The Waverley Care Centre at Plymouth Road, Penarth

Penarth’s  well-known Waverley Care Centre – which passed its inspection by the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) last summer with flying colours – has received a follow-up inspection concentrating specifically on the welfare of residents and “end of life” care

The home on Plymouth Road, Penarth is registered to provide care for up to a
maximum of 129 people in 3  separate units.

  • Seaview provides general nursing care for up to 66 people.
  • Glan-Y-Mor provides care to 24 people who have been diagnosed with
    a functional mental illness.
  • Cliffhaven provides care for up to 39 people who have dementia care needs.

The Waverley Care Centre is one of Penarth’s largest employers

The latest CIW inspection – just published  – found that:-

  1. “People living at The Waverley are satisfied with the care they receive.””
  2. “The home is clean, warm and welcoming and is a suitable environment to meet the needs of the people living there. People we saw looked meaningfully engaged.”
  3. “The manager has a good oversight of the service, which has good nurse and carer workers presence in all areas of the service.”
  4. “The Waverley seeks to advise treatment for people in a timely manner and keeps
    relatives fully informed.”

As in the previous inspection in the summer,there were no areas of “non-compliance” but on this inspection, the inspectors have made some “recommendations”.

  • The inspectors found that although the Waverley Centre is equipped with a defibrillator [ an electronic device to re-start a heart in an emergency]  it could not be used because the staff had not been trained how to use it. Training is now recommended
  • Inspectors also recommended that staff should ensure “the temperature of food is at the right temperature when being served”
  • Inspectors noted “some gaps in food/fluid monitoring charts contained within files, which are important documents as they monitor oral intake of people at risk of dehydration and malnourishment. We also noted that fluid charts had no target amount”
  • Inspectors said “We found that the recording of information following night checks could be more thorough and also recommended this to the manager as an area of improvement.”
  • Inspectors found that it was clearly recorded when a person had a Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation instruction and that this was “documented in a way that was discreet and accessible.“However” – the inspectors said – “there was no evidence of this decision being reviewed with the person and so we would recommend reviewing this decision appropriately.”

Overall however the report says “People  living at The Waverley are satisfied with the service they receive and appear content. We saw evidence of social activities being available at the home and people we observed appeared meaningfully engaged.”

Questionnaires sent out as part of the inspection all rated activities as good or very good,
and highlighted that the Waverley always engaged with high-profile events such as the
World Cup or Wimbledon.

The report also states that “The Waverley has an open door policy in regard to visitors and encourages relatives to visit as often as possible. A relative we spoke with said “I can visit my wife day or night”.

The report says “People are happy with the care they receive at the Waverley. People receive the care they require, as and when they require it. Referrals are made to professionals in a timely manner. People can be assured that they receive the care they require, as and when they require it.”

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  1. Relative says:

    As a family we consider ourselves very fortunate that we were able to secure a place at the Waverley for Mum when her dementia meant that it was no longer possible to care for her at home. Their care is second to none. Well qualified mental health professionals, Caring and competent support staff.

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