The Pier 64 restaurant at Penarth Marina

There are concerns about the future of one of Penarth’s top restaurants –  Pier 64 – today following reports by Wales on Line that the well-known business is to be placed in liquidation.

The restaurant is owned by former Wales footballer Craig Bellamy who earlier this week stood down as the boss of the Cardiff City Academy boss following allegations of “bullying” – allegations which Mr Bellamy strenuously denies.

TV personality Phil Spencer was amongst the customers of Pier 64

The restaurant’s website says that the premises are closed for “planned refurbishment” and is due to open again “on 23rd January 2019.”

Pier 64 was also a popular meeting place for the Penarth Marina Residents Association

However the Cardiff insolvency firm Begbies Traynor has been quoted as saying  said that Pier 64 Ltd – of which Mr Bellamy is the sole director – had, in fact, ceased trading on January 2nd .

Huw Powell and David Hill of Begbies Traynor in Cardiff have been appointed to assist with the process of placing the company into liquidation, which is due to occur on 14th January.

Prince Albert of Monaco with the staff of Penarth’s Pier 64 restaurant

Pier 64  – which is built on piles extending out over the water in Penarth Marina’s Inner Basin – was originally opened by restaurateur Francis Dupuy in 2011.

Amongst its well-known customers were Prince Albert of Monaco and the Channel 4 TV property show presenter Phil Spencer.

The Penarth Marina Residents Association has informed its members that  “the manager of Pier 64″ has said  that “a new company has been formed which will operate Pier 64”  and that the restaurant is due to re-open on January 23rd. This has not been confirmed by the liquidators.


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  1. Roger Addamson says:

    I’m assuming my Christmas gift voucher is now worthless then? Thanks very much Bellamy .

  2. parsons says:

    Always had an excellent meal here, lovely venue, food and staff.
    Always seemed very busy.
    I really hope it isn’t going into liquidation, if true it deserves to be saved.

  3. Philip Rapier says:

    In a declining and increasingly ethical choice , nutrition conscious dining market the “steakhouse” is heading the way of delicacies of the past. Among them jugged hare, tripe and onions and of course Grouse (if you live in Cowbridge) One will win few friends these days by proudly claiming on the menu “Cut from the hip near the cows rear end” (sic) and then being charged up to £30 quid a slab for it.
    The sad fact is the smart money makes more net profit from delivering a jumbo- mega- super pizza with extra fries and topping – on a motorbike- than a steakhouse table for two.
    According to the Website they reopen on the 23 Jan 19. Could be as a pizzeria or perhaps one of our very own international celebrity Penarth Chefs has spotted a bargain.
    Bon Appetit mes amis!

  4. Peter Church says:

    Oh dear, maybe not as much money in Penarth as we all thought?
    Buy shares in J.D. Weatherspoons!

  5. I find them the most inconsiderate neighbour in Penarth Marina. Hopefully the building will remain out of use.

    • RetailGuru says:

      Martin, perhaps you can expand on that. How are they inconsiderate? Were they there before you arrived? Oh, and how about a mention for the poor staff who’ve ended up without jobs….? Although, maybe that’s a good thing for you (as such a considerate neighbour) because the building will be out of use.

    • Peter Church says:

      I hear its going to be a all night McDonald’s, with free moped parking outside.
      That’ll cheer you up Martin 🙂

  6. Marina Resident says:

    On the Menu perhaps Application to change/remodel into a Luxury Dwelling complex, nice stand-alone position. Let’s just say The Long-term Change & future of this Building will come as No Surprise. Watch this Space (On Stilts))

  7. Daveybig says:

    The food and service have always been poor since Belllamy took over. He may be able to kick a pigs bladder around a field but he knows nought abouve cooking a pig’s chop.

    This is survival of the fittest at work here. Pier 64 kind of deserved to go bust. Food hygiene rating in the past had been very below par to boot.

  8. Andrew Worsley says:

    Of course we all know Prince Albert ….a regular on so many TV progs and such a wag once the joking begins …………………..most people wouldn’t know Albert from Einstein if they passed them in the street , maybe Royal but to most people unrecognised.

  9. Chris & Co says:

    What a load of old cods wallop. As a very regular visitor always found it to be very busy with no guarantee of a seat without a booking. Always very happy with food, and staff always very good. Found recently it was getting very expensive, but we will really miss it. Was a fabulous location especially in summer. Can only hope it carries on as a going concern.

  10. snoggerdog says:

    ‘placed in liquidation’ does that mean it will be towed out to sea & placed on top of the hinckley mud,cos its too late the mud has come ashore,where there was once a sandbar (albeit a narrow one)there is mud right up to the stones this was today sunday .last time i was down there,xmas day it was fine.

  11. Plassey Resident says:

    Let’s hope this place re-opens under new ownership. It’s a lovely venue but the service and general respect of the management was appalling.

    After booking a table well in advance for a birthday party we arrived on time for our meal to be informed by the manager that ‘the kitchen is closed’. As it turned out the footballers had decided to throw a party after a match and closed the restaurant.

    A discrace.

  12. Bon Viveur says:

    Have any footballers ever made successful restaurateurs or licensees?

  13. Hayley says:

    How do we claim our deposit back from a booking???

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