Gething was interviewed in a cafe by by Aled ap Dafydd chief correspondent of S4C’s Newyddion9

Penarth Labour AM – and Labour Leadership candidate –  Vaughan Gething  has revealed that when studying at Aberystwyth University he received “grief” from Plaid Cymru supporters for being a member of the Labour  Party – and also claims people are now  “more content to be bigoted in public”.

In a BBC interview, broadcast on S4C’s Newyddion9  news programme last night, Gething said “Often comments made  in and around school, sometimes at work, or nights out – well,  people say things – you know – being called a ‘nigger’,  being called ‘a black bastard’, those things happen, – and that is part of the reality of being black.”

Gething went on to way that “What we’ve seen in the last 5 years in this country is that people are more content to be bigoted in public””

Vaughan Gething being grilled over coffee at the Imperial Cafe in Cardiff by Aled ap Dafydd, chief correspondent of Newyddion9

Harking back to his time in Aberystwyth University, Gething also complains about “how uncomfortable and how – um – how angry some of the division was between some Plaid Cymru supporters and the Labour Party .”

Gething says there was what he calls “a real unpleasant personal edge”. 

Aled ap Dafydd, Chief correspondent of Newyddion9, asked Gething  “Against you?”.

Gething replied: ” Yeah, yeah.  I got more grief in Aberystwyth for being a Labour Party  member – and for the perception that I was English, not Welsh –  than I did for being black. That was really uncomfortable and unpleasant part of  my student experience” .

Gething says “I really enjoyed my time at Aberystwyth”  but admits that “not all of it was pleasant”.

In the student residential hall, Neuadd Pantycelyn, Gething he says “the atmosphere was not always  a kind and welcoming one – and I actually think it did a disservice to the [Welsh] language  because Pantycelyn should have been a big window into the language –  an open door –  but not everybody felt that way.”

The Imperial Cafe in Splott, Cardiff – in the heart of the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency  was the venue for the tv interview

In the Welsh Labour Leadership election – which is open only to Labour Party members –  ballot papers have to be returned by December 3rd and the result of the election is due to be announced on December 6th .

The two other candidates are Baroness Eluned Morgan and Professor Mark Drakeford.


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  1. The Wildest Beast of All says:


  2. Andrew Worsley says:

    I tend to agree somewhat with his comment that the Welsh do come across as bigoted as a fact and this in turn, turns to hostility to those unlucky enough to fall foul of these bigots . Still don’t like the man though and i’m not Welsh.

  3. max wallis says:

    Using the word ‘bigot’ is a way to condemn while refusing to discuss, The Welsh public rallied to support Gareth Thomas against a ‘homophobic’ attack, then Gareth confronted the culprit in a restorative justice meet-up, which dealt with the attack as shallow juvenile bravado, not bigotry.
    Gething gives support to transgender extremists (including his own Campaign officer Lu Thomas) who throw around the word “bigot” at those who maintain “woman = adult human female” and who want to retain sex-based rights for women.
    Not only did Gething pose with a transgender flag ( but favours males who self-declare as “women” to use women-only hospital wards and toilets. likewise in NHS health centres, Though Health Minister he dudn’t ensure consultation of Welsh women – no doubt because he views Fair-Play-for-Women campaigners as “bigots”. Labour members are voting for a new leader, hardly aware of the danger of choosing a transgenderism advocate as Wales’s new First Minister.

  4. Ocobblepot says:

    WELSH PEOPLE ARE “MORE CONTENT TO BE BIGOTED” . Oh dear … how sad .. never mind

  5. cogan nomen says:

    I’ll never forget going to Machynlleth
    With the Welsh National Opera .

    After the recital we all went to the pub .
    There were young drunken thugs
    Sitting on the floor with their legs stretched out .
    We couldn’t pass , but big Jamie the scot
    Walked over their legs , called them morons
    And said ” we’re all Celts you c****s ”
    I always wonder why we have bilingual signs .

    They understood !

  6. Andrew Worsley says:

    You only have to see the behaviour of some of the Trolls that pop up on here ,they have little or no regard for the subject at hand but go straight for their chosen target or should that be person. I do not need to point these people out as they will expose themselves at some stage and regular contributors will know of whom I speak!. Their are about half a dozen ‘worst offenders’ or bigoted examples but also others at a lesser degree.

  7. Michael says:

    Is this a bid for the sympathy vote? Not sure why he feels he needs to do so as this is not a public vote and there is only a small number of morons in that group anyway so is he referring to members of the Labour party I certainly hope not, but he should know!!!

  8. Keith Stevens says:

    Maybe Mr Gething is talking about himself included – ‘ Bigoted ‘ meaning via Collins English Dictionary……
    Someone who is bigoted has strong, unreasonable prejudices or opinions and will not change them, even when they are proved to be wrong.?
    I rest my case – You only have to look at Welsh NHS and does he listen……NO

  9. Andrew Worsley says:

    Lol! , lol! , lol my new friend Lesley couldn’t resist the temptation lol!, I really did think she would be smart enough not to take the bait but alas my first instinct proved correct . And concerning her comments on the topic listed here …….OOPS she didn’t have any LOL ! …Troll .

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