The roundabout at the end of Plassey Street would disappear under the new ex[perimental one way scheme. The “bottom end” of Plassey St would  become a one way (uphill-only) route

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has deferred a decision on installing an experimental one-way traffic system  along part of Plassey Street and High Street in Penarth which will entail the removal of the roundabout at the junction of the two roads.

The scheme was discussed by the council’s cabinet today but a  final decision on the recommended scheme – due to be taken today –  has been deferred .

The plan had been recommended by a Project Board which was  set up to manage the installation – subject to there being no objections from “statutory consultees”.

The  Project Board  decided that “the key objective of the project is to improve pedestrian and cyclist movements at Windsor Road/Plassey Street junction, and to create an attractive ‘Gateway’ entrance into the town.”

The “Option 2” scheme has been recommended selected. by the Vale Council’s project board. Penarth Town Council had recommended “Option 4” – which included a 20 mph speed limit.

Under the new scheme traffic will only be able to head uphill along Plassey St from the roundabout. Vehicles on Plassey St will no longer go downhill towards the junction. Drivers on Windsor Road will need to get into the right-turn lane to get into Plassey St.

The project board has looked at 4 possible options for the scheme (all outlined in previously published council report and presented in a pubnlic consultation ) and  has settled on “Option 2” as its recommendation.

This option proposes to:-

  • Remove the roundabout [ at the junction of Plassey St and Windsor Road]
  • Introduce a simple uncontrolled junction arrangement permitting one-way traffic flows eastbound along Plassey Street to its junction with High Street.
  • A short section of one-way traffic is also proposed on High Street between Ludlow Street and Windsor Road to simplify turning movements at the High Street and Windsor Road ‘T’ junction.
  • Traffic will be able  to use Plassey Street or Windsor Road to access Penarth Town Centre, or Windsor Road to exit Penarth via Barons Court traffic signal junction.
  • A Toucan Crossing is proposed on Windsor Road immediately east of the simplified junction with Plassey Street to enhance safety and convenience for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • The traffic order would also include the creation of a one-way street along High Street
    between Ludlow Street and Windsor Road with travel being permitted North to South
  • The selection option will – the council report says – “enable enhanced cycle facilities to be provided along Plassey Street over the length of the proposed one-way system”.

A short one-way system would be installed at the bottom end of High St . Vehicles would no longer be able to turn into High St from Windsor Road (by the Windsor Arms pub). The police would no longer be able to drive from the police station  into Plassey St – they’d have to go the long way round via Windsor Road .

There has already been a public  consultation on the various proposals for the area which took place from Monday 14th May 2018 to Monday 9th July 2018.

A council report says “Plassey Street is a typical residential terraced street with heavy on street parking, both sides of the road. It has a reasonably steep gradient between the roundabout junction with Windsor Road at its southern end northwards to its junction with High Street. The carriageway is some 9 metres wide and accommodates advisory cycle lanes to both side of the road between the existing on-street parking bays provided
and the running carriageway for vehicular traffic.”

COSTS  The partial one-way scheme will cost £65,000 and is being paid for using part of the £1,470,000 Section 106 payment received from the Crest Nicholson, the developers of Penarth Heights – a fund which has also been used on a number of other traffic improvement measures in the town .The estimated cost of implementing the permanent scheme is £1,200,000 should the Experimental One-Way prove to be successful.

SCHEME MANAGEMENT A “Project Board” has been set up to manage the installation project which has decided that “the key objective of the project is to improve pedestrian and cyclist movements at Windsor Road/Plassey Street junction, and to create an attractive ‘Gateway’ entrance into the town.”

ROAD SAFETY In the 3 years from June 2015 to June 2018 there have been 6 road traffic collisions involving personal injury – 2 of which were serious. In 4 of these incidence “driver error “ was a “contributory factor in which the driver “failed to look properly before manoeuvring”. [ The serious collision was associated with an emergency vehicle on call and negligent action to open the vehicle door.  None of the accidents over the last 3 years involved  pedestrians or cyclists.]

 NO 20 MPH LIMIT: In selection a trial of “Option 2” (as outlined above)  the Project Board has excluded the 20mph speed limit – an issue which the report says “was raised as a significant concern within the consultation.”  This exclusion – the report says –  is to allow the concept of a partial one-way system to be tested, “as concerns raised in response to any form of one way system within the consultation are speculative.” There will be further detailed consideration and assessment of the scheme  prior to a final decision being. 

