Labour South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael (extreme left) and his protege Stephen Doughty MP whom he says he has “known since he was a baby”. Doughty is now pressing for even more money for the police

Stephen Doughty – the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth –  is asserting that the UK Government’s leaked plans to increase police funding in England and Wales ( partly by another huge rise in Council Tax Police Precepts) are “nowhere near enough”  .

The  “Police Precept” – is the additional element of Council Tax imposed by police forces on Council Tax payers in their respective local areas. In South Wales last year the Police Precept was increased by 7% – a figure way above the rate of inflation. 

For the 2019/20 year it’s emerged that police forces are now likely to receive an increase of £620,000,000 – partly paid for by a further huge increase in the Police Precept – imposed on Council Tax payers in local authority areas in  England and Wales.

In Penarth a modest 2-bedroom terraced home like this is in Band F

Because the Police Precept is worked out as a percentage figure, it will bite particularly hard in towns like Penarth which have a large number of properties in high-valuation bands. [ In Penarth Heights many small terraced two-bedroom homes are valued in the high “Band F” bracket  which equates to a current Council Tax of £2,149.61] .

As well as the increase in the Police Precept element of Council Tax, a further £170,000,000 is likely to be added to police budgets by the  Home Office and Treasury . All that comes on top of extra £160,000,000 for “counter-terrorism” announced by the Chancellor of the Exchaquer Philip Hammond in last month’s Budget.

The new police settlement for England and Wales could be announced later this week by Home Secretary Sajid Javid but has yet to be approved by the Home Office.

However Cardiff South and Penarth Labour MP Stephen Doughty  has already criticised the leaked funding proposals,

He says ” This is nowhere near what our police need to deal with increase in demand” and claims that this Sajid Javid police funding announcement is obviously yet another sleight of hand.”

[BACKGROUND : Doughty has frequently lobbied in favour of more funding for the  police . He is a Labour member of the influential Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee. 

In 2012  Doughty  used his maiden speech in the House of Commons to deliver a paean of praise to his predecessor , the  former Cardiff South and Penarth Labour MP Alun Michael –  who reportedly had helped ensure Doughty succeeded him. Alun Michael became South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner that same year.

In 2012 Wales on Line reported that Alun Michael had intervened in Labour’s candidate-selection process to insist that Doughty was placed on the shortlist for the Cardiff South and Penarth seat . Labour members said at the time it was no business of an incumbent MP to have any hand in the selection of a successor, but Alun Michael is said to have persuaded then Labour Leader Ed Miliband to ensure Doughty’s candidature was re-considered – after which Doughty received the nomination.

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  1. Bob Cummings says:

    Him and his surrogate grand father, pensioner Alun Michaels would just love to tax the hell out of you.
    Maybe pensioner Alun Michaels should just retire off into the Labour sunset and give up his over paid job.

  2. Jed says:

    Isn’t he Alun Michael’s godson? Anyway, yes long overdue that Michael shipped out and counted his properties and loot, and preferably he won’t be replaced with any of his family members … isn’t his own son also a would be PPC ? Have never forgiven Michael for dumping his safeseat constituency to get more pay as a PPC – not long after he had to pay back expenses, was ‘t It?

    Anyway, Doughty is probably right this time – Theresa May’s decision to take out 35,000 cops was clearly wrong.

    • Nepotistic Labour says:

      Yesterday the Labour front bench shadow minister Kate Osamor resigned after lying about her sons drug conviction. She threatened a Sunday Times reporter with violence and said “she would use a bat on his f*cking face”
      Her son was employed by Haringey as a Labour Councillor on a £50,000 salary and was then caught with £2,500 worth of drugs at a music festival. Labour denied she was aware of it, but she had secretly written to the judge to avoid a prison sentence for her son.
      This is the sort of Labour scum that Corbyn has in his front bench team.
      God Help this country if they ever get into power.

  3. snoggerdog says:

    who is the person on the extreme left in the photo wearing a alun michael smiling mask?

  4. The Tax payer says:

    The lot of them are a TOTAL waste of space. And only in it for what they can get out of it £££££

    • Lou says:

      You seem to have the same view about most people. What contribution to society are you making?

  5. Andrew Worsley says:

    Wow Michael is smiling ! . As for Doughty? the least said the better .

  6. Louise C says:

    I thought most people on this message board were pro police & anti crime. Massive Tory cuts to Police numbers are leading to terrible problems and are a false economy. Good for Doughty. Adults know policing costs money and taxes will need to go up for essentials like law & order.

    • Lou says:

      Well said Louise. If you thought people here are pro police, you ain’t been reading A Worsley.

      • Ben Dover says:

        Brilliant. He always complains, about the Police, because he is banned from the Fag pub.

    • Peter Church says:

      Good for Doughty! hahaha
      He looks after only #1
      Wasn’t he the one asking the police to investigate people who made nasty comments about him on social media?
      He was told there was “no crime and it was a waste of police time” Facebook also said no breach of policy.
      Thin skinned and stupid me thinks!

      • PB says:

        He’s not stupid at all, knows exactly what he has to do to cling onto the gravy train. We are the stipid ones for voting in these amateurs again and again.

  7. Frank Evans says:

    The police seem to spend there time investigating so called hate on social media these days. Look at the Grenfell incident no arrests over flammable cladding that killed 60 but 4 arrests over idiots burning a tasteless effigy. However no charges brought as there was no crime committed. Police wasting police time

  8. Andrew Worsley says:

    Whats a Worsley ???????????
    lol lol ………………nice one Lou me owd mucker !.

  9. Andrew Worsley says:

    As for the pro Police stance or not , there is a saying that goes “Credit Where Credit Is Due” . I realise part of the problem is Police funding ,but the Police in this area of Wales are woeful both in professionalism and public confidence.

  10. Andrew Worsley says:

    Love the logic Bending Dover LOL ! ??? .. LOL ! …LOL ! this stuff is priceless you couldn’t male it up lol ! oops! sorry you CAN make it up as a Mister Dover proves………….. so if you don’t go in a certain pub you hate the Police …………..LOL ! .. LOL ! Lets see now if you don’t use Tesco,s its because you hate schoolkids , or if you don’t use the Library its because you hate elderly people or Librarians ………………………THE LOGIC IS !!!!!!????…quite obvious the man with a porn stars nickname is a man of taste ………LOL !!LOL ! LOL!

  11. Andrew Worsley says:

    As an aside to the above remarks ,the Fag used to be a decent pub up to and under the previous Manager/Landlord now its literally gone to the dogs. The saying “Birds of a Feather , Flock Together ” certainly applies to this dogs dinner of a public house.

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