The senior South Wales Police officer at Penarth Police Station,  Inspector Andrew Rice, has this week published on Facebook an account of the most recent measures taken to control underage drinking in the town – including an operation called “Operation McDuff”.

[ PDN Note: The arcane names of police operations are randomly created by computer and bear no relation to any particular place or person.]

Inspector Andrew Rice of South Wales Police, Penarth

Inspector Rice says “We carried out Operation McDuff in Penarth recently to tackle issues with anti-social behaviour in particular underage drinking.”

“As part of this” – he adds – ” patrols have been stepped up around identified anti-social behaviour hotspots such as the Alexandra Park area”.

There is a warning from Inspector Rice to under-age teenagers tempted to obtain alcohol illicitly.

He says “Officers have, and will, continue to seize alcohol from those underage along with handing out Anti-Social Behaviour Referral Orders.”

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  1. The Tax payer says:

    When the police catch the little darlings they should take them home and explain to the parents what they have been doing and not just take the bottle off them. And more to the point how are they buying it in the first place ?

  2. Andrew Worsley says:

    Well their we have it! , Operational names are picked out by computer so any silly names are NOT THE POLICES FAULT such as ‘Operation Galactica’ used in the Marina operation were not the choice of the Police……………..err! so there! , Of course the computer is programmed by another computer and so on , so that no human contact apart from the off on switch is involved . I’m sure people on this forum and others look forward to a time when the machine throws out the odd ‘silly name’ once in a while like say’ Operation Sqiggly Wiggly’ or ‘Operation Nim, Nim, Nim’ but the Police have no control over the names thrown out I repeat THE POLICE ARE NOT INVOLVED over names chosen.

  3. Andrew Worsley says:

    NEWSFLASH……….NEWSFLASH………..NEWSFLASH .. Due to so called ‘leaked’ information word has got out about the next Police Operation , according to the rumour the name of the next Operation is likely to be ‘ The Wrath Of God Operation’ . A spokesperson said this operation will be aimed at some visitors to Cosmeston Lakes . Apparently some boys and ‘some’ adults have been throwing large chunks of bread and cake into the water aimed at Swans and Ducks , this in turn has alarmed young children , a spokeperson said,” the operation will attempt to stop this , tiny bits of bread we have no problem with , but big bits can cause injuries , especially if its dry bread”. So there we have it a sensible precaution. This information has yet to be verified , but as it sounds reasonable we expect it to become fact shortly.

    • Ben Dover says:

      Mentioning of bread, well dry bread. Your are a little stale, if I am being totally honest. your comments are stale too.

  4. Steven says:

    He needs to step up patrols around Cogan leisure centre car park!.

  5. Andrew Worsley says:

    And you Ben Dover are as welcoming as a wet blanket , so very sad , but its in line with an earlier contribution I made some days ago about the Welsh having no sense of humour according to a report which I believe 100%. There are a few exceptions but they are not the norm as Benny the Dover proves excellently . Whilst I do make the odd attempt at humour characters such as this only attempt to quash it or demean it. And is that the best Mr Dover can do for a ‘nickname’ name himself after a male porn star from the 1970s? …………….lack of imagination I call it.

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