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113 Responses to About Penarth Daily News

  1. Jordan miles says:

    I would like the post about the car crash on the 18th of April removed or at least edited to include actual facts, no one “fled the scene” and no one was “later apprehended”.
    The driver (me) was doing no more than 30 and hit a bump (not oil?) and clipped a silver Peugeot and then hit a BMW 1 series, which rolled into a van (cannoned?).

    • NewsNet says:

      The report was based on what PDN was told by South Wales Police and by three independent eyewitnesses at the scene.

    • Pete Williams says:

      I’ve only just seen this but the silver Peugeot was in fact my car and it was a Citroen. It was a total right off and parked outside my house at the time. I recovered payment off my insurance almost a whole year later as they had no one to prosecute for ages. Finally when they did catch them they were classified as juveniles so they were not prosecuted. Further more my insurance premium almost doubled when taking out for a new car. All this from having one more drink in a local pub a mile away from the incident.

  2. Zebra finch spotted in Penarth garden. Anyone lost one due to windows open in hot weather?

  3. S jones says:

    To clarify about “youth disturbance” at Penarth Athletic Field earlier this year / this was in fact an unprovoked serious assault on members of Penarth RFC Youth by a gang of youths from bay area
    Penarth earlier that day had won WRU Plate

    • Penileaks says:

      And does anyone know if any of these ‘Bay’ people – read: Grangetown/Docks – have been apprehended or charged ?
      I believe that the local constabulary are well aware of who they are and at one point expected the same type of incident at Dinas Powys Rugby Club and so I would have expected some action from them. Has there been any, or is this type of news involving one group who are mainly of a different skin colour, to be suppressed as in other areas of Europe ?

  4. mike evans says:

    Good afternoon. I read you recent article about the sale of parking spaces in Penarth. AS you are aware parking has become a real issue within Penarth. Only last week there was another article in the Penarth regarding Vale officials parking in disabled spaces. I have recently been observing the situation at the sea front and notice the ongoing abuse by the a developer and his respective contractors within the sea front parking facilties. There is a total disregard for the the highways and associated bylaws. I have a number of photographs which I am sure will generate interesting reading for our community. If you would like to discuss the matter further, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Kind Regards
    Mike Evans

  5. Jane says:

    Hi I’ve just read the first article on your page regarding Penarth Hights. I live in one of the housing association properties on St Joseph’s Mews. I have been battling with Crest for five years in respect to the Bank leading up to Harbor View Road. We have sent a partition sign by not only the housing association residents by also by the privately owned to Crest only to have spiky plants put just off our path which cut our children when playing, then for them to be cut down by someone. The meadow flowers!!!!! |( Stinging nettles and dandelions!!!) will only be cut twice a year even though the rest it maintained fortnightly.

    I have contact the local MP Gethan Vaughen. Who live’s in the well maintained properties, has no success in supporting our on going battle with Crest. I would be more than happy to provide our documentation and e-mails if you are prepared to run further with this story.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Jane Protheroe – No: 23 St Joseph’s Mews.

    • NewsNet says:

      Hello Jane
      If it’s OK with you we will pass your contact details on to Mr Andrew Jones who is leading the initiative on this issue. I’m sure he would be interested in your information.

      Penarth Daily News

  6. perry mccarthy i dont hide behind a nom de plume says:

    Could you please run the story around used needles constantly being found in st Davids crescent playing fields ?

  7. Kris Costa says:

    This may be of interest to you, your town council and neighbors on Clinton Rd

    Posted by Kris Costa on Saturday, December 9, 2017

    • Kris Costa says:

      For some reason my link did not post…

      Posted by Kris Costa on Saturday, December 9, 2017

  8. Shirley Hodges says:

    Hope you are well? Not heard from the Penarth Daily News for a while. Sending best wishes.

  9. Joseph Keogh says:

    Very sad that this new site has stopped for 3 weeks after posting interesting news every day for so long. When are you back? Who has died?

  10. Penileaks says:

    Anyone know what has happened to PDN ?

