The Welsh Assembly in Cardiff Bay – as seen from Penarth

Assembly AMs who represent the South Wales Central constituency (which includes Penarth) have clashed in the Welsh Assembly in a totally futile debate over the UK Government’s controversial Brexit withdrawal bill: [AMs perorations have no bearing on any decision being made in Westminter] 

Presiding Officer Elin Jones justified the debate by saying that it would have been “unbelievable” for AMs not to have had their say.

Penarth-dwelling Conservative AM David Melding is an arch remainer who wants the Uk to stay in the EU

An arch-remainer – the Conservative AM David Melding, who lives in Penarth, –  suggested that Britain needed to get out of the EU so that (somewhat improbably) it could move on and “get back in”.

Melding – apparently impervious to the overwhelming wish of the people of Wales to Leave the EU –  said  “Now is the time to accept the reality of our departure from the EU, however difficult it is for those of us who’ve seen Europe as so essential to our national prosperity. We need to move on, then we can get back in.”

UKIP Wales leader Gareth Bennett in this afternoon’s Welsh Assembly Brexit debate

However UKIP Assembly leader Gareth Bennett (South Wales Central) said some members of the Assembly were showing an “utter contempt for democracy”.

Bennett said  “There is no point in Labour and Plaid Cymru calling for another referendum because they don’t want to respect the result of the first one.” . He said  that Conservative Assembly Leader Paul Davies had been “right on this point. The people of the UK have spoken, the people of Wales have already spoken.”

Turning his fire on Labour and Plaid Cymru – an ignoring the comments of Conservative AM David Melding – Bennett said “Today both Labour and Plaid Cymru are showing their utter contempt for democracy and their contempt for the intelligence of the British people.”

Labour AM Lynne Neagle lives in Penarth but represents the gritty constituency of Torfaen

Labour AM for Torfaen, Lynne Neagle, (who lives in Penarth) said she had been given “special dispensation” by the Welsh Labour group to support Plaid Cymru’s ‘People’s Vote’ amendment.

She said “As a patriot never afraid to be both Welsh and British, and intensely proud of both, I will be arguing in the campaign to come for the only option that is right for our people, whether in the valleys of Gwent, the terraces of Cardiff or the farms of Ceredigion – to stay. To stay as a great country that is not afraid of its place in the world. To stay proud of our values of internationalism and openness.To stay true to our sense of self as a place where people matter more than ideology ever will.”

At the conclusion of  the 2 hour debate 34 AMs  bacled backed a [ totally symbolic] Plaid Cymru amendment. which  rejected Theresa May’s Brexit deal – and that is now the Assembly’s official position.

At the conclusion of the debate the Presiding  Officer Plaid Cymru AM Elin Jones – who is supposed to be impartial – said she hoped MPs in Westminster would now take account of what AMs had decided.


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  1. Christopher David says:

    Firstly we have elections- many of them. That means a vote. After two years plus it’s time to present the facts to the country and get a vote on realty- not banner on a bus education for morons. Secondly how can Parliament vote on secrecy? If they don’t have the facts they should vote May’s deal out and go to the country. But even then we need the facts. All out in the open. I know that’s not popular in Wales with the Labour lot in power but this is the UK’s future. In any case what the huffer puffers down the bay say doesn’t matter one jot.

    • Frank Evans says:

      We are leaving the EU next March like it or not. We did have a peoples referendum in 2016 and I like the majority voted to leave.
      Get over remoaner. I could not care less if GDP drops by a few percent this was a Democratic vote. UK will be far better outside the EU.
      Look at Italy, the next eurozone country about to go pop!

      • Taxpayer says:

        Well said Mr Frank Evans!I so agree with you.

      • Harry Parfitt says:

        I admire your optimism. Sort of leaving, sort of not leaving more likely.

      • Frank Evans says:

        There were so many business leaders who said the obstacles to trade by not joing the euro would a catastrophe for the UK.
        Funny that isn’t it.

      • Christopher David says:

        Well Mr Evans-you are the cleverest person in the world. A genuine know it all. Someone who can correlate a drop in GDP with increased prosperity. Genius. So for the rest of it looks like we might be staying after all then 🙂 Oh Italy is the NEXT country to go pop then is it!! Hmm who was the last?

      • Frank Evans says:

        Greece. Athens looked a run down merthyr earlier this year. Sometime freedom is worth more than money Mr David

    • Harry Parfitt says:

      I’m loving this. A spat between PDN’s two great minds. Great stuff guys!

      • Christopher David says:

        Unfortunately Mr Evans in a modern economy sometimes money is the only route to (relative) freedom. It’s difficult to argue Greece was / is bankrupt- how do you value its balance sheet? It certainly had a debt crisis and I have an inking the Greeks who were helped tom lie their way into the EU brought it on themselves. But you want to witness bankrupt? You may be standing in it, It’s called Wales. Oh yes- and the brain drain rumbles on. Little here for the bright and ambitious youngster in Wales.

  2. Clive says:

    If that’s a wheel of fortune in front of the Senedd perhaps a quick spin would save vacuous debates

  3. Frank Evans says:

    Maybe Lynn Neagle was asking where exactly is Torfean? She has heard of it but is not sure if it was a nightmare.

  4. Johnp says:

    I agree with itv need to get out so that people can see what we voted for. Once br items are completely, totally discredited, we can see about applying to join – irony of ironies, we’ll then have no rebate, and to use the euro. And by then we’ll be glad to. We can’t live off a trade deal with – whom? Gibraltar? China? Mars ?!

  5. Frank Evans says:

    So Lynn Neagle wants a peoples vote ffs anti Democrat and a hypocrite.

  6. Mike Miggs says:

    Those at the Bay are a waste of space,they can’t run the devolved powers so their opinion is irrelevant to Brexit. We have voted OUT the terms are secondary, the E.U.. needs us more than we need them!!!

  7. Joseph says:

    “Europe as so essential to our national prosperity.” Er, can someone show me any evidence of national prosperity here in Wales other than inside the four walls of the WAG?!?! Poverty levels here are worse than in Eastern Europe, Health service is crumbling, as is the infrastructure, education is below that of England’s and businesses avoid the area. Where’s all this prosperity because it’s not being shared amongst all???

  8. Christopher David says:

    Yes indeed “Joseph”. That’s because Wales is extremely badly “governed”. However Wales is a major net beneficiary under the EU. Bankrupt Wales if we Brexit will need a massive separate (plans are in place) fund in addition to the Billions we receive under Barnett to stop things getting even worse. Much worse.

    • Frank Evans says:

      Sadly Wales lack of prosperity is largely down to the brain drain. You can pump money in and subsidise business parks, airports, race tracks but GVA continues to be the lowest in the UK. Answer get people off the social dependency cycle. Wales will never be a wealthy place as long as we depend on hand outs from the UK or the EU

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