ITV’s Adrian Masters asks Penarth’s Labour AM, health minister, and candidate to become First Minister  Vaughan Gething  a self-revealing question – ‘What do people get wrong about you’? (Photo ITV Cymru Wales)

Vaughan Gething – the Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth who is one of three candidates in contention to become the next First Minister of Wales – has said that at times people assume he ‘doesn’t care‘ .

As Health Minister, Gething has been embroiled in crisis after crisis as he runs what’s said to be the worst NHS service in the UK  .

Now, for the first time, Gething appears to recognise that his phlegmatic, laid-back –  and some might say uninvolved –  attitude can raise hackles.

Last night in an ITV Wales “Wales This Week” interview – wearing an apron – Gething cooked a breakfast of poached eggs on toast for political editor Adrian Masters and answered some probing questions, one of which was  “What do people get wrong about you?

Gething replied I think every now and again people assume that I don’t care because,  you know,  you make a deliberate effort not to lose your temper … so that somehow you are not passionate about the future, that you don’t care about the country, that you don’t have the links we all have, with a family and a future to fight for that every family has in the country.”

The Labour leadership candidate went on to say “…So I think that every now and again that isn’t communicated. But it’s difficult to stand up and shout, because I think that’s often the wrong thing to do.”

On August 24th last year Gething turned his back on an ITV news team to avoid further questions about setting up an independent investigation into the case of the NHS sex predator and murderer Kris Wade. Later Gething had to change course and initiate a long-overdue independent inquiry

When the questions get too tough Gething has been known to turn his back on the camera (an ITV camera as it happens) and walk away from the reporter, but has yet to be seen losing his sang-froid on tv.

Perhaps some would prefer that from time to time he actually did so.

The other candidates for the Welsh Labour Leadership are the Corbyn-supporting Professor Mark Drakeford and former Labour MEP Baroness Eluned Morgan.

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  1. PB says:

    NHS wales isn’t exactly doing great though is it?
    Labour’s secret privatisation doesn’t seem to be going too well, the article plays down that this isn’t the first time they have used private companies and had to pull the contract this year either. And all to meet Gething’s “make me look good” targets.


  2. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    Why is he cooking poached eggs on toast?

  3. Christopher -David says:

    Who cares ?

  4. Phillip says:

    I’d posit people don’t like the fact that if he doesn’t like your question, he simply ignores it.

  5. Jak says:

    I think people have him about right to be honest, he does care a great deal about hims or, his career and nuclear things. He doesn’t care at all about the town where he liv s (else he would not have been so keen to have the reactor mud dumped off our shore) and he can’t give a toss about about ordinary people or we wouldn’t seempeople waiting for 2 days for an ambulance or waiting lists grow to outrageous length. If he had an ounce of care or passion he would have admitt d that he can’t handle the health brier and resigned in shame years ago.

    A final point – pristine pinny in a pristine kitchen to make poached eggs? Ha ha!!

  6. mikeyorke says:

    I don’t think people believe he doesn’t care………more that he does a cr*p job

  7. J bryant says:

    36 hours waiting for an ambulance

  8. Mj says:

    It’s true, you don’t have to not support labour tobyhink ghisnone is just using the town and constituency to further his ‘career’ – why else would he be running for First Minister in such a threadbare basis – rubbish oversight of health service (I had to go to England for an op recently because the heath was understaffed) and Hinkley Point sludge tipped all over our beach.

    Have never known such a glib cold politician.

  9. BigpooSki says:

    That guy has no shame

  10. Peter Church says:

    Went to (my) new Stanwell surgey for a non urgent appointment.
    I was told that there are none available on the diary up until January.
    Asked what I should do? I was told come back every week and see if a slot becomes available.
    Maybe they hope people will just go away.

    Howver Penarth does seem to have money to house economic migrants.

    Yes, well done Vaughan, I’m sure you care!!

    • Colin says:

      You haven’t tried the ring for an appointment first thing in the morning lottery yet then! It’s an utter shambles and Gething should resign.

    • graham vodden says:

      Don’t talk to me about Stanwell surgey.

  11. Christopher -David says:

    Stanwell have a new practise manager- the chap from Station Approach has taken over. I’m hoping this will lead to great improvements.

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