The new fingerpost sign has been leading to the left for 10 days and seems in dire danger of collapse

One of Penarth Town Council’s new signposts – or “finger-posts” – which has been damaged in some kind of mishap – is still leaning dangerously to the left some 10 days after the original incident which damaged it.

This  signpost – outside the entrance to Penarth Pier – is one of a suite of signposts which were installed by Penarth Town Council after criticism of the rusty state – or in most case – the total absence of signposts to help visitors find their way around the town.

The signpost directs visitors to the Wales Coast Path and other attractions

The damaged signpost is now leaning at such an acute angle some local residents beleive there is a health and safety issue – and the weighty steel might soon collapse altogether.

No one appears to know whether the post was damaged by the wind, or pushed over by a delivery lorry or levered-over by passing vandal .

The area around the sign had been half-heartedly coned-off at one point and emergency tape installed around it – but some of this appears to have blown away in the recent bad weather.

Recently other street furniture in Penarth has been felled by vandals. It’s not known whether, ion tyhis case, police have attempted to dust the finger-post for finger-prints

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  1. whatsoccurin says:

    when I see clocks which are not working or incorrect (most in Cardiff are) it seems to give the impression of apathy and disinterest-the “leaning sign of Penarth” is the same having been like that for a while-the location is near where the Band plays in the summer which I always see as potentially dangerous if a vehicle misjudges the slope travelling down Bridgeman Road..

  2. Ben Dover says:

    I am sorry, but why on earth would the Police take finger prints for a sign, that has clearly been knocked by a vehicle?

    The sign is exposed to the elements and hundreds of people, could have walked past or touched, that sign, so there would be no forensic opportunities.

    I am baffled, as to why you would suggest this?

    • NewsNet says:

      On October 1st a post supporting a floral basket in Stanwell Road was allegedly felled by a vandal who pulled it down by hanging off it. This looks like the same modus operandi. The signpost has plenty to hang onto and sufficient leverage to bring it down.

      • Harry Parfitt says:

        I bet it was a Labour vandal too. Another photo opportunity for RT?

      • Art Isan says:

        Its clearly the same disgraceful act of destruction in both cases. I fear we could have a vandal mastermind on our hands here…whatever next? Peanut butter sandwiches in post boxes? Lollygagging in the street with blue eyebrows? Harrowing thoughts im sure you will agree! Big fan keep up the great work. #csipenarth

  3. Darren says:

    The Post Feller has also been in action at least TWICE on the same lamp post in Wordsworth Avenue in a very short space of time. Went past the Fairfield Road junction by St Joseph’s Church a few weeks ago and the post had been felled. Few days later it was efficiently reinstated within a concrete mound (which looked sturdy) and a few days after that it was down again.
    Haven’t looked since – it would be so depressing if it’s been felled again.
    Is this wanton vandalism or a rogue truck driver who needs their eyes testing?

  4. Solomon says:

    I wonder if this is the latest form of entertainment – seeing how many posts they can get down in one night.

  5. Big Davey says:

    It is all the Welsh Language versions on the left dragging the post down.

  6. Bob the Builder says:

    I’d be far more worried about the state of the wall on Beach Hill by the Kymin.

    It is being pushed by the higher lawn inside and looks in imminent danger of collapse.

  7. Art Isan says:

    Im no scientist but ive been led to believe by a very reliable source (dvd nigel whos actually chinese looking and i have my suspicions nigel might not be his real name or that he is a qualified gynecologist) dvd nigel and other well respected industry professionals claim the destructive outlet in our brains infact comes from the left labia or starboard side depending if your on land or sea. Keen mariners like ourselves of course already know this. However, armed ith this information we can aim to prevent future mindless vandlism and take our sea front back. Clean..polite..420 friendly

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