Penarth resident and South Wales Central Conservative AM David Melding

David Melding – one of the two Conservative AMs for South Wales Central (which includes Penarth) –  has pledged that if the Conservative Party comes to power in the next Welsh Assembly elections they will double the number of new homes being built in Wales.

The pledge has been made to coincide with the launch the Welsh Conservatives’ new strategy on housing later today.

The Conservatives say they want to ” create an environment where its easier for private firms, housing associations and councils to be able to build new homes”.

David Melding AM – who lives in Penarth – making the housing pledge on behalf of the Welsh Conservative Party on BBC tv . The housing strategy is being launched today

Melding – who lives in Penarth – says that only 6,000 new homes have been built in Wales under the Welsh Labour Government within the last 12 months – a figure which is 19% down on the previous year.

He has now pledged on TV that the Welsh Conservatives will aim to build 12,000 homes a year and says a crisis in housing will only be tackled if all the political parties  agree on “ambitious targets”.

Work on Penarth’s largest residential development – Penarth Heights – began in 2004 amd came to an end in August 2018. It included 40% “affordable” homes

Building the 377 new homes in Penarth Heights involved demolishing the 300 homes in the notorious Billybanks estate

The front entrance of the new Sainte Adresse residential development in Paget Place, Penarth. Sainte Addresse will contain no “affordable” homes

The Conservatives say they will :-

  • Scrap land transaction tax  [the Wales version of “stamp duty”] for first-time buyers on properties up to £250,000
  • Lift borrowing restrictions on social housing
  • Set up a statutory register of brownfield sites [ areas previously built upon]
  • Unlock the potential of small and medium-sized construction firms by making planning less complex and less expensive and by increasing access to affordable finance .


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  1. New homes is not exactly what we need. We need *AFFORDABLE* new homes. In addition they should only be built where the local infrastructure can support them.

  2. Christopher David says:

    He makes some good points and if you want affordable then leave the VoG alone. But it does come over as grandstanding, easy to say and panders to the self-righteous. Still we need big change in Wales and even the Conservatives must be worth a shot. Nothing to lose.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      It is obvious why Tory AMs who can only get themselves elected on the least worst losers ballot paper. They never check their facts before they start spouting these wholly inaccurate soundbite Housing Statistics.
      There is currently a Housing surplus in Wales.
      According to ITV Wales News 25 April this year——————
      “43,028 homes are currently empty in Wales, with at least 18,000 empty for more than six months, according to data obtained by ITV News.
      Rhondda Cynon Taff has the highest number of empty homes – 4,195 – while Torfaen has the fewest at 674.
      Shelter Cymru described unoccupied properties in the face of a national housing shortage as a “wasted resource” which can “blight” communities.”

  3. Phil Dawson says:

    I’m struggling to understand how this is a good thing? Just what we need – more bl**dy houses on top of the1000+ already in the pipeline, when the infrastructure already can’t cope with what we’ve got; now where’s the angry face emoticon when you need one?

  4. Bob the Builder says:

    Plenty of houses – too many landlords !

  5. Big Davey says:

    What does Melding know about housing and the need…?

    How is he qualified to come up with that number?

  6. Luca says:

    If only the Politicians would stop making empty promises and, instead, drastically overhaul the planning system. It is the interminable delays by the shamateur Local Authorities that are stifling housebuilding; yet, curiously, they remain unaccountable………..

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