Talk Radio presenter Mike Graham who gave Cardiff South and Penarth Labour MP Stephen Doughty an excruciating grilling this week

There’s been embarrassment for Cardiff South and Penarth Labour MP Stephen Doughty at the hands of Talk Radio presenter Mike Graham on the MP’s knowledge – or lack of it – on matters relating to the European Union.

Doughty – who opposes democratic will of the people of Wales and wants the UK to remain in the European Union   – came somewhat unstuck when put under pressure to answer questions on the EU from Talk Radio presenter Mike Graham.

Stephen Doughty (Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth) attempted to put TalkRadio host Mike Graham in his place – but the result was car-crash radio.

Mike Graham, it has to be said, appeared to have a rather better grasp of European institutions than Doughty had given him credit for.  Doughty also made the fatal error of alleging that Mike Graham hadn’t done his EU homework.

Doughty confidently told Mike Graham “You obviously haven’t read what’s been going on  …..

Graham retorted I have read many things. I tell you what YOU haven’t read, right?  Do you know who is going to be the next president of the Council of the European Union?”

There was a pregnant pause before Doughty – apparently treading water – said [wrongly]  “That hasn’t been decided yet”.

Mike Graham put Doughty straight. “It has! It’s going to happen on Tuesday – right? It’s going to go to Romania. Did you know that?”

A flummoxed Doughty hesitantly replied ”  What? Well no …It goes around . ..you’ve just literally said something again that’s not correct ….”. 

Mike Graham explained to Doughty “Romania will take the leadership role as president of the council of the European Union”.

Doughty then decided to play the man rather than the ball and retorted “You don’t like Romanians?  – Is that what the issue is?”

Mike Graham came back at him “…You’ve just told me it’s not happening Stephen – which is it?”

Doughty hesitantly responded  “Well….”

Spotting the hesitation Graham said You don’t know do you?..,.You don’t know Stephen! ….Don’t come on this show and be ignorant and tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about!” 

Doughty came back with a somewhat lame response “So I’m ignorant now am I? I’m a liar and I’m ignorant. It’s a great show isn’t it ? . ..That you get to rant ….””

Graham wouldn’t let go of his wounded quarry and cut across Doughty’s protestations saying “You’ve just told me this is not true Stephen!.” 

Doughty attempted a diversion: “This is the very problem with the media that we’ve got in this country”

 Graham –  scything through the Doughty’s blustered indignation – Oh really? What? You mean we know the facts –  and you don’t”.

Doughty responded “No – you don’t want to debate the facts …”

Graham charitably offered Doughty another chance to answer the question which had appeared to have stumped the Penarth parliamentarian. He put the question again :“I’m asking you what you think – as a voted MP of this country – of Romania being the leader of president of the council of the European Union”

Doughty replied” The presidency of the European Union rotates between all the countries – – we get to do that as well”

Graham “Yes it does – what do you think of Romania getting it on Tuesday”

Doughty “Every country gets to do it every 6 months”

Graham: “You don’t have an opinion on it?”

Doughty “Well…What’s the problem with it?

Graham |“I’m asking you what you think of it “

Doughty …You don’t want Romanians – is that what the issue is?”

Graham ” No, I love Romanians. I have a very, very nice bunch of Romanian friends. Why would you ask me that question?”

DoughtySo what’s the problem?”

Graham I’m asking you what you think. You are an elected representative of the people. I pay your wages. I think you should answer the question!” 

Doughty “...Well it changes every six months . There’s no question with that. Britain gets a chance to chair it ….”

GrahamDo you realise that they [ i.e. the Romanians] are currently at loggerheads with the European Union over some of the policies that they are currently conducting inside their own country?”

Doughty – rather than chance giving an answer, asked a question instead   “So Is Britain at loggerheads with the policies? Everyone gets to have a say . That’s democracy “

GrahamAh right – So democracy when it suits you. But we’ve had our say. We want to leave the European Union OK? ..So why can’t we?”   

Doughty – apparently leaving the door open to the prospect of perpetual referenda on the EU  – said “Democracy is an on-going process and I think people should have the chance – that puts it to …. People should have their chance to have a look at the deal that’s been put forward and nobody wants by the way – whether you are a Leaver or a Remainer”

At this point of the recording, it sounds as though the telephone line between the two may have gone dead.

PDN NOTE: The president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has  told a German newspaper Welt am Sonntag that be believes “ the Government in Bucharest has not yet fully understood what it means to preside over EU countries….. He added that he had “some doubts” about Romania’s presidency.

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  1. Sian foxi says:

    Can’t log in

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Democracy -how it works
      The DUP has 1100 members – that’s right-just one thousand one hundred people are denying the right of the majority of Irish people to have freedom of movement between their two Nations and an open Border.
      1 -The Labour Party has around 540,000 members, as of April 2018,
      2 The Scottish National Party has just under 125,500 members, as of August 2018
      3 The Conservative Party has 124,000 members as of March 2018.
      4 The Liberal Democrat Party has around 99,200 members, as of August 2018
      5 The Green Party (England and Wales) has 39,350 members, as of August 2018
      6 UKIP has around 23,600 members, as of August 2018
      7 Plaid Cymru has around 8,000 members, as of August 2018
      8 DUP 1100
      [ (House of Commons Library stats)

      • Peter Church says:

        1 -The Labour Party has around 540,000 members, as of April 2018
        Most of them joined to get Corbyn elected leader for political gain.
        Many friends joined who hate the Labour Party just for the vote.
        Working a treat, Labour have no chance of getting in to power with this old fool as their leader.
        Anyway, if we are talking about democracy, 17,410,742 voted to leave the EU

      • Phil Nedin says:

        The only fact you have stated here is the number of members the Labour Party has over everyone else. Every other statement you make is your opinion based on little if any fact. This is how the media works on the UK. If in doubt just make it up, someone will believe it.

      • Dunc says:

        Well Peter, the mess the Conservative party is making of Brexit I wouldn’t bet on Corbyn not getting in and then we will really be in trouble. Your pals won’t be so smug then.

  2. Frank Evans says:

    Gosh how embarrassing.

  3. The Tax payer says:

    Doughty should have his own show on the TV. That would all make us smile more 😂😂😂

  4. BREXIT means BREXIT says:

    Ah, there’s democracy in action – even if you didn’t vote for him, you’re stuck with the result.

    • Ocobblepot says:

      I`d bet, that Doughty has been spending too much time chatting to Diane Abbott, they seem to have the same brain problem …. neither have a clue as to what is reality.

    • Jedediab says:

      Bit like Brexit then.

  5. Phil Nedin says:

    Wow some people may find this a really interesting article but possibly not as interesting as to how Chris Grayling has given £13.8 million to a ferry company that doesn’t have any ships!

    • snoggerdog says:

      i think they ferry takaway food around the country,any if it goes bosoms up,he will say its nothing to do with him,he’s only the transport secretary.

  6. Dis gruntled says:

    Just think, people actually vote for this bafoon……. You couldn’t make him up !!!

  7. Harry Parfitt says:

    Talk Radio is owned by News Corp, i.e. Rupert Murdoch, who, when asked why he hated the EU so much said “When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice”. Mike Graham is a Murdoch toadie who described Liverpool football fans as “murderers”. In a separate incident, a complaint against him for making light of sexual harassment was upheld by Ofcom. Just the sort of chap to be berating our politicians.

    • Peter Church says:

      “when I go to Brussels they take no notice”
      Could be written about any UK PM
      One reason why we a leaving!!!!

      • Harry Parfitt says:

        Is that a Freudian slip Mr Church? Maybe it could be written about any U.K. prime minister but Murdoch is a billionaire U.S. citizen and U.K. press baron.

  8. spin cycle says:

    I wonder how many ‘researchers’, ex journalists and ‘public affairs consultants’ are on here now?
    It’s the soundbites that give it away, reeking of that petty spite so prevalent among political and media know-alls.

    • Peter Church says:

      The Labour party machine does not have a spin cycle, just a wet rinse over and over again!
      Isn’t that right Seumas Milne?

  9. Archie says:

    This guy is an embarrassment to Penarth,the only reason he gets voted in is because Penarth is lumped in with Strangetown and we all know who they are going to vote for don’t we ?

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