  11. 92 and a social butterfly says:

    Missing you

  12. wdytya says:

    I hope Mr Jones is okay, he provides such a great service to the people of Penarth and surrounding areas

  13. bizilizi says:

    Although a local friend has regained her contact without doing anything the same has not happened to me. Can you explain. I am an addict to Penarth Daily news and am suffering withdrawal symptoms! Is it anything to do with the Spam control?

  14. Sadie says:

    I’m gutted there is no PDN AT present. I check daily to see if it back and working.

  15. Andrew Turton says:

    Over three weeks now – where have you got to?

  16. Christina Church says:

    David has been in hospital he is home now & making a good recovery

    • Rod Harrod says:

      David your standard and quality of journalism is sorely missed. I’m sure I speak for many readers in wishing you a speedy recovery to full health.

    • A different Chris H. says:

      Hope you continue to make good progress. Don’t overdo it, but it’s really good to have the PDN back in business

  17. Chris H says:

    Penarth Daily News – you’re back – brilliant – I’ve missed it

  18. wdytya says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery to full health, you are a great guy , providing a great service to “the many”

  19. wdytya says:

    Tomorrow is a sad day for the residents of a section of Lavernock Road when the Vale Council will be digging up all the grass verges between Cosmeston Drive and The Schooner Restaurant so as to widen the pedestrian/cycleway. It has been reported that this stretch of pathway, some 300 metres in length, will cost £250k to widen. We currently have a perfectly good pedestrian/cycle route from Penarth to Cosmeston, known locally as the old railway track and which Sustrans the cycle charity shows on their website is its preferred route. This route runs parallel with Lavernock Road where this widening is happening. What a waste of money that could be put to better use. I have been told that when funds are obtained from the Welsh Government all the grass verges from Cosmeston park to Sully will be dug up and tarmac laid. Objections to these works have been raised with the Vale Council and opposed from residents concerned about their safety as well as the users of this pathway. There will be no segregation between pedestrians and cyclists, a two way flow of pedestrians/cyclists, the stretch of road is unlit and at the end of the path users have to climb up steps or move into the road facing oncoming traffic. This is so dangerous for people who have mobility problems and if on a mobility scooter will be unable to continue their trip because of the steps. Is this a breach of the Equalities legislation? The Vale Council say the new upgraded pedestrian/cycleway will be safe but has failed to persuade residents that the works are compliant with the Active Travel Act and its Guidance, As I say a sad day for all who enjoy the rural setting of this stretch of road as they approach or leave Cosmeston Park.

    R.I.P the grass verge and all who live in it.

    • 92 and a social butterfly says:

      They seem to have ignored the fact that there are several drains and bits of street furniture along there that people will now have to manouvere around.

      • Jim says:

        I’m informed that by including any length cycle path, they just say it will extended in future if short like the 20m one by Penmark, the highways dept can get grant funding for those works and ‘others’ attributed to the alterations

  20. AK says:

    Good to have PDN back on the air. Hope you are fully

  21. Alex Ombler says:

    Hello, I’m currently writing a family history guide book to help people trace thier dock labour ancestors. I came across your feature about the 150th anniversary about Penarth Dock: https://penarthnews.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/marina-residents-to-mark-150th-anniversary-of-penarth-docks/#comments
    Would it be possible for me to use any of the images featured in the article in the publication?
    Best wishes
    Alex Ombler

  22. Adrisa says:

    Hello lm interesting to have any contact of the owner of this place necaus lm interesting in there. Can some one help me please.
    Many thanks

  23. terry chisnall says:

    Penarth residents have not been consulted about so many Syrian immigrants coming to Penarth ,how do we know they have been vetted by M I 6 residents should have been consulted

  24. Mark G says:

    It seems that after only a year since the viewing platform at Penarth head park was declared safe, a number of cracks have again opened up. Apparently causing the Vale to again close the park to the public. I wonder if we will soon have a Penarth beach viewing platform?

  25. dickster says:


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