Cardiff Council’s ticket machine at the Cardiff Bay Barrage . Motorists who’ve received fines after failing to extract a ticvket from the denice – so it’s Cardiff Council that’s “out-of-order” for not maintaining its equipment properly. Photo John Clark

Angry visitors are finding they are being fined at Cardiff Bay Barrage Car Park in Penarth for not displaying a valid parking ticket – even though the machine that’s supposed to issue tickets has been out of action for several weeks.

When drivers attempt to use the central ticket machine in the car park – operated by Labour-run Cardiff City Council – it refuses to accept their cash or deliver a ticket – and has been inoperative for 7 weeks.

The machine was notorious for  requring drivers to decide which of four languages to use before even beginning the tedious process of buying a  ticket.

Several visitors are said to have  left notes on their windscreens to explain the position to parking attendants – only to discover when they return to their vehicle that they have – nevertheless –  received a penalty notice and a fine.

There is a second (working) machine in the car park but this isn’t as easy to spot as the main one.


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  1. Christopher David says:

    Why doesn’t the broken machine have a sign showing where the other machine is and inviting payment at that point? Oh yes- we know the answers don’t we.

  2. whatsoccurin says:

    Laughable-whilst Windsor Road and Plassey Street are a nightmare with cars double or treble parked and large delivery lorries parked ON pedestrian crossings, wardens are concentrating on “easy pickings” on the Barrage.

    • FlowerPower says:

      The barrage car Park is Cardiff Council so nothing to do with Penarth parking except that it causes massive displacement onto the adjacent roads that VOG have no interest in addressing.

  3. Pip says:

    Welsh Labour are an appalling joke and this just highlights how inept they really are. If they can’t run a simple car park, how on earth can we expect them to oversee anything of actual importance?!?!?
    Their record with anything that’s been devolved is atrocious… Health service – Failing. Transport – Failing. Education – Failing.
    #Close the WAG.

  4. John Jones says:

    I was there the other day and it took me about 4 seconds to find the other machine. You can clearly see it from the location of the broken machine, even at night. People complaining about this are chancers looking for a freebie.

    • Sunshine Support Driver. says:

      Yes the other machine last week was also was not accepting cash / cards, I and the Drivers of two sunshine mini buses put notes explanatory notes on our windscreens. Returning later to find Parking Tickets on all three vehicle’s. Appeal / Complaint Letters sent awaiting replies, Chancers NO, P***** Off YES.

  5. confused says:

    On the parking topic, i see the sign at Cogan instructing drivers to ‘use all city centre car parks’. How exactly do you do that.

    Further over the flyover, a bilingual sign warns of new traffic signals ahead. How many years before they are no longer new? Besides, regular commuters would have noticed them being installed all those years ago, and their age would be irrelevant to visiting motorists.

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