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Penarth Daily News is an independent free on-line fair and balanced news service covering the town of Penarth in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, UK.

This website is available all over the world and is accessed daily by individuals in several foreign countries including Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Republic of Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore,  Spain, and the United States of America.

The service is produced by NewsNet Ltd , Reg Office, Ty Hei, Ty’r Winch Road, Old St. Mellons, Cardiff, CF3 5UW  Managing Editor: D.M.Jones Email: newsnet@sky.com

All stories are datelined and appear in chronological order (n0t necessarily in the order of news importance). The latest 30 stories are displayed in headline form on the right of the news pages. Click on any headline to reveal the full page.  To find earlier stories please go to the specific month on the month list or use the keyword search facility by entering a word in the search box.

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66 Responses to About Penarth Daily News

  1. Kath says:

    Nice site, better than the Penarth Times!

  2. Bikermike says:

    Many thanks for running this site, congratulations for consistently being the first to break important local news.

  3. newsnetuk says:

    Thanks Bikermike – much appreciated. More than 100,000 people have used the site since we began a few months ago. Thanks for being one of them

    • Concerned Mark says:

      Great site ever considered running an article on the closure of the Vale CCTV offices and their merger with Bridgend. Especially as Vale CCTV will only be monitored when the remaining member of staff is on duty in Bridgend.

  4. Patricia Salthouse says:

    Great way to know what’s going on in our local town. Great site. Keep it up.

  5. Baselrod says:

    This is a great site 🙂 It’s up to date and I feel I now know what is happening in Penarth in “real time” rather than a week or so after the event as with other local papers. Excellent 🙂

  6. RJ says:

    Yes, agree wholeheartedly with the above comments. I only came across it by accident in the past week. I wonder how many Penarthians know of its existence?

  7. denis cole says:

    first time to use this Congratulations really great news stories. Have spread the word.I was advised by e-mail abiut you.

  8. cc says:

    I LOVE this website, always tells ne things I didn’t know!!!

  9. Jen says:

    Its also a great way to keep up with my old town, thanks !

  10. knowls says:

    Learnt alot about my town this lunchtime – fab stuff KEEP IT UP!!

  11. John Stubbs says:

    Many thanks for the site. I enjoy reading the articles on a daily basis to see what is actually happening in the Penarth area. Please keep the site going. It is very informative

  12. Sue says:

    Well done. I enjoy the daily content and pictures.

  13. Anne soulsby says:

    This site is a must-see for any Penarthian who cares about the town. Thanks for the informative and relevant news delivered to me so speedily that it reaches me almost before it happens!

  14. Robert Kelly says:

    Good site very informative

  15. Myfanwy says:

    It is interesting reading the different opinions of the people of Penarth in comments on the articles in the Penarth Daily News. I’ve only been reading it for the last 2weeks and find it very informative and I am impressed with it’s early reporting of the local news.I have recommended it to family and friends.

  16. johnabutt says:

    I saw this site when a friend on FB highlighted the sorry state of repair at Albert Rd school. Good site and interesting content

  17. Jan dennison says:

    Thank you for the wonderful tribute to my husband jim dennison on 19 november, it was a wonderful piece and gave us comfort at this difficult time. Thank you, jan dennison

  18. Fantastic site, love all the real time news updates very informative, keep up the great work!
    Andrew Coslett

  19. Sian Fox says:

    Can I be put on your mailing list

  20. Arthur Thistlewood says:

    Thanks for your excellent news service and, particularly, the focused, clear accounts of the doings and deliberations of local politicians. Penarth has never had this kind of information before. (Perhaps you can do the same for Wales as a whole one day.)

  21. Frank Bird says:

    Welcome channel for checking local news

  22. Sian says:

    Penarth social Friday tomorrow from 5 at foxys deli – local businesses meet the first Friday of every month – all welcome – please join us

  23. Resident says:

    Really enjoy the site, thank you. Is there a way of getting in touch with
    you to inform you of a story? Thanks.

  24. Alan & Pam Armstrong says:

    This is a great way of letting us know what is going on in Penarth. Thank you very much.

  25. David Moorcraft says:

    I only heard about your site recently -(mid March) – very good, up-to-the minute, detailed information/news (with maps etc !) about what’s going on in our town.
    Keep it up !

    David Moorcraft Paget Place, Penarth

  26. Chris Ware says:

    Is DMJ the one who used to work at the BBC?

  27. Helen says:

    Love the page, keep it up ! So much better than the uninsightful drivel found in the Penarth Times

  28. Ms Understood says:

    Should read…. how do you go about informing you of things of interest?

  29. John Matthews says:

    Please add China to the list of countries where the website is read !

  30. Anne says:

    I would like to let readers know that the Marie Curie Summer Fete is on Saturday at 12.30 at Holme Towers. Rain or shine. Thanks.

  31. RubyTuesday says:

    How do we send you news stories or photos?

  32. Ms understood says:

    It seems that our lovely online newaper, for a better word is losing its footings. Have you changed ownership in the last 12 months? I enjoyed dipping in and out of Penarth goings on, but bit seems to be coming a bitchy troll house. Not what I feel it started as …. You all know who you are.

  33. a more informed reader says:

    Any chance of putting upcoming events on the site somewhere? You sometimes reports on things that I didn’t know were happening until I’ve read your story

    • newsnetuk says:

      We would love to but we just don’t have the resources to run a forward diary of forthcoming events. The Penarth Times does a good one though.

  34. Enjo says:

    I just wanted to know what is going on at the Vale dump in Atlantic Trading Estate Barry. Today, sunday, it seems that most of the skips are missing as is the staff and the public are just tipping everything into what appears to be one big heap.

    • Susane Whapham says:

      Having just read your article dated 24th April referring to the missing plaque and now it seems missing clock on Penarth Pier, I found it very upsetting and rather sad as it was my Grandmother, Mrs Hymen Harris, who donated both of these memorials to Penarth town..
      In 2006/7 I spoke to a Lady connected to the Pier project who took details and was told she would get back to me… Since then I have heard nothing and have only just come across your article confirming the outcome of my inquiries.. While the Town and the Pier deserve a nice new clock, and I have no worries about that, I am however devastated that no one was kind enough to tell me that my Grandmothers memorial was removed and disposed of in such a way..
      May I say thank you for your publication even though the news was not the best.
      Susane Whapham (nee Harris…

  35. Adam says:

    Hi there,

    There was a serious assault in Penarth Marina on Saturday night. The Police have been knocking everyone’s doors appealing for witnesses yet I cant find any information about the matter.

  36. Bob Skinner says:

    What is happening at Penarth Pier Pavilion? Very little is seems, even in the Penarth Festival where the Kymin and Paget Rooms are much more imaginative, showing the way by presenting a host of attractions. The July offerings are disappointing after the promises of ‘something for everyone in your Pavilion’ .
    Bob Skinner

  37. Jim candy says:

    Hi – delighted to advise you that the Beamer was removed at 9.05 AM today – I have a photo if you want it.

    Jim Candy

  38. Karen says:

    Have just heard on the radio that Penarth Lifeboat Crew Members are helping out up North with the Floods? Love to know who they are and what they are doing.

  39. Ian Norton says:

    Apparently a police raid on Ty Charlotte, Penarth Marina, last weekend ended with a forced entry, plus two people in possession of guns tasered and arrested – anyone have further news?

  40. Tony says:

    hello PDN-is there an emergency tonight-helicopter and lifeboat zooming around

  41. helpnotblame says:

    How can I contact you about requesting a story?
    Thank you

  42. JJ says:

    HI PDN
    Really enjoy the daily news updates but not had any come through on Email since end of Jan.
    Have checked and they aren’t mistakenly going to spam / junk.


  43. whatsoccurin says:

    morning PDN-are you aware that Walesonline is saying that the Sunday Times will publish a list this Sunday, saying that the nicest place in Wales to live is… PENARTH!

  44. The Tax payer says:

    Really like the PDN. And hope it keeps going for a long time to come 😎

  45. Penarth resident says:

    Your mention of the lack of users using service 91 on weekends is under used. I often use the service on weekends it is very useful. But people may not know there is such a service there is no timetable listed on stops for the service No wonder.

  46. ken jones says:

    Sully Residents are to hold a protest at Sully Sports and Social Club to show their opposition to the building of 200 houses on the playing fields.The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Planning Committee are holding a site meeting at 10.30 a.m. on Thursday 3rd November prior to the Planning meeting to be held at 6.00 p.m.at the Civic Offices Barry.
    If anyone is opposed to this development that will reduce the sports fields by over 50% Please join us at 10. OO a.m.outside the Library to show your your support against the development.
    I must emphasise that this will be a SILENT PROTEST as no one is allowed to speak to the Vale Councillors. However placards and banners will be provided by the SAVING SULLY GROUP to indicate Residents feelings.

  47. rodtharrod says:


    Dinas Powys Community Councillors Andy Robertson and Vince Driscoll are

    ‘staggered and dismayed’ that Vale Planning Officials have told developers of the

    biggest planned estate in the area in generations they don’t need a formal

    Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

    The controversial housing estate of 235 houses and community use is planned for

    land between the Murch and Sully Road owned by the Vale Council. It was , in part,

    the site of the former St Cyres Junior School. The Council plan to sell the land to

    Barratt Homes for development.

    Barratt’s consultants, RPS, had asked the Council to excuse the need for the formal


    Last Friday this was granted by Vale Officers under delegated powers, without it

    needing to go before the Planning Committee.

    At the insistence of Councillors Robertson and Driscoll the Community Council last

    week made a formal objection to the application.

    “But we’d only just got to hear of the application,” explained Cllr Robertson. “As has

    happened many times in the past Dinas Vale councillors hadn’t considered it

    important enough to inform us prior to our last meeting.”

    He and Cllr Driscoll said they couldn’t believe the number of environmentally

    sensitive aspects that won’t be considered now in the eventual Planning Application.

    “In their own report RPS say they do not feel there is likely to be any significant,

    adverse impact on the local highway network,” said Cllr Driscoll. “Without indicating

    any other access they are saying it’s OK to put an extra 1,000 vehicle trips a day onto

    Murch Crescent, Murch Road to exit onto the main Cardiff Road next to the Infants


    The consultants admit there are wooded copses including a number of mature oak

    trees around the site. They admit some of these trees may be used by roosting bats,

    a protected species. They also point to hazel dormice nesting in the hedgerow.

    “They say these factors come out just ‘slightly above the requirement for an EIA, and

    point to the as-yet unsigned Local Development Plan as assessing the site positively,“

    added Cllr Robertson.

    N.B. John Masitland-Evans is a council candidate but not a Councillor with either the Vale or Community Council.

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