Passengers at Penarth waiting for a 7.34 train today found the train had been cancelled  and the next oen was running late

The Welsh Labour Government’s rail operation Transport for Wales has now claimed it’s  “back to normal” following  the major disuption of its services throughout November and December … but the response to that claim from some Penarth rail commuters appears to be “exactly!”

The struggling transport utility is now supposed to have a full slate of rolling stock to run its services – but it appears that some  trains are still being cancelled without notice, or are running late.

A disgruntled Penarth commuter took to Twitter this morning to complain about Transport for Wales’s missing or late trains

It had been reported that Transport for Wales had now overcome the raft of technical problems and breakdowns which occurred in November and December – but it appears that there are still some difficulties for the train operator .

Trains scheduled from Penarth later in the morning from 08:00 onwards appeared to be running to time.

It’s understood that the train cancellation was caused by congestion at Cardiff  – where the 7.34 train was terminated to avoid its conflicting with the next Penarth train  .

A Transport for Wales spokesman said “We apologise for the cancellation of the 07:34 from Penarth this morning due to operational reasons and the impact this had on customers. Cancelling trains is always a last resort and we do not make these decisions lightly.”

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  1. Big Davey says:

    I am sure I am not the first but…. WTF TFW? 🙂

  2. Penarthbourne says:

    Can they fix the information signs that have been faulty for months.

  3. There was just one inbound and one outbound cancellation this morning concerning the same train which I’m not sure is particularly newsworthy. As I type this it is reported to be a problem at the depot and not with the train itself so nothing to do with WTF’s recent debacle.

    It was obvious from the time of announcement of their new name that WTF would become their nickname fairly quickly. It didn’t take long.

  4. Dj says:

    The 7.47 arrived at 7.46 and departed at 7.47 without delay. A bit crowded because of the earlier cancellation.

  5. Rev Awdry says:

    When you consider the complexity of the rail networks, it’s a miracle that they run at all. There are hundreds of reasons why a particular service might not run.

    I do get frustrated when the info sign says the train is due, then it vanishes into thin air.

    No, I have no connections with the railways since the days when my grandfather drove the Royal Scot.

  6. George says:

    The info signs are not linked to the trains at some stations, this includes Penarth. So it runs on a time basis. If a train is late the accuracy of the lateness is questionable. In fact it could be said pointless. The new WTF do seem to have a nicer way of apologising, well crafted messages don’t really compensate for an awful service. When they realtime track the trains, which I believe has been available for years but costs a bit then things will get better.

  7. Scootergirl says:

    So the headline is correct – ‘Penarth train service is back to normal, with cancellations’

    Does that mean cancellations are the norm for Penarth train service !!

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