A commuter waiting hopefully at a deserted Penarth Station last week – when the electronic sign first went out of action. It still hasn’t been repaired. Today the station is unattended

Penarth rail commuters are complaining this Monday morning that the booking office closed at Penarth Station,  the trains are running late – and that one of the station’s illuminated annunciator signs is still out of action.

One commuter, Michelle Deininger, has published hr comments on the social network Twitter :-

Penarth commuter Michelle Deininger said a passer-by asked if the Penarth line had been shut down

The annunciator sign has been out of action for several days and remains blank. – but there is another electronic sign further down the platform.

The station is also equipped with automatic electronic ticket machines – but these are frequently out of action.

Penarth Station and the trains that serve it are now  under the direct control of the Welsh Labour Government’s quango “Transport for Wales” which – six weeks since taking over from Arriva Trains Wales – still seems unable to cope with seasonal weather . Rail fares are due to rise by 3.1% in January next year.

A spokesperson for Transport for Wales said today : “Regrettably the booking office at Penarth station was temporary closed on Monday, this was due to staff sickness at short notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused but can confirm the booking office will be open on Tuesday as normal.”


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  1. Frank Evans says:

    The automatic ticket machine didn’t work this morning. When you get to the insert card it never even asks for s pin just says there is a fault multiple card on many days it’s like this. I would buy from the office but closed again.
    Shambolic service. Dinas posts signs and tickets have been broken for weeks. Things to come!

  2. Big Davey says:

    Clearly no AMs use this station otherwise it would have been gold plated by now.

  3. Frank Evans says:

    I am at Cardiff Airport and I counted the suitcases off the Qatar flight from Doha, only about 15 plus 3 hold containers of cargo. How much subsidies are they getting to fly into sn empty airport.
    Welsh tax payers money wasted over and over again.

  4. Jonny says:

    Where are Harry Parfitt and The Three Ls (Lou, Lucille W and Lesley) to defend the Welsh Government’s Transport for Wales?

    • You still call them that? They’re WTF in this household and others. I knew this would become their nickname as soon as I saw what they’d decided to call themselves. One of their first of many stupid decisions.

      • mud sticks says:

        One too many references to posts being ‘negative’ is what gave it away for me, combined with smart alec one-liners designed to discredit any valid criticism of the ‘powers that be’.
        Imagine the briefing – right-leaning little town of fairly articulate know-alls with the confidence to object…AB demographic…Twitter-friendly…ignorant politically but dangerously capable of influencing thinking…
        To think people get paid for this sort of thing.

    • Harry Parfitt says:

      Thanks for the heads up “Jonny” and “mud sticks”. I speak only for myself but, if your assertion is true that some people attempt to muddy the waters by cocking a snook against the prevailing view on here, they are vastly outnumbered by the right wing types who dominate the comment threads. As PDN asserts, it’s all about fairness and balance. I’m not going to argue with “mud”’s assessment of “fairly articulate know-all’s”.

  5. Pip says:

    For a Victorian Town, Penarth’s station is a grotty little blot on the town centre which is very sad as it should be an attractive hub of activity. I would knockdown that shabby building down and redevelop the place with an inviting concourse. It ould help to attract more people to the town and the locals may start to use it more and alleviate the traffic congestion on Windsor Road every morning/evening.

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