Penarth Town Council’s HQ in West House, Stanwell Road

The annual salaries budget for Penarth Town Council has been set for 2019/20 at an all-time-high of £675,962.35p.

The salaries paid to council staff and officers – and now to councillors themselves – was budgeted for the current financial year at £620,049.00p , so the planned increase for next year represents an inflation-busting  percentage increase of   6.11%.

All the money for Penarth Town Council’s expenditure comes from the Penarth Precept – which is added to the Vale of Glamorgan Council Tax Bill sent out to local householders. The Vale hands on all the money collected for the Penarth Precept to Penarth Town Council.

The Penarth Town Council’s so-called “Five Year Rolling Programme” rises from £35,500 in this financial year to £52,804.75 in the 2019/20 financial year – an increase of almost 49%.

The town’s two major public events both cost more than had been budgeted for:-

  • The 2017 Christmas Festival is – so far – over budget by at least 2.50%
  • The 2018 Summer Festival is over budget by at least 3.4%  (not all the invoices may yet have been accounted for).

The council’s expenditure on what it calls “General Administration for the current financial year had been budgeted at £13,200 – but in fact the council has already spent £28,986 so far in this financial year  – an overspend to date of   119.5% .

Meanwhile other expenditure has been slashed:-

  • Cemetery expenditure is being cut from the current budget of £10,950 to just £650 for 2019/20
  • The Tourism and Publicity budget has been cut by 50% from £4,000 to £2,000

Penarth Town Council is planning to increase its expenditure from £779,299 in this financial year to £843,221 in 2019/20  – an increase of 8.2%.

Earlier this month PDN reported that the Penarth Precept – the amount charged to council tax payers by Penarth Town Council – is to rise by 7.88%  in April.

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  1. Porsche Power says:

    Wow very nice salary increases boys.
    I have seen our Labour Mayor Jon Luxton been driven to events in a very nice dark blue Porsche
    3.6L engine and the CO2 emission figure of a whooping 339g/Km makes this the most ungreen car around Penarth
    A far cry from the aims of charities Jon supports like the SAFE Foundation, which purports to promote sustainable development.
    The old Labour moto:
    Do as I say not as I do.

  2. RacistMark@cardiff.ac.uk says:

    Enough is enough. You must start taking any action you can to stop them functioning, provided its legal. How about ostracising them and refusing to deal with them, for starters.

  3. SB says:

    This should come as no surprise with Rhiannon Birch running the show.
    In context her old employer held a party (without her invited) when she left to celebrate !

  4. Christopher David says:

    Indeed and the Labour louts want to teach our children ethics. Oh probably in English and Welsh.

  5. David Moorcraft says:

    I really can’t see the point of Penarth Town Council now.
    I remember the old P.U.D.C. who actually DID things , but all we’ve got now is just another expensive layer of “government” that can barely run the Paget Rooms.
    Do Away with it and save the money !

  6. Peter Church says:

    I would love to see a breakdown of the Penarth Town Council salaries, I can’t find anything detailed on the published accounts.

  7. Alan Peters says:

    Tourism and Publicity budget cut 50%. £4,000.00 had little or no effect on numbers of visitors even with the Volvo Ocean race on our door step it made no difference. £2000,00 will get you nothing in return.
    Headline grabbing news is needed. Something like… ” Local Council produce advertising saying ” Come to Penarth and get a parking ticket.” might make the news for a day.

  8. Just another bunch of freeloaders. Seems like they are only interested in their pockets rather than the services they should be providing. Why has cemetry expenditure been cut by 10k, what are they not doing? Nothing that I can see and that probably applies across the board.

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