in favour of the cemetery’s chapel being “renovated into a flexible space for both community hire and memorial services”. 70% were also in favour of adding more small plots for cremated remains at the cemetery.


The Turner House Gallery in Plymouth Road Penarth – and its original portfolio of Turner paintings – worth millions – is believed to be legally owned by the people of Penarth under the James Pyke Thompson bequest but was handed over to the National Museum of Wales

64% of respondents had heard about Penarth Town Council’s discussions with the National Museum of Wales to manage the Turner House Art Gallery (which was a bequest to the people of Penarth) “in partnership” with the museum.  (The National Museum still holds in its vaults all the valuable original Turner paintings which it acquired when it assumed control of Turner House from Penarth Urban District Council in the 1920s)

54% of respondents had visited Turner House – of which 57% attended exhibitions there “on a monthly basis”

77% of respondents want Turner House to continue to have an “exhibition space” and 71% of respondents want there to be space for local “makers/artists”. 61% wanted Turner House to be available as a meeting place for community groups.


The Paget Rooms in Penarth stages live threate productions, music and live National Theatre productions – relayed by satellite.

91% of respondents have visited the Paget Rooms at least once with 35% going there “regularly” and 56% attending “monthly”.

Commercial “Fayres” like Penarth Wedding Fayre have proved popular at the Paget Rooms

The main attraction at the Paget Rooms is “Fayres” which is why 60% of respondents go there.

The other big draw is “other forms of public events not including National Theatre Live”.  78% of respondents said they would be “more encouraged to visit if there was a wider programme of theatre and music”  and 44% wanted there to be more activities at the Paget Rooms for children and young people.


The Kymin is a house and a large area of woods and open grassland which is owned by the Vale of Glamorgan Council and rented to Penarth Town Council

92% of respondents had visited the Kymin – and of those 44% go there regularly

57% of respondents visit in order to walk through the grounds and 54% said they had attended for a public event [ The annual Penarth Food Festival is one such public event – although it did not take place this year because of the weather]


The new signage on the frontage of Penarth Town Council’s HQ

A whole page of the report is given over to the Council’s own “West House Community Garden” . It transpires that only 47% of respondents knew the front garden of West House in Stanwell Road is open to the public.

43% thought there should be a “more attractive planting scheme” [There’s a lot of bare earth in the garden at the moment]

There should be no difficulty in finding a vacant seat in Penarth Town Council’s Community Garden”

60% seemed to think more seating was required in the Community Garden . [There are in fact plenty of seats and benches there – which may suggest most respondents had not visited the West House grounds since the recent make-over  – see PDN ]

[ PDN Additional Note added 22:20 November 8 2018: Some commentators have asked how many people responded to the copnsultation.  No figures have been given for the number of respondents who filled  in the council’s questionnaire. However in September councillors were told ” “In terms of actual returned responses we don’t go over 200 I don’t think,  but in terms of the engagement you can build on that it will be a wider reach”]

In these preliminary findings there is no reference made to Penarth’s “Jewel in the Crown”Penarth Pier (which is owned by the Vale of Glamorgan Council) –  nor to Penarth Marina – presumably because Penarth Town Council has no control over these areas, nor of the major parks in Penarth.

The Pembroke Terrace children’s playground – the only  playground owned by Penarth Town Council is not referenced in the report

The Labour-controlled Penarth Town Council does however own  a single childrens’ playground at Pembroke Terrace  which is long-overdue for refurbishment to bring it up to the same standard as other Vale of Glamorgan Council-owned playgrounds in the town. This playground is not mentioned in the survey report.




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  1. Lesley says:

    Who goes to the shops every day? Not surprised by that figure

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Don’t be fooled by this survey they only want to increase their booze sales profits at the Paget Inn Nationalised Bar and Bistro -formerly Paget Rooms
      How many will visit the Ye Olde Kymin Arms when the Council take it over and run it as a real ale Pub and street food emporium.
      Street Food should be banned as it is non politicaly correct Avenueist and blatantly prejudiced against other Highways.

      • Steven says:

        Phillip, Phillip, Phillip, may I suggest an adult colouring in book? You have too much time on your hands.. or do some volunteering. The Single needs weeding.

      • Lesley says:

        Yeah ok. I want some of what you’re having

      • Peter Church says:

        You have lost it this time!!
        Mrs Forgetit please take his keyboard away 🙂

  2. Mike Miggs says:

    I am!! Surprised it’s as many as that!!

  3. Harry Parfitt says:

    0.2% were aware of PDN

    • Peter Church says:

      Harry, the webstats dont agree! has a global rank of #494,744 which puts itself among the top 500,000 most popular websites worldwide. rank has increased 74% over the last 3 months. It reaches roughly 28,920 users and delivers about 63,660 pageviews each month.

      • Lesley says:

        99% of those figures are Chris David though so doesn’t really count

      • Harry Parfitt says:

        Seems incredible Peter but I’m in no position to argue with you and no inclination to do my own research. You knowledge of all things PDN is admirable but somewhat baffling.