A police car at the junction of High St and Plassey St . The police aren’t in favour of the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s new trial One Way scheme

THE POLICE :  The police  say that : “Plassey Street is a wide carriageway with parking bays on both sides of the road and cycle facilities. This has the effect of visually reducing the width and contributing to natural traffic calming and mostly compliant vehicle speeds. It is known from previous experience of One-Way schemes that vehicle speeds can increase due to driver’s confidence that no vehicles will be travelling towards them in opposing directions. It is accepted that the proposal will run uphill towards High Street. However, our concern would be that drivers who would be compliant with the  speed limit are overtaken by drivers who are not. This could put vulnerable users, in particular cyclists, at risk of being in collision with errant drivers. Modern cars are more than capable of quickly achieving high speeds on uphill gradients.

The police-also say that “ this proposal could result in higher vehicle speeds in residential areas and therefore the Police would be unlikely to support this scheme”.   “There are a number of junctions merging onto both Plassey Street and Windsor Road and vehicle movements onto these roads will be affected. Past experience has shown that unless local residents are supporting this type of scheme there is likelihood that some residents adversely affected by the changes to traffic movements will fail to comply and possibly compromise road safety.”

AIR QUALITY:  The council report says “ Whilst it is anticipated that Option 2 will not result in any detriment to the air quality in the area and may even prove beneficial to air quality in the longer term, it has been agreed that as part of the Experimental One-Way system air quality monitoring will be undertaken to fully understand the situation prior to any decision being made to withdraw the Order or make it permanent.”

The decision on the experimental trial traffic order was deferred today by the Vale of Glamorgan Cabinet until later in the month.


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  1. Slow lane says:

    Great news.

    Penarth’s narrow streets need many more one way systems to be investigated and installed. There are now so many large parked cars that passing an oncoming vehicle can be virtually impossible in many streets in Cogan and around the top of the town centre.

    • Peter Church says:

      One way systems create the perceived perception of driver/cyclist safety and the tenancy is to drive/cycle much faster.
      I hope there will be pedestrian crossings as there will not be traffic gaps created by the old roundabout.

  2. Anne Greagsby says:

    I agree with the police that this proposal could result in higher vehicle speeds. Isn’t this just creating a racecourse for cars? Unless there are traffic càlming measures this presents increased danger to pedestriàns and cyclists. Have the residents in Plassey Street being consulted?

    • Plassey Resident says:

      I have to say I agree with the Police too.

      There are better ways to remove the roundabout and definitely bigger safety priorities in the area both for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers.

  3. 249ers says:

    Chevron parking along Plassey street could be a possibility if the street is one way.

  4. Anne Greagsby says:

    Whoops, I did respond to a consultation on this. Shocked to see penarth town council agreeing to the removal of Plassey Street trees which will be to the detriment of the environment. Even new street trees need to be incorporated into the design. They aren’t an add on that can be planted later – with root cages as suggested by PTC!

  5. Max Wallis says:

    Most responses were opposed – favoured simple scheme of improving the roundabout and clearer priorities. But the Project Board (who?!) plough on with substantial works on the pretence that it’s “experimental”.
    The officers claimed to be providing for cyclists; yet the main cycling route, straight up and down Windsor Rd is worsened. The officer said they want to provide for ‘leisure cyclists’, crossing via the Toucans. But admit they cannot make the Brains Bridge and down suitable for ‘leisure’ cyclists.
    They’ve blundered on, failing to address the Town Council and Cycling Campaign arguments by the trick of just attaching copies.
    It seems what the Highways department said about year 2000 – give us money to change the Plassey roundabout into traffic lights – means they must spend that money, despite all public objections. And insult us by claiming it’s for the new Active Travel.policy.

  6. Owen says:

    If plassey Street is supposed to be one way what is the proposed route out of town for everyone living in Penarth heights? Down arcot street into a bottle neck as they cross Plassey along with everyone coming from Glebe St, Queens Rd etc and down previously quiet streets to get to Windsor where they have to make a right turn into traffic. Those streets joining plassey to windsor will fill up very quickly

    Roads like Glebe St are often already incredibly slow to get around due to parking squeezing them down to one lane if you put a one way street away leading further away from everything at the end of it then your’e going to have very confused and annoyed drivers.

    As a resident of that part of town my initial response was that I’d have to use the marina to get out of town which can’t be ideal and just puts the problem onto a different roundabout.

