Penarth Library’ is to have a new “Maker-space” installed within it

A new £834,000  scheme for “Public Art” is to be introduced in Penarth by the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Full details of the scheme have yet to be published but the plan includes the  creation of what’s described as a  “Maker-space” within Penarth Library.

Dingle Park’s rusty iron fencing has some  elements missing (Photo: Roy Horrobin)

The scheme will also involve the replacement of the boundary railings of Dingle Park after a long campaign by the “Friends of Dingle Park”. [ the volunteer body which oversees the the improvement of the park]  .

Here, there will be three “artist-designed” entrances to Dingle Park, promoting storytelling and writing in association with schools, along with “ art-designed signage and information boards.”

The Arcot St/Queen’s Road “Triangle” had been neglected for years and used as a dog-toilet – but more recently has been tended by a community group

In Arcot St there is to be “landscaping” and free-standing artwork installed – although it’s not clear whether this involves the “Triangle” which – although neglected for years – is now being regularly tended by local volunteers .

The railings at the entrance of Penarth Leisure Centre at Cogan are to be replaced

Seating which overlooks Cardiff Bay and Penarth Marina is to be “enhanced” and “artistic interventions” are to be installed along the railings and information boards .

The scheme will be funded by the developer’s Section 106 contribution in respect of the he Penarth Heights residential development and will be rolled out over a period of 3  years.

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  1. Anne Greagsby says:

    First I’ve heard of it! No consultation with the public then, yet again.. replacing railings is an odd interpretation of an arts project. What’s a free standing artwork, a monument,statue, or what. Who decides?

  2. Big Davey says:

    Please don’t let Liz whats her name Councillor chose the pieces of art….

  3. Steven says:

    Anne, I’m sure PDN reported on this 2 years ago. Similar time (possibly) as the facelift scheme in Cogan. Happy New year.

  4. Philip Rapier says:

    Maker- Space (sic).We are more likely to meet our Maker in Outer Space crossing Rectory Road to get in to the Library.
    The money should be spent on a safe pedestrian controlled crossing on Rectory Road outside the Library to protect the young families and others.
    Vale Councillors spending our money on a useless vanity project as ever.

    • Birkett says:

      I imagine there is a prescribed list of things this money can, and cannot, be spent on.

      Imagine the headline in an alternative universe ‘”let us build flats and you can have your crossing” say council’.

  5. Mike Windsor says:

    Please I don’t want another gun inplacement.

  6. cogan nomen says:

    Rather than replace the fence ,
    Why not repair it at 1/00 th the price ?

  7. snoggerdog says:

    wheres the mulberry bush going to be planted?

  8. Mapk Fosterovich says:

    How do you disguise an MOD and NATO diktat to militarise Penarth Head and the cliff overlooking nuclear submarine docks in Cardiff Bay, for when Scotland leaves the UK? You say the money’s come from Section 106 and its to enhance the seating which are really gun emplacement and machine gun posts. You bury it in a ridiculous £834,000 scheme for “Public Art” and park railings. They should show you the accounts.

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