A report on Penarth childminder David James has just been published

The Care Inspectorate Wales has disclosed that a male child minder – operating in Penarth – has been found not to comply with two regulations of the Child Minding and Day Care (Wales) Regulations 2010.

The childminder, David James, has been registered since 2013 to care for up to 8 children aged from new-born to 12 years of age.

The Care Inspectrorate Wales report on Penarth childminder David James

A CIW report – published this month  – says two of the children cared for are his own, who live with him in a “quiet residential area of Penarth” [the address is not given]He has been registered since 2013 and operates from 7.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, throughout the year. No Welsh is used .

The Inspectors found that “The child minder is enthusiastic about his role and enjoys caring for children. However, currently he only cares for one child before and after school, for two days per week. Relationships with the minded child were positive, mutually warm and respectful. The child minder’s home is suitable for a home based child care setting and there is a selection of resources to provide children with a choice of activities.”

The CIW however says “The management of the service needs some improvement and the child minder was informed that he is non-compliant with two regulations of the Child Minding and Day Care (Wales) Regulations 2010.”

The report says :-

  • The child minder had failed to renew his Disclosure and Barring Security check (DBS) within the required timescale of every 3 years
  • The child minder has failed to renew his annual gas safety certificate and therefore cannot be assured that the premises are free from hazards to their safety.

The CIW inspectors have not issued a “non compliance notice” because the “child minder gave an undertaking that he will address these areas immediately”.

The CWI report says “The child minder currently only works for 2 days a week, before and after school with one child. These very limited care arrangements meant that not all areas of well-being could be considered in full. However, we did note that the child obviously felt at home at the service,they helped themselves to toys and approached the child minder and his children without hesitation.”

The report also notes that “Children are happy and content with the child minder and enjoy their time at the service.” It also states that “given the nature of the service provided to the minded child and the length of time spent at the setting, this is not an area we were able to examine in any depth and therefore report on.”

The CIW report states  that “Policies and procedures have not been recently reviewed and the child minder has not included information on “Prevent” in the Safeguarding Policy, which is required. “Prevent” is a government strategy to help protect children from
radicalisation and all child care providers should be familiar with its contents. We also
noted that the child minder does not currently have written permission from parents for
a variety of health and safety procedures such as administering sun cream, accessing
emergency medical treatment and administering first aid.

The child minder is not always working in line with the regulations and national
minimum standards for regulated childcare (2016) and he needs to pay closer
attention to these requirements to ensure his service is operating to keep children
healthy and safe.”


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  1. Scootergirl says:

    Why does a registered childminder get paid for looking after his own children.
    Why are DBS’s only renewed every 3 years, surely it should every year ( as with libraries etc. that have contact with children)

    • BeccaBol says:

      He’s not paid to mind his own 2 children. He is paid to mind one child before and after school, it says that in the article.

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