    • Big Davey says:

      This will force even more traffic down into the Marina as Owen says, Penarth Heights traffic won’t be able to get across and down onto Windsor Road.

    • Plassey Resident says:

      I’m lucky I cycle to work or get the train. The traffic in every direction is terrible at rush hour. The junction at Barrons Court is a nightmare and has to be priority number one if money is being spent.

      Recently I have noticed people coming up from the A4232 past Morrisons choose the left lane and come down towards Penarth back around the roundabout and up to Penarth Road to avoid queues…this causes chaos for people getting out of Penarth in the mornings. Nightmare!

    • snoggerdog says:

      from the billys i thought it would be along harbour view rd, turn right into high st then turn right into windsor rd,if traffic is backed up further lose your manners & push into a slot,that should get you into a right mood when you are late into work,so then you get your media & harangue your local M.P. to put the car tax up sharly so poor people will stop clogging up the roads with their tiny cheap cars

  7. Anon says:

    This is going to cause chaos in Penarth. The queues along high street and Windsor road will be horrific in the mornings and it means those living near the current roundabout end of Plassey Street will have to queue all the way up to and including high street just to go all the way back on themselves again. I don’t see it improving traffic at all just making a bad situation worse!

  8. Dan Potts says:

    This is going to be a disaster for the the whole town centre, it will be dangerous and cause more congestion. I responded to the concitation saying the best and safer option would be to keep and enlarge the roundabout so all traffic would have to drive safely around it.

    • Plassey Resident says:

      Well said…this is a much better solution.

      Next up for me would be to stop people parking on Windsor Road just down the hill from the Brains Bridge windening the usable road. It’s so dangerous there for road users and cyclists.

  9. Theworldsgonemad says:

    All I can see this doing is creating huge queues coming down Windsor Road in the morning and a lot of congestion on all the side streets running into it with everyone waiting to turn right to join the queue. Surely this will have an adverse affect on air quality on these residential streets. It sounds like a totally inconvenient plan for anyone living at the bottom end of Plassey Street or Windsor Road and I’m sure will lead to even bigger queues in the Marina in the morning. Do the people who dream up these ideas ever try to drive in or out of our town at rush hour? I’d love not to have to drive to work every day, but the nature of my job and lack of joined up public transport from Penarth to any part of Cardiff except the centre makes this impossible.

  10. George says:

    All the diagrams and options look good, but aren’t. A one way system will cause havoc and longer tailbacks. Save the money and just enlarge the current roundabout, a few more signs and decent road markings and job done. In fact the current junction isn’t really rocket science just poor indication from drivers leading to confusion. As ever VOG council wasting money. Use the money saved to improve other roads.

  11. The big G says:

    There is nothing I can say that hasn’t been said here before apart from , it’s bullshit!

  12. Plassey Resident says:

    Does anyone think this is a good idea apart from PTC?

    As a cyclist I avoid the brains bridge area for fear of death and the situation will remain the same after this I’ll thought out mess has been installed.

    Most cyclist from Penarth head out via the barrage or via the Sully route.

    I’d love to see the result of the survey, I can’t beleive anyone thinks this is anywhere near a good idea. PTC doing whatever they want yet again. Can we fill some pot holes, buy some more concrete benches or even some Christmas decs that are water resistant and leave the roads alone? Please.

    • Penarthur says:

      What’s it got to do with PTC? The article clearly states its a VOG matter.

      • Anne Greagsby says:

        PTC were consulted and agreed with the scheme. They should represent the views of Penarth residents to VoG but fail to do spectacularly.

  13. Paul says:

    This is quite ridiculous, High street will become permanently jammed up in the morning, forcing cars to drive all the way up Plassey Street, to get to Albert Road in order to get onto Windsor Road to get out of Penarth. This will force many more vehicles to drive through the Shopping section of Windsor Road which is already very slow due to the Pedestrian crossings. What happens when High Street is gridlocked and a Police car needs to Blue light to an Emergency? Have the wider implications of this been felt through

  14. Penarth Heights Section 106 contributor says:

    I find this incredible. They build Penarth Heights where all access roads lead to Plassey Street, charge a premium to purchase the houses in order to create the Section 106 money and then spend it on preventing the use of Plassey Street as the direct route out of Penarth. Our section 106 money used against us! It will be impossible to turn right onto Windsor Road as no driver is likely to assist cars to cross oncoming traffic to join the queue in front of them. So instead Penarth Heights residents will be forced to create a queue of traffic down Paget Road and into the Marina – much further distance to drive, creating unnecessary pollution all the way through these streets. Please someone with a brain simply improve the roundabout for safety and signage and leave the current system alone – it works!

