October  2016: The Rev.Roger Grafton greets the then Mayor of Penarth Cllr Mike Cuddy with  Cllr Stuart Egan (then Mayor of the Vale of Glamorgan ) and Cllr Egan’s consort (also wearing a chain of office) Nigel Gibbs, at the opening of the Tabernacle Church Foodbank in Plassey St on October 2 2016. In the following financial year Tabernacle Foodbank received a £500 donation from Penarth Town Council

Penarth Town Council’s financial accounts for the year from April 2017 to March 31st 2018 – just published – show that in that 12 month period, the council donated council-tax payers’ cash to the following causes:-

  • The Plassey Square Big Lunch £250
  • Friends of St Peters £100
  • Penarth Scouts £100
  • Tabernacle Food Bank £500

This year’s (2018) Big Lunch at Plassey Square. The 2017 big lunch received a donation of £250 from the council

There is also an unspecified “donation” to theVale of Glamorgan”  – ( it’s not clear who or what was the beneficiary) –  of £3,600.

Of these 5 donations, only the payment to Penarth Scouts was discussed in council meetings. The council says Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 enables it to incur expenditure for “certain purposes not otherwise authorised, provided that such expenditure is, and of direct benefit to, the area”  . The maximum the council could have spent (but didn’t)  in the year 2017-18 is “£7.57 per elector” which  would have entitled the council to make payments to such causes up to a notional maximum of £130,309 .

Penarth Council’s billboard advert in 2017 cost £986.

The accounts also show that during the 2017/18 financial year Penarth Town Council spent a total of £2,280 on advertising and publicity.

The old town clock was valued at £10,912

The old – defective – Town Clock (which was replaced last month and has now been placed in storage at Penarth Cemetery) is shown in the accounts as being an “asset” valued at £10,912 .

The Council’s HQ at West House is valued as an asset worth £1,706,563 – with West House Cottage (at the rear) being valued at £164,522.

Like most businesses, the council has its share of reluctant debtors –  who delay paying  invoices. As at March 31st 2018 the council was owed a total of £21,484    of which £11,378  had been outstanding for over 3 months.





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  1. Jed says:

    I imagine that my company is a ‘reluctant debtor’ but entirely because the town council cannot het the invoice correct, and is chasing me for monies it knows I have already paid!

  2. Johnp says:

    Why on earth is the council giving £500 of our money to the Tabernacle Church?
    This ‘charity’ has a huge church in Plassey street, a drop in shop at Arcot Street, monopolises Sainsbury’s food collection box -and offers in turn to pray with the people who need the help donated! Why is ‘TABS’ allowed to interpolate proselytising it’s peculiar evangelical thinking into help for the poor? Why is it being allowed anyway to prey on the poor? I really think this is something the auditor general should look at. Grotesque misuse of public monies.!

  3. Lesley says:

    All seems reasonable. That advertising board is a total waste of money though as it’s an awful position

  4. The Tax payer says:

    Goodo. Have a good look at what is going into the pockets of our council members for attending the odd meeting and making decisions that will benefit them in the long run 👍

  5. Lord of the Bay says:

    How is a broken clock worth nearly £11k? If they can find someone who will pay that much for it, do the deal!

  6. Lesley Monger says:

    What the’donation’ of £3,600 paid to the council for???

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