Cllr Andrew Parker the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s cabinet member who is in charge of CCTV

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is to carry out a “Resident Consultation” on the provision of CCTV across the county – including Penarth.

There is now  to be a “resident consultation evening” held on Monday December 10th  from 17.30 at Barry Emergency Service Centre, Port Road West, Barry.

The CCTV camera in Windsor Road, Penarth

There is on-going doubt as to whether some  – or indeed any – of the CCTV cameras in Penarth, which were installed by NTL/CableTel in the 1990s,  are working .

On September 18th 2016 South Wales Police  confirmed that not a single one of the CCTV cameras in Penarth was operational.

On November 4th 2016 PDN was assured by Inspector Gary Smart at Penarth Police station that the cameras WOULD be repaired or replaced.

On September 5th 2017 PDN asked the South Wales Police  by email whether the cameras in Penarth were now operational – but received no reply.

On October 7th 2018 PDN asked  Cllr Andrew Parker  (the cabinet member directly responsible for activities of the “Safer Vale Partnership” which operates the county-wide CCTV system) if he could confirm what the current status is of the CCTV cameras in Penarth and – if they are not yet operational – when they would be back in action. Cllr Parker has not yet replied.

The obsolete CCTV camera on the outside of the Principality Building Society spent most of 2016 staring at the ground

The Vale Council has now announced the public consultation on CCTV and is now  telling local residents this is their chance to voice their opinion on the following matters saying:-

  • “The Provision of CCTV in the Vale – We are undertaking a review of CCTV in the Vale and would like your views on the current provision.
  • The Community Safety Partnership Strategy – We want to make sure that our new strategy is focused on the things that really matter to you.”

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  1. Alan Peters says:

    Andrew Parker responsible for CCTV in The Vale? They have not been operational for years! Enough said about your ability to do your job.

  2. Scootergirl says:

    Don’t worry everybody, the labour controlled council have it all in hand as the cctv cameras are working on the West House garden – phew!

    • Big Davey says:

      There is no crime in Penarth according to Alun Michael so therefore no need for cameras.

      If there is no crime in Penarth then there is no need for a Police Commissioner either.

  3. Jed says:

    Everybody should report every crime.
    The consultation should not just be held in bloody Barry.

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    Lets be perfectly honest this ON / OFF saga about Penarths CCTV cameras is a sick joke , I was told personally some time ago that the CCTV was not working and the monitors had been sent to Bridgend Police Station , so the people of Penarth paid for the CCTV cameras , they worked for a year or two ‘perhaps’ then they were either switched off or broke down one by one. Then the monitors that the ‘people of Penarth’ had paid for were shipped to Bridgend . Isnt it strange how the money taken off the population of Penarth in Council Tax etc is wasted on follies and money wasting schemes or work. The viewing platform on the headland is a prime example but is not an isolated case, a crap ‘designer bench’ outside Barclays Bank is another pathetic example the list goes on if you look for them , this is what you get when a Govt body becomes unaccountable to the people it leeches off to be able to exist.

  5. Taxpayer says:

    About time.

  6. snoggerdog says:

    behind you!

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