The little dog Haatchi had wandered away from his home at Cliff Parade onm New Year’s Eve and ended up in Penarth High St – from where he was taken to the Cardiff Dogs Home

A small white dog, from one of the most exclusive areas of Penarth,  has been safely returned to his owner after spending New Year’s Eve in Cardiff Dogs’ Home .

The dog, called Haatchi, who was wearing a smart new Christmas collar – went missing from the garden of his luxury detached home in Penarth’s Cliff Parade – and may have lost his bearings.

Haatchi, it seems, had wandered all the way from Cliff Parade in Plymouth Ward to High St in the St Augustine’s Ward of Penarth

When Haatchi was found he was taken to Cardiff Dogs Home . Student Hannah Parkinson put out an appeal on Twitter to try to re-unite the little dog with its owner

Local police made arrangements for Haatchi to see-in the New Year in Cardiff Dogs Home, on the bank of the River Ely – the place where the city’s lost, or abandoned, four-legged friends are accommodated until they can be rehomed … or otherwise disposed of.

Meanwhile – unaware that Haatchi had been found – his anxious owner Garry Veale was sending out an all-points-bulletin on social media, urging with anyone who might have seen the little dog, or taken him in, to let him know as soon as possible.

There followed an anxious wait until up came another social media message this time from Claire Mai   who said on Twitter  “If anyone is missing a small boy dog, similar in looks to a Shitzu crossed with a Westie, cream and brown in colour with a Xmas collar, he’s at Cardiff Dogs Home.”

That Christmas collar was the clincher. It had to be Haatchi. ‎On New Year’s Day there came a Twitter message from Haatchi’s much relieved owner – Mr Beale :-

“Garry Veale All, just got a call from the Cardiff Dog Pound – to say they have Haatchi – apparently a police officer took him in last night – Happy New Year everyone / Garry”


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  1. Confused of Cogan says:

    I thought the idea of a collar was to hang an ID tag with contact details for the dog owner, not purely as a fashion item.

  2. StormyD says:

    I have rescued many stray dogs over the years, and all of them were wearing a collar but without an identification tag. I always keep them overnight rather than subject them to a night in the pound, and make efforts to locate the owner the next morning. It is a legal requirement for a dog to have a tag bearing the owner’s name and address whilst in a public place, but I appreciate the Christmas collar could have been a new purchase. However returning a lost dog to its owner would be so much simpler if they were wearing a collar with a tag.

  3. Penarthur says:

    Surely all dogs are chipped now and can be scanned for their address.

    • Fishhenge says:

      I understand that’s what they are going to do with the Irish to solve the border issue post brexit. I hope it’s more successful than this instance!

  4. Alan Peters says:

    Fantastic news that you have Haatchi back with your family. I look forward to seeing him in the shop. Best wishes Penarth Pet Shop.

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