Labour leadership candidate Mark Drakeford’s proposed ban would affect anyone who wants to have a cigarette with their coffee outside Penarth’s Windsor Arcade.

Gareth Bennett – the UKIP AM for South Wales Central (which includes Penarth) –  has attacked wanna-be First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford for proposing a ban on outdoor smoking in  towns and cities in Wales.

Drakeford’s proposal is included in his manifesto for the Leadership of the Wales Labour Party – for which voting is taking place this month .

Labour’s leading candidate as party leader in Wales Mark Drakeford

Mr Drakeford says he wants to see smoking banned in the outdoor areas of cafes and restaurants. [it’s already banned in all indoor public places in Wales] .

Penarth UKIP AM Gareth Bennett

Gareth Bennett, who is the elected leader of the UKIP Group in the Welsh Assembly, has called Drakeford’s proposals “ludicrous”.

He said “As health minister, Mr Drakeford led a crusade against vapers, and now he wants to hit smokers by a ludicrous ban on people lighting up in outdoor places such as cafes.”

The existing ban is set to be extended to the outdoor areas of schools and hospitals next summer .

If implemented, the proposed new outdoor smoking ban would be the first anywhere in the UK.


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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    I returned my online vote in favour of Mark Drakeford immediately the polls were open.

    If you care about saving your NHS founded by Labour 70 years ago– and– your Children’s Health , Environment, Hospital Waiting Lists, Ambulance Arrival Times, with a safe Care Home Place for your elders, you too will vote for Mark Drakeford.

    On the topic in question of inhaling the following I recommend all UKIP candidates try at least 50 a day as an experiment in their perceived benefits of polluting the streets with smokers bodily functionexhaust fumes

    The chemical constituents of cigarettes include:

    Nicotine is a colourless, poisonous alkaloid derived from the tobacco plant. It is a powerful drug, which affects the brain and quickly becomes addictive.

    ‘Tar’ is the term used to describe the toxic chemicals found in cigarettes. It’s a sticky brown substance that forms when tobacco cools and condenses. It collects in the lungs and can cause cancer.

    Carbon monoxide
    An odourless, colourless gas that is released from burning tobacco. When it is inhaled it enters the blood stream and interferes with the working of the heart and the blood vessels. Up to 15% of a smoker’s blood can be carrying carbon monoxide instead of oxygen.

    Arsenic-containing pesticides used in tobacco farming occur in small quantities in cigarette smoke. Arsenic is commonly found in rat poison.

    Ammonia is a toxic, colourless gas with a sharp odour. Ammonia compounds are commonly used in cleaning products and fertilisers. Also used to boost the impact of nicotine in manufactured cigarettes.

    Fragrant volatile liquid ketone, used as a solvent. Nail polish remover is a solvent, for example.

    Toluene is a highly toxic chemical. Industrial uses include rubbers, oils, resins, adhesives, inks, detergents, dyes and explosives.

    Chemical found in tanning lotion.

    A number of pesticides (toxic chemicals used to kill pests, usually insects) are present in cigarette smoke. These pesticides find their way into cigarettes because they’re used on tobacco plants as they are growing.

    Polonium – 210
    Radioactive element – used in nuclear weapons as well as an atomic heat source.

    Fuel used in the aviation industry.

  2. Frank Evans says:

    Why ban smoking from city centres when alcohol does far more harm. Ah city centres depend on alcohol.

    What is next red meat?
    Corbynistas not case!

  3. Nigel Bull says:

    I am no great fan of Mark Drakeford and voted for him as the best of a bad lot in the leadership election, with the bonus of being the candidate most likely to keep VG cocking up the health service alone rather than the whole country!
    On this point, however, he has some merit in his views. It is an unintended consequence of the indoor public space smoking ban that smokers now congregate outside. I have found problems on many occasions finding a seat outside at a cafe or pub (including at the Windsor Arcade) without sitting uncomfortably close to smokers.
    I have no wish to tell smokers of anyone else how to live their lives, but I certainly do not want them to impose their choice to live a statistically shorter life on me either. So on that basis he is right.

  4. Dizzydeb says:

    Great idea!

  5. Dizzydeb says:

    If you walk past the cafe in this photo you will find cigarette butts all over the floor. The smokers obviously can’t be bothered to use an ashtray.

  6. Harry Parfitt says:

    Another crackpot announcement from “Penarth AM” Bennett. Of course smoking should be banned in the outside areas of pubs, restaurants and cafes. Al fresco eating and drinking areas have been hijacked by smokers and their foul fumes.

  7. Scootergirl says:

    None of the three are worth a vote, however, that’s the first sensible thing I’ve heard from any of them. Why should I as a non smoker have other people’s smoke coming my way when I’m sat in an outside cafe/bar.

  8. Jed says:

    m actually coming round to Drakeford (as in, preferring him more than just a sort of ‘anyine but nuke crazed Gething!) – this is a matter of courtesy and common sense as well as health. Hopefully vapeing, drinking in public (why?) and other antisocial behaviours will be cracked down in too, so that everyone can feel free to enjoy our town centres.

    • jack says:

      Just seen Gething’s supporters criticise Drakefor’s concerns about nuclear power as, err, failing to recognise the benefits of nuclear energy and ‘outdated’ – because, of course, there haven’t been any nuclear disasters in recent years have there Vaughan?

      I had no idea that Geiger Gething was so aptly named – no wonder he was so happy to slop mud from Hinkley Point all over the shore of his constituency.

  9. mikeyorke says:

    Dirty stinking habit. Each time you walk past these places and many others I have to try and walk over the other side of the street so that my young family don’t have to breath in the toxic fumes.

  10. Birkett says:

    Good. Filthy buggers.

    He also got my vote, btw.

  11. Me says:

    I often walk through the Windsor Arcade, sometimes with children and having to walk through a cloud of smoke is disgusting. Ban it in all public places. E-cigarettes too while they’re at it.

  12. Andrew Worsley says:

    Yes ban smoking entirely , radioactive mud , incinerator fumes , car fumes, chemical works fumes are all less dangerous than lethal cigarette smoke . For Gods sake get your priorities right , I realise the smoker is the easy target because those faceless corporations with lots of money just carry on public opinion or not , just buy off any real opposition, and I don’t smoke.

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