Wall to wall people in Winidsor Road last night waiting for the count-down to the Christmas Lights to begin

It’s estimated that over 3,000 people attended last night’s Christmas Lights Switch-On in Penarth Town Centre.

Amongst those attending the event were scores of families with small children and parking space was at a premium throughout the town centre area

Josh Navidi and Lucy Owen officiated at the switch-on with Lucy briefing interviewing Josh before he pulled the switch

The Genero production team for the event took over the Windsor Road bus stop. Buses were diverted out of the town centre

Josh Navidi wore a “Macron” puffer jacket – perhaps in support of the eponymous and unpopular French president . Lucy Owen was – she said “dressed as a snowball” in a long-hair white fun-fur

As usual the dads of  Penarth did their duty, manned-up, and hoisted their offspring on their shoulders for a better view

Josh Navidi had his hand on the switch as Lucy Owen did the count-down

A blizzard of fake snow erupted from the stage as the Christmas Lights went on

Children attending the event appeared to be thoroughly enjoying themselves – although there was some congestion around the stage area

For the first time ever there were no civic dignitaries or councillors on stage for the Switch On

The event was hosted by BBC Wales TV presenter Lucy Owen – who had to rally the audience from a cold-start after an appreciable pause in the proceedings and a stage-setting longuer by event organisers Genero.

Lucy Owen – decked out in a suitably Christmassy white long-hair fun-fur – set about re-energising the audience with gusto.   She confided in the crowd that she had been brought up in Dinas Powys – or as she called it colloquially “Dinky-Pooh” – and told the audience that Penarth was “very close to my heart”.

She brought on-stage Wales international and Cardiff Blues rugby player Josh Navidi who, in as brief interview with Lucy Owen , explained he’s currently not playing because he’s recovering from injury .

Lucy asked the children in the crowd whether they thought Josh Navidi should be on the  “good list or the naughty list” . One young member of the audience said he should be on the naughty list – but  Josh Navidi vowed he was on the “good list”.  However Lucy Owen failed to persuade shy Josh – who also does some part-time dee-jaying – to sing a Christmas song, so they went into the count-down to the switch-on.

With the lights switched on many people with young families began to wend their way home through the crowd

With temperatures plummeting – Hot Mulled Wine was in brisk demand

A “Frozen” train proved to be a popular children’s ride

All in all, the production appears to have been appreciated by those who watched it all the way through. It wrapped up with a Christmas song sequence from Pontypridd singer James Williams .

Of the three  Christmas trees on the Clock Roundabout Penarth roundabout at least one is not perpendicular – but hey, that’s a long-standing tradition in Penarth.

Finally traditionalists will be pleased to know that one of Penarth Town Council’s three Christmas Trees on the Clock Roundabout is leaning again to the left  ,


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  1. Lesley says:

    And cue Andrew…….

  2. Ben Dover says:

    Andrew did not attend the parade, so any comment, he will inevitably put on here, just ignore, as it will be yet another, dull and boring rant.

  3. mikeyorke says:

    I thought it was leaning to the right? Maybe I was stood on the other side 😉

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    Mr Dover whilst mentioning nothing about this event , assumes I did not attend ,but his real motive is just another swipe at myself and gets away with it!!! same with Lesley , but she does not even bother with the topic but goes straight for her target , (you know Lesley this person of Goodwilll to all at Xmas) .. lol !… lol! , we have the same behaviour from that other Troll Lou , and yet he’s allowed to get ‘away with it’ also , so what’s being moderated on here ?, certainly not the Trolls . I am not surprised that many of the regular contributors that used to join in on the topics when I first joined no longer join in such a shame.

    • Frank Evans says:

      Haha you are funnier than Phil Rapier.
      Always a post to make me smile. What’s with the chip on the shoulders of the hard left types

    • Ben Dover says:

      The irony of Andrew Worsley, complaining about comments being monitored, when all of your nonsense rants, get put on here.Brilliant.

  5. Guy Wooles says:

    Windsor Road had a successful Switch-On, whereas Glebe Street independent traders had an abysmal one due to Genero turning Glebe Street into a truck park and sealing it off with a bus at the bottom.

  6. Andrew Worsley says:

    Par for the course i’m afraid Guy Wooles.

  7. Ralph says:

    Isn’t it about time that the characters, Lesley, Ben Dover and Andrew Worsley put an end to their pathetic spat.

    • Nothing if not predictable says:

      I hardly think you’re in any position to criticise ‘pathetic spats’, Ralph.
      You never seem shy about weighing in.

    • Jm says:

      They could be sent to a blog of their own to do it, no one lose reads their comments anyway! Personally I’d put the putin troll “ ‘racist mark whatever’” into another one so we don’t have the trouble of scrolling doen past his fake witterings

    • Ben Dover says:

      Shut up Ralph

  8. Looking On The Bright Side says:

    In line with the bullish – if a little needy – requirement for positivity here (as dictated by “Lesley”, “Lou” et al) I am delighted to report that Sunday afternoon, in my opinion, was quite wonderful.
    As the lights went on, and small children marvelled from their parents’ shoulders, I was sitting at home, feet up, in the warm, keeping the hell out of it.
    Imagine being out there, in the cold, with the noise and lights, and pushing and shoving, the preening and petulance, the inherent hopelessness of those leaning Christmas trees and swaying illuminations.
    Batten down the hatches, I say, and throw another log on the fire.

  9. Harry Parfitt says:

    It’s ok, you weren’t missed, whoever you are.

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