Plans have been submitted by an organisation  called “Homeless” to add extensions to this house “Bay View” , at No 3 Old Barry Road, Cogan to convert it into an apartment complex of 5 dwellings .

A private householder is attempting a novel way to dispose of  a modern Penarth property which has proved “too big to sell” as a single house.

The house is called Bay View at No 3 Old Barry Road, Cogan overlooking the “Gateway to Penarth” , the River Ely and the Baron’s Court junction.

The scheme is being proposed by the homeowner Mr Colin Mock of Newport and would involve adding 2 three-storey side-extensions to the existing house  to  convert it into a complex of 5 individual apartments/ maisonettes.

Mr Mock and his family originally  lived  in the 5,500 square foot property – but it has since proved too large for most subseqyuent would-be purchasers.

A planning application has been made to convert Bay View (a prominent large modern house on Old Barry Road – at the “Gateway to Penarth”) into a 5 apartments for a homeless charity

The planning application published by the Vale of Glamorgan Council mistakenly attributes the proposed development to “Homeless” – which some thought could carry the inference there was some sort of  organisation or charity behind it. In fact there isn’t. It’s the council’s mistake .

In an embarrassing mistake the Vale of Glamorgan Council published the address of the applicant as “Homeless”.  it should have been “Homelea”

The name of Mr Mock’s current home in Newport is “Homelea” but this has been mistranscribed as “Homeless” and published as such on the council’s website.

The site is at the highly-visible  “Gateway to Penarth” –  on the escarpment above the main route into the town . It’s near (but not connected with)  the location of the historic (and now-demolished) Victorian mansion “Highlands”.

The scheme involves converting the current house and adding extensions to it to form an apartment complex comprising 3 flats and 2 maisonettes along with parking spaces for 11 vehicles  .

What the re-developed building would look like with extensions added and garden subdivided

Each of the proposed new dwellings would have access to some exterior “amenity space” or garden.

The scheme has yet to be considered by Penarth Town Council’s planning committee  and will be decided upon by the Vale of Glamorgan Council planning department.


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  1. Christopher David says:

    Could someone explain the parking ratio? Dean Mears is an expert here. Possibly it takes into account other dwellings? Not clear.

    • NewsNet says:

      Apologies. The number of parking spaces in the scheme is actually 11 not 16 as quoted (and has now been corrected in the story) . The application states:-
      “This statement has been created to accompany a planning application for 5no. new dwellings at Bay View on the Old Barry Road. It aims to justify the parking provision in the proposed scheme. Bay View is outside Parking Zone 1, so the development requires 1no. parking space per bedroom and 1no guest car parking space per 5no. dwellings. So, by this metric, the proposed scheme would require 16 parking spaces.
      However, the scheme is in a very sustainable location. There is a bus stop (Barons Court), a segregated cycle/ pedestrian route (Pont-Y-Werin Foorbridge) and train station (Cogan) all within 300m. The scheme would increase connectivity, as it includes a gate onto Cogan Hill, to the rear of the property. This will provide easier access to all these transport facilities. Due to this, and the nearby facilities, we have calculated that this scheme achieves 8 sustainability points. This permits a reduction of 1no. parking space per dwelling. So, the revised parking requirement would be 11no. spaces. This is achieved in the proposed scheme. “

  2. Le Compte says:

    Some new year good news for some less lucky members of society.

  3. Tom says:

    It’s not “Too big to sell.” It’s simply over priced.

  4. Christopher David says:

    There may be plenty of housing coming up in Cardiff. I gather it’s proving hard to fill student accommodation. Student accommodation can be built to a smaller size than “family” accommodation. So what do you think may happen? What do you think the plan may be here? Not quite right on topic (but we are on space) however anticipating a debate that may come.

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