October 8th 2018 :A South Wales Police unit investigating an allegation of a serious sexual assault which occurred the night of October 7th in the Cae Canol area of Penarth . The young female victim was  given support by specially trained officers.

Penarth Town Council was informed last night that there had been 3 cases of Rape and 22 cases of  Stalking and Harassment in Penarth during the month of October this year.

There were 2 cases of Rape in the combined Plymouth and St Augustine’s Wards and 1 case of Rape in Stanwell Ward

There had been 4 cases of Stalking and Harassment committed in the Cornerswell Ward,  5 cases in Stanwell Ward and a total of 13 cases in the Plymouth and St Augustine’s Wards during October 2018. There was also 1 case of a serious sexual offence”. …There had been no such incidents recorded in Penarth during the equivalent period of 2017.

There has also been – in October this year – a large increase in vehicle offences,  16 of which were in the combined Plymouth and  St Augustine’s Wards.

Crime overall in Penarth in October this year is up 26% compared with the same month in 2017.

The figures are:-

  • Violence with Injury 9
  • Violence without injury 5
  • Stalking and Harassment 22
  • Rape 3 (2 in Plymouth/St Augustine’s Wards and 1 in Stanwell)
  • Other serious sexual offences 1
  • Robbery 2
  • Residential Burglary 5
  • Vehicle offences 18
  • Bicycle theft 4
  • Shoplifting 8
  • All other theft offences 10
  • Criminal damage 6
  • Possession of Drugs 5
  • Public order offences 6
  • “Miscellaneous crimes against society” 7

The total of crimes committed in Penarth in October 2018 was 118 compared with 93 in October 2017. That represents an increase of 26%.


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  1. Mark Watkins says:

    Alan Michael, we need you!
    Please tell us the truth. That crime is actually down. That these
    figures are just a different way of counting things.
    And that it goes without saying that you are doing a
    first class job.

  2. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    Penarth residents are a law-abiding lot and I cannot believe they are committing this many crimes. Clearly the police must become more honest and professional in their analysis and targeting of the classes and races of offenders in order to ameliorate the situation, solve the problem and protect the victims. First questions, what percentage of the criminals are from the inner Western suburbs of Cardiff, what is the racial breakdown and what is the immigrant breakdown?

    If this is being racist by the Labour and Tory Parties definition then I am proud to be a racist and you should be so too.

  3. Taxpayer says:

    Alan Michel dose he know about this!There is no crime in penarth according to him….

    • Harry Parfitt says:

      Really? Could you please direct us to any sources or quotes which confirm that Alun Michael believes there is no crime in Penarth?

  4. Vic says:

    So just to confirm, in October there were 3 rapes and 1 serious sexual assault reported?? If that’s the case then that’s equates to 1 a week and that doesn’t include those which may not have been reported!! Where is the police presence on our streets and why are we not been warned of this happening? What is Penarth Town Council and the Vale doing to help stop this? Are these crimes happening after midnight on roads where the street lighting has been turned off? Surely more money needs to be spent on fixing the CCTV in Penarth!! And why aren’t our town and county councillors, local MPs and AM commenting on here about this appalling situation??

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