  4. Keith Steven Tuhey says:

    Surely the council didn’t think people were going to shop in Penarth with NO parking facilities ? The council needs to sort the car parking out first and then worry about the figures – (I know… how many time’s have we heard about the parking – Lol)

    • Pipo says:

      Or you could get a bus, or even – gasp! – walk

    • penarthblog says:

      I suspect that parking is a reason.

    • Rachel says:

      I am a resident of Penarth, and I walk to the town centre to do my shopping 4 or 5 times a week. I also visit the Library and various coffee shops. I have no need of the parking (there is quite a lot,actually, Keith Tuhey); my concern is that I had no knowledge of this survey, which supposedly was sent to ‘all residents of Penarth’, so wonder how accurate it actually is.

    • Scootergirl says:

      But you are so right Keith, It is the parking that’s the problem. I go to Penarth about 3 times per week, with my longest time spent on a Saturday and have to run back to my car and try to find another space after nearly an hour. Each time can take me 10-15 mins to find one.

      • Peter Church says:

        There is so many quiet spaces to park, but you may have to walk 2 or 3 mins to the car.
        Everyone that moans about no parking can’t be disabled, more like just plain lazy!

  5. Lord of the Bay says:

    46% visiting daily seems like an encouragingly high figure; after all, many people will be working on Monday to Fridays so will only have time to visit at weekends. I can’t think of many people who would need to go every day. There are towns which would give an arm and a leg to score as highly as that!

  6. RetailGuru says:

    Pleased with 46%. Hmmm funny how the summary doesn’t report on peoples frustrations with the council’s deficiencies and poor professional standards…

  7. David Johnson says:

    No contact with council on this subject

  8. Andrew Worsley says:

    What a waste of time these figures are , especially the town centre ones, 46% is half the population and with work taking up peoples hours in the week no way could it ever be expected to be in the 80s or 90% . As far as I can see the figures are a total waste of time and meaningless.

  9. JoPo says:

    46% daily visits is good – but arebther really 9000 people on toen every day.
    Ultimately Penarth people will get the town centre they deseve. if they ignore the local shops, or use car parking as a fig leaf not to bother b cause they don’t want to risk walking a couple of hundred yards then mNy traders will bite with their feet, and He units will become housing, vaping shops, more charity shops or at hleast st cafes or estate agents. If they look at what’s in town they’ll see the range of shops is expanding, non-occupancy rates are at levels other towns could only dream of, but the shops need support. Not pity, or charity, just a level playing fiield and support. Penarth should be the Mumnkrs of Cardiff really.

  10. Alan says:

    How many people responded?

    • NewsNet says:

      No figure for the number of respondents was given in the oral report presented to the councillors or in the “Premliminary Results Report” itself. However in September this year councillors were told “In terms of actual returned responses we don’t go over 200 I don’t think, but in terms of the engagement you can build on that it will be a wider reach”

    • NewsNet says:

      No figures were given last night – but in in September councillors were told ” “In terms of actual returned responses we don’t go over 200 I don’t think, but in terms of the engagement you can build on that it will be a wider reach”]

  11. Frank Evans says:

    46% seems very high to me.
    As I work 9 to 5 mon/fri I would be rarely in town during the week. Expect occasional beer.
    I’m sure many are in the same position.
    Penarth does do very well on Saturdays, many towns would be very envious of the footfall, and the complaints of lack of parking!!!

  12. Lou says:

    If the results of the consultation are representative of Penarth residents as a whole, and given that the adult population (20+) was about 21,000 in 2017, 46% represents well over 9,000 people. So, in excess of 9,000 Penarth people use the town centre EVERY day. This is an extraordinarily large number, to which must be added the numbers of people who live elsewhere. The only worrying aspect of the data is how on earth they all fit themselves in.

  13. mikeyorke says:

    How many people actually filled in the survey?

    • NewsNet says:

      No figure for the number of respondents was given in the oral report presented to the councillors or in the “Premliminary Results Report” itself

  14. Joyce says:

    I would shop in Penarth if I could find somewhere to park.(can only walk short distance)

  15. Joyce says:

    I would shop in Penarth if I could find somewhere to park(can only walk short distance)

  16. Peter Church says:

    Saw the parking man asking every vehicle that tried to park in the empty loading bays outside Boots to move along.
    Not the best use of his time.
    These bays should be marked more clearly.

  17. CelticMan says:

    46% is bonkers. I never received the survey to complete.

  18. RetailGuru says:

    I think that the 46% figure shows how the survey is flawed – it’s obviously based on a very low return. There’s no way that 46% of the population visit the town daily. WASTE OF TIME!

  19. JH says:

    ‘all residents received this survey’….. I think not!!!
    We never received this survey so the return figures are null and void really…
    Fair enough if a selection of the community were surveyed, but saying all residents I very untrue!

  20. Andrew Worsley says:

    Peter Church has the right attitude , all we need to do is discover ‘to what’?.

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