    • Penarthur says:

      Penarth Heights is part of the problem, and by implication, its residents.

      • Big Davey says:

        Hang on, when the PH residents bought property there, they could reasonably have assumed that the VoG would plan for the increased traffic in such a way that they and the existing residents could use the highway. PH or not this scheme will cause jams.

      • Dai says:

        Pointless comment as the same can be said about any Penarth resident or visitor that travels via this route?

      • Plassey Resident says:

        Come on. There were just as many cars in the billy banks…okay…many of them were burned or had no wheels but the population wasn’t far off the same number.

        You can’t blame the residents of PH.

  15. Max Wallis says:

    I discussed it with the engineer-designer at the ‘Consultation’ session; all PlasseySq and Penarth Heights cars are supposed to drive via High St. Their queue waiting to turn right into Windsor Rd will fill the street, But they didn’t bother doing a traffic study of it, as they’d just call it experimental. They’d have to block off Windsor Lane to cars cutting through, but hadn’t planned such details. They have no survey of pedestrian ;usage, so didn’t know of the many schoolkids using Windsor Lane. They claim to follow the Active Travel Act to help cyclists, but didn’t know this does not apply to ‘leisure’ cyclists but to commuter cyclists. They did not know that their change to cycle lanes on Plassey St – to put cyclelanes between the pavement and parked cars – is the most hazardous and delaying due to nearside car doors opening. Though told, they chose not to record this objection. They plan to remove cyclists from Windsor Rd, by forcing them to use the path through Dingle Park – but omit to record that this is not lawful. That Penarth Town Council swallows this stuff – and wants to go further with one-way streets as option 4 – shows the calibre of nominees of the Labour and Tory parties, easily led by official blather.

  16. Visitor says:

    Why do people have so much issue with this junction? As a visitor to penarth 4/5 times a year I have no problem with it. Maybe people should look at their own driving standards. One way traffic will lead to an increase in speed.

    • Penarthur says:

      You really have no idea of the traffic at rush hour times, do you.

    • BluesMan says:

      At rush hour this roundabout causes gridlock with people blocking the roundabout and going down Plassey street to jump the queue on Windsor road.

      • Penarthur says:

        I live by Belle Vue Park. Do you really consider my avoiding the town centre and driving down Plassey St to be “jumping the queue”? Sad.

      • BluesManLoser says:

        The gridlock is caused by the lights near Barrons Court. The traffic out of Penarth has nothing to do with this roundabout. Traffic joining the roundabout from Plassey Street are doing so legally, whether they are naturally coming from that direction, eg.g from Penarth heights or have chosen to come that way from Windsor Road. This is how roundabouts generally work. Do you consider those opting to drive around the Marina to get out of Penarth as jumping the queue,b as there is no difference?

      • Plassey Resident says:

        I agree it’s definitely the traffic lights at Barrons Court. This is where the bottleneck is.

      • PAUL says:

        I live on Plassey Street, am I jumping the queue?

  17. BluesMan says:

    They will have to put a speed camera on the road going downhill towards Cogan to reduce speeds.

  18. Rich says:

    Hasn’t anyone noticed that the strategy over the last 10-15 years has been to cause traffic congestion as oppose to easing it. For example, not so long a go bus stops use to have laybys for the vehicle to pull into and for passengers to board safely which enabled traffic to continue flowing passed undisturbed. These laybys have all been removed and buses now block one half of the road while passengers board delaying all traffice behind it. Where’s the logic in that?!?!
    Other examples include congestion charges, the introduction of bus lanes which naturally reduces a road from two lanes into to create bottle necks.
    This is to create as much congestion as possible in order to force you into using public transport, which by and large, is not fit for purpose but fills the coffers of the corporate elite.

  19. mikeyorke says:

    Is t 106 money also supposed to be used for local schools and other things rather than spending it all on roads? This money could be better used rather than new tarmac.

  20. Dave says:

    What a waste of 106 money! This apperas to be an exercise in spending money rather than doing something useful. I don’t understand what issue the council think they are tryig to fix.
    If it is the heavy rush hour traffic out of Penarth then whatever changes are made to this roundabout will be irrelevant as the bottleneck slowing traffic out of Penarth is at the lights further up by Barrons Court. Until this is improved there is no point looking at proposals at the roundabout. One issue as mentioned above is drivers using the left hand lane past Morrisons and using the roundabout above Tesco to do an u-turn to head back towards Barry in a bid to jump the queue. This adds to the traffic leaving Penarth slowing things down further.
    Personally, given what we have to work with the current roundabout setup works as well as anything will- widening the roundabout may slow down traffic but if trees need to be felled to implement this then I don’t think its worth it. The roundabout works fine as it is- traffic heading into Penarth generally have priority which gives traffic from Windsor Road opportunity to cross the roundabout, and when no traffic into Penarth traffic from Plassey Street has priority- this is a good balance and is generally how roundabouts work. I see no need to change this principle as no alterations to this roundabout will make any improvements to the overall traffic flow out of Penarth. The option two scheme proposed will create a long d-tour round for residents of lower Plassey Street who will have to join the long queue heading out of Penarth just to park on the street outside of their house. High St residents will have a semi permanent traffic jamb on their street as well as on Windsor Road. Residents from Penarth heights area will have a longer loop round to join the queue heading out of Penarth, with the added issue of trying to join the two way traffic from High St onto Windsor. The overall queue leaving Penarth will increase in length and will be gridlocked well into the town centre which will have a knock on effect on other streets joining Windsor Road such as Hickman Road, wheather tthey are intending to head out of Penarth or not.
    I haven’t read or heard a single positive comment about the proposed changes. I hope the VoG and PTC will listen to teh varuous concerns raised but I fear they will not.

  21. Max Wallis says:

    The Cabinet dropped the entire item from the Agenda, perhaps because Cllr Neil Thomas said he’s call it in to the Scrutiny Committee, or because a senior officers was sensitive to the impending storm of protest against. Do tell the two St Augustines councillors directly:
    “Thomas, Neil C (Cllr)” ,
    “Sivagnanam, Sivaruby”

  22. Vic T says:

    This design is actually more hazardous for cyclists than the existing roundabout! Currently the danger to cyclists is when riding uphill towards Penarth along Windsor Road and having to turn right at the roundabout. However, as there is only 1 lane at the giveway line so drivers wanting to turn left up Plassey Street tend to hang back behind the cyclist. With the new arrangement, drivers now heading towards Plassey Street now have what is effectively a dedicated left hand lane, so no longer have to slow for the roundabout and can therefore legally pass through the junction at 30mph. This means that a cyclist wanting to continue along Windsor Road will have to cut across traffic to get to the right hand lane…bearing in mind that its uphill so a cyclist is probably going less than 10mph and a car is likely to be driving at 30mph in either lane, this is a recipe for disaster!! I appreciate that a cycle route has been provided in this scheme but its quite a detour and involves waiting to cross Plassey Street so I can’t see any commuter cyclists using that option. The layout is more suited to leisure cyclists, but there are further hazards to negotiate to get to this junction so it is unlikely that any would be wishing to use this route anyway.

    As others have already said, this will also create a lot of congestion across the town, but will not only at peak times but now at off peak times too. It is also likely that drivers from the Albert Road/Clive Place area, who would have used Plassey Street before, will now either go through the marina or more likely will drive through the town centre; again this will impact not only at peak but also the off peak times.

    So the Vale have designed a layout that will make it easier for pedestrians to cross Plassey Street (I wonder if they’ve carried out a pedestrian movement survey to back this up) but at the cost of creating congestion in the town centre, thus adding to pollution, and also increasing the risk of accidents between vehicles and pedestrians in the town centre.

  23. Ian Perry says:

    The same people with the proven failed ideas that came up with the Trinity Street one-way system in Barry have been allowed to come up with this nonsense.

    When these people talk about this scheme improving the environment for walking and cycling, let’s look at the Netherlands, the country that has the best infrastructure for walking and cycling. They have replaced signalised intersections with roundabouts to improve safety for everyone. Why do the people at the Vale think that by doing the opposite to the Dutch, they will improve the lives of residents?

    One-way schemes have been removed in London because they resulted in vehicles traveling at higher speeds.

    These decision-makers ignored the evidence presented when they went ahead with the failed Trinity Street scheme in Barry, and it’s likely that they will do so again here.

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