It’s not only rail passengers that are having to travel by road. This broken-down train unit had to be ferried by road transporter to the repair depot

The Welsh Labour Government’s rail quango “Transport for Wales” has announced there will be what it calls “reduced capacity” [i.e. a reduced  number of carriages]  on all Valleys train services – which will include those operating from Penarth.

The changes are because of the continuing shortages of rolling stock caused by the number of technical failures, breakdowns and wheel-flats caused by “leaves on the line” and “Autumn weather” – which apparently is unusual at this time of year .

Transport for Wales is using old rolling stock previously operated by Arriva Trains Wales – which (it has now admitted) it didn’t inspect thoroughly enough on acceptance from Arriva last month.

TfW has also blamed Network Rail’s new rail-cleaning systems which it asserts is not suitable for older trains which don’t have anti-lock braking. It says all its 127 trains will be fitted with anti lock braking by the end of next year.

As far as it’s possible to tell, all trains to and from Penarth will be operating in accordance with the scheduled timetable over the weekend and next week  – and are not being replaced by buses (although several other services are).

Bus replacement services are being operated into and out of Cardiff from several Valleys stations including Lisvane & Thornhill, Llanishen, Heath High Level, Llandaff, Radyr and Taffs Well.

However PDN has already heard of a train from Penarth to Cardiff being delayed at Grangetown this morning for almost 30 minutes .

Meanwhile a PDN reader reported this morning that a train running in the opposite direction from Cardiff to Penarth was severely delayed and he had in the end to take a train to Barry and alight at Cogan – completing his journey to Penarth by bus.

All passengers are being advised to check their trains by consulting

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  1. Ralph says:

    If you have family travelling to Cardiff from London or if you are planning to travel to London by train (GWR) be sure to check availability.
    It appears that there are no direct trains between London and Cardiff between the 23rd December and the 1st Jan 2019.

  2. Peter Church says:

    All they seem to have done is to put dark green stickers over any Ariva Trains Wales livery.
    Shocking miss management, but its par for the course.

  3. Clive says:

    What chance public service ombudsman scrutinising WG contract with Arriva and in particular end of contract dilapidations and remediation liability…… ah, it’s Wales….. no chance and so it goes on

  4. The correct journeycheck link for WTF is:-

    I find the following amusing. I would expect them to have plenty of spare crew at the moment so how come they don’t have sufficient train crew for today’s reduced service?

    “17:08 Merthyr Tydfil to Barry Island due 18:41 will be terminated at Barry.
    “It will no longer call at Barry Island.
    “This is due to a shortage of train crew.”

  5. Jed says:

    It actually hasn’t changed much, I think TfW were silly to take over Arrivas clappers our trains and surly staff when a fresh start was needed. PDN by all means blame welsh la our for this but alas we know whose stupid idea it was to privatise the trains in the first place. I hope som one does scrutinise Arriva though – after twelve years of daily hell dying to travel the 4 miles or so to Cardiff I hate them.

  6. Vincent Ellams says:

    I thought Arriva were bad until I had to deal with this shower. They are always late (if they turn up at all) yet it’s never their fault, it’s always “signal failure” yeah right!!. So signal failure stops the staff turning up does it?. There’s a pile of puke that’s been on the floor of my train for so long it’s got fur growing on it. They really need sorting out. Also, how can there be “teething problems” when they have inherited the entire Arriva setup. All the useless shower really had to do was change some signs.

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