About Penarth Daily News

Penarth Daily News is an independent free on-line fair and balanced news service covering the town of Penarth in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, UK.

This website is available all over the world and is accessed daily by individuals in several foreign countries including Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Republic of Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore,  Spain, and the United States of America.

The service is produced by NewsNet Ltd , Reg Office, Ty Hei, Ty’r Winch Road, Old St. Mellons, Cardiff, CF3 5UW  Managing Editor: D.M.Jones Email: newsnet@sky.com

All stories are datelined and appear in chronological order (n0t necessarily in the order of news importance). The latest 30 stories are displayed in headline form on the right of the news pages. Click on any headline to reveal the full page.  To find earlier stories please go to the specific month on the month list or use the keyword search facility by entering a word in the search box.

Note to posters and commentators:  Posts are like a newspaper’s letters-to-the-editor column. Some are published. Some are not. We reserve the right to edit, truncate or remove any comment. Posts should not include links to other sites.  Profanities,  personal attacks against any person or entity, discussions about site or editorial policies,  false statements or similar as well as copyrighted materials from third parties will  summarily be deleted. Elected representatives should post under their own names. All posters must have verifiable email addresses.

72 Responses to About Penarth Daily News

  1. Jordan miles says:

    I would like the post about the car crash on the 18th of April removed or at least edited to include actual facts, no one “fled the scene” and no one was “later apprehended”.
    The driver (me) was doing no more than 30 and hit a bump (not oil?) and clipped a silver Peugeot and then hit a BMW 1 series, which rolled into a van (cannoned